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HAPPY TOGETHER: The New Kids Bullying | MejieMagic
In this episode there will be members of EXO. Who do not like to beg retreat ngebash.bagi en do not have to like it, do not forget his RCL. Let me not give up writing FF en ngetag you. That is all and thank you.
Leeteuk: "Oh. Pantesan nobody nyaut. "# Literate real en nyamber her white Iphone sempet nge-hang because of a call ama diSMS fans are curious, dessicator nosy because of behavior that spreads Donghae Heechul plus Nope Leeteuk twitter account precisely fit each April Mop.
Not long after it received a phone call, do not forget Leeteuk woke up scratching your new keteknya salonin wrote in yesterday afternoon. He pulled the blanket Donghae (the stale) and roll it, en do not forget thrown into the laundry basket (which is already mounting) in the corner of the room a la style Siwon throw dirty clothes. But unfortunately, because of the influence of age, the ability to snap a picture is reduced, Hence the blanket Budug ngejogrok sweetly on the floor.
Leeteuk: "Phew dessicator ~ Donghae wrote fortunately not clay. Can diledekin Abis-abisan me, "# he said. Relieved that Donghae still wrote delayed while existing small pillow hug sablonan author's face again very sweet smile. (Panda dessicator feces thrown * er Ayangku kesindir. Wkwkwkw)
Whether he gets the strength of which could until ngeluarin voice as high as 9 octave (emang there?) Ngalahin Mariah Carey. All members along Maeji and Sa Ra surprised to peed. They flocked out of the room with all sorts of shapes and forms of expression.
Donghae: "Yes, here. Here's the kicker, Teuk? You've got the DI frustrate me! I know my luck had almost ten years, but it all fell apart because of your voice! "# Growled as he hugged dessicator the blanket buluknya are not so nyemplung dirty laundry basket.
The other members are also on the protests. Because of the severity of screams Leeteuk said, members who live in the dorm above also on sticking. Still sleepy dessicator Sungmin, Kyuhyun face creased really kek ordinary cloth wiped using that Maeji for stoves, Yesung performed dessicator with the flat face while rub backs Ryeowook, who keselek vitamins weight gain recommendations leading nutritionists in South Korea. Shindong complaining. Eunhyuk almost furious because his show to watch porn in the morning disturbed, dessicator but he did not dare ngelawan Leeteuk, he keinget event was strangled leader. Siwon was not nginep night in the dorm because he took ama mama papa to the Galapagos Islands. Want to hunt iguana typical of the place. Understandably, the rich, so it would need to buy iguanas wrote abroad all. Ckckck
Donghae: "Hmm ... Most revenge ama Maeji time, huh?"
Sungmin: "You mean we want nge-gojlok who ya?" He shouted from behind the armpit dessicator # Kyuhyun. Feedback from last he tucked Kyuhyun. Do not understand why Kyuhyun dessicator so do not want to stay away from Sungmin. Strange.
Shindong: "Why, instead they've debut? We are also doing hazing? Will continue disiarin on tv, no? "# Celetuknya with a handful dessicator of extra cheese sandwich, extra mayo, extra bacon, extra round anyway, in his hand.
Sounds 'oh' of all the nyimak with each style. There are upright kek guards waiting thief, there are sitting lagaknya king, there is also a leyeh-leyeh relaxed while gigitin nails. For Leeteuk most important is the information that he sampein tuh nyampe en enter their ears plus lodged in their brains, instead of Just ride through doang.
Sa Ra: "There deeeehh. Myspace clay itself. Thanks yes, Teukie. dessicator Best boss, cute, diligent, patient, anti-wrinkle dessicator and anti-leak. May hug, no? "# Kek Sinchan pleading eyes asked dibeliin snack.
Ryeowook: "Why, really, only eight people? Siwon did not exist, now the other one go? "# Nanya while ngitung use finger.
Finally, on their way to a new children penggemblengan began. Idly, they nyeritain again their trip to Jeju island some time ago for shooting affair. (Read HAPPY TOGETHER: Yadong (A)). From start to default Eunhyuk ngabis-splurging place, dessicator skirt Sa Ra had parted wind, until the Donghae, Eunhyuk en Maeji not accidentally dessicator bumped dessicator into Caucasians dessicator continue Eunhyuk dessicator en Maeji disgrace with all its quasi-knowledge in English.
After 2 hours of pleasant enough, until they were also at the destination. A multi-storey buildings are already quite old-fashioned built in the middle of a vast prairie, dikiterin ama dozens in such diverse species. Some are tall, some are ordinary aja. I think the building will be using that for nginep Suju members, and their potential victims, EXO.
Leeteuk: "Yes, his name is also a quarantine. In addition, we'll be more freely. Try if in place many of the building? Certainly many fans who ngerecokin. There we even make the Meet and Greet, deh. "# Maeji nod understand. Phew ~ finally understand her well.
Five minutes ... ten minutes dessicator ... Fifteen meni

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