Wednesday, January 21, 2015

We always felt, married would be easy because we were going out for a long time, nearly 7 years, we

We always felt, married would be easy because we were going out for a long time, nearly 7 years, we often say in unison, he said if often so, because we've known each other so it is easy to read each other's thoughts ^^ Since serious decided about a year ago, we even has been very transparent about finances, we manage our finances together, create a budget and investment together, so in preparation, we are ready to become a bad habit of married couples was also great ^^ not a problem because I do not always look pretty, often I meet with berdaster and conditions not shower, he too has been very often fart near me, hehehe, but that's, married not only about love, or any preparations life 'big', banyaaakk little things we have yet to adjust. Often these small things, make us wince and could be a big problem if not compromised well .. For example, I sukaaa sleep with cold air conditioning, and I curled up in a blanket, while he can not stand the cold air conditioning but do not want to use blankets so Malem like naikin central air conditioning temperature which makes me cranky .. Another time, I was upset because the hubby when I'm on the toilet once rich lamaaa solo daughter, take the paper and all readings, huhuhu -__- "Or, he wanted me to hug him while sleeping cheap washer and dryer because she likes to hug me while supine, while I like facing the wall and hugged bolsters while being hugged, hahahaha: D She likes to use her shirt until a few times before washing, washing clothes while I instantly disposable .. There lg more not important, he likes drinking hot chocolate, fitting Naro cups on the table, not given a pedestal so trace on the table, I do not like the trace table, hahahah: D It's cheap washer and dryer the little things, it would be great if we take the selfish, but married instead of 'I' but 'we', mudah2an we always cheap washer and dryer remember this, that our marriage is always smooth, willing to compromise and find a middle ground for any problems :) I've been providing coaster in the corner of the table so that hubby always remember the love pedestal for the cup, I would hug him every us sama2 sleep so we hugged, I would read the newspaper cheap washer and dryer ikut2an fitting him into the toilet so that I did not wait for her cranky old, I enter the clothes hung hubby again into the laundry basket cheap washer and dryer so he was forced to use new clothes, she will use the covers let me forcibly conditioned tetep cold, gyahahahaha: D I think there will be many more small perbedaan2 appears, mudah2an we always remember that it's not about you and me anymore, it's about us ^^ ^^ Love my Batiar -devy-
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