Thursday, March 12, 2015

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We Had an Angry Bird - themed week, WITL loads of activities from Homeschool Creations and 1 + 1 + 1 = 1. Little girl so happy to see THESE WAS printables, Because it Happens She's just in love with the Angry Birds game! We did tons of stuff, I do not have pictures for everything WE did, but still, it is a lot! Also I got Some coloring pages from Creative Learning Fun 'Angry Birds pack. Is not you heard of Angry Birds? Well, and I heard a few days ago ... and it included a passion for the game. So, I thought I prepared some printables on this subject, see if she will like it or not. As she liked, to say the least. He was so excited, such as never was ever view of thematic coins. He worked with great enthusiasm every day and asked them to do and more! I used chip package from Homeschool Creations Angry Birds and the 1 + 1 + 1 = 1. There are plenty of activities, I picture what I did, I did much anyway! (Within 3 days). I tried to recreate chabd the game Angry Birds, but how do we sling, I used clamps :). We do not have a slingshot, so INSTEAD WE Used tongs;) cut and paste activity: Cutting and pasting Matching clamps chabd on the starting point: Choosing The Beginning sound cat was customary, as usual;) The cat WAS there, as usual, in the middle of it all evening chabd did not want to sleep until it has colored everything and proposed it .... It could hardly be persuaded to draw two lines, now stained with enthusiasm! Bedtime coloring chabd
Yeah, and read before bed reading bedtime morning .... And read cat ... Cat reading chabd I've done small pliers backed puppet laundry. chabd I have loved, liked and put her claws, making them one. Angry Birds puppets, on clothespins again before bed. This time I wanted to use Dot-paint. Before bedtime dot-painting The next morning he woke up with the thought of a few sheets chabd picteza ... Painting early in the morning
And then May and a color shift. I opened the box of markers Expo Click - I like a lot, vivid - and have the merit that it works like a pen, are uncovered, so if your child will not forget them dry uncovered. chabd Coloring with the new Expo Click markers chabd
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