Friday, January 2, 2015

The young people have at home we are afraid of drugs. They are readily available, relatively inexpe

The young people have at home we are afraid of drugs. They are readily available, relatively inexpensive and are attractive put this on in principle. Nothing deceiver. Only the gateway to hell!
In addition put this on to this documentary made for National Geographic, I leave some links horrible and horrifying that I think we should teach our young people. We can only teach them to say NO, we can only provide information so they can decide to choose the path to freedom!
Why spoil people interested? Why do not you think? Why not complain? To handle them? Legalizing it would be better? How to eradicate all this crap? How to understand that in life there are things and beautiful? How to explain the value of the little things every day? How to make them see that everything needs a pleasure effort? How to protect them from this shit? Preguna And most important of all (at least for me) What lacks recourse to these types of lethal substances that destroy put this on them and the whole family? In the world there are nice things that bring peace and tranquility, which are a way to constructivism and happiness, make us grow as human beings. I would not finish the post with a negative message and leave you alternative ideas :)
Here XeXu with a dose of realism. You did not you were young? That did not take long nights and one day a little too much alcohol in blood? Well, maybe not. But think people in your generation, and knows that. Is not that a drunk every weekend? Oi you smoke? Oi who did their Porret? Maybe you see some that went a little further. Oi today are bank employees, put this on teachers, shopkeepers or unemployed put this on but not because they have no career? I understand your fear, a mother must be feeling terrible to see the child out the door saying 'mama go out, I did not expect awake'. But all we have done. It's healthy, and it's put this on time. And it is also time joderte crashes and wear your own limits. I grew up in an environment where my parents smoked as carters, my mother, who is retiring age, but it does. I've tried in life I do not. And if I stuck a cigarette when it was easy and the example was seen at home, imagine other things. I spent whole nights sitting on the beach watching others smoke joints, I would even have come to blows because it did turn Canute went for me, but went long. Until I got tired, and I look for other friends, this was not the idea that I had to spend it well. But it could have done, and nothing put this on would happen. You can not omit to do anything. Sometimes the pressure put this on to integrate makes transferring the line, but they themselves put this on put limits. People who just lost to drugs and do not know to stop in time usually people who already have a dysfunctional family put this on and a very bad atmosphere put this on in their environment. At home you have to do is show how these beautiful things, generate good dynamic and I am quite sure that you do it. Demonstrate confidence and not banned and squeezing with the children do not do this and do not do that. All you get if you put a lot of ass is the opposite effect. Why not come out attached to the back of your children all night, right? There will be many times that you can not control. I much prefer not to know them. Drugs are not the only thing to worry about and you know it, but when you're young to have committed errors, put this on and the love they have received, the awareness of what is good or not s has been instilled with the simple family behavior is the mark who can stop time. Bans are useless when you're young, adults put this on can spare you, and you think you eat the world. These things are easily forgotten over the years, right? Hey, I start the review put this on in two because it is too long and does not fit. Continue below. Reply Remove
Yes I was young, I did have memorable put this on nights, and yes I rolled a cigarette magic;) difference, but I think our nights (at least my) were much like those that you Except hangover. What diferènicia! Drugs are drugs, this is clear, but some do not go back, there is a time enough to be calibrated put this on for life. Not everyone who works in banking experience or any company. I miss being a close, too ... If you've seen the video, you will notice that the joke of enxufar up for a party can cost expensive. It is difficult to make father / mother today. At the moment I'm lucky (thank God, the universe, or whatever) but I can not let our guard down even for a moment

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