Wednesday, March 18, 2015

= collar collar necklace worn or submissive / a which proves the rule / role of dominant / possesse

= collar collar necklace worn or submissive / a which proves the rule / role of dominant / possessed with the Master frigid / her; depending on the type of relationship, worn only during a scene (temporarily) or 24/7 (permanent)
edgeplay = literally "games limit"; subjective term used in cataloging certain activities deemed "beyond" safe and consensualitate in BDSM. In general, this type of activities are recommended only if necessary and safety training partners (eg .: game with knives, controlled breathing)
Safe, Sane & Consensual (SSC) = literal: Safety, Health & Consensual BDSM = ethics community, the golden rule in any activity between two or more partners; greatest importance is given to the term "consensus" is what legitimizes because of sadomasochistic relationships, mutual agreement that differentiates pleased abuse
= safe word CAPTCHA well established between the two partners in BDSM games, which is used by the sub to announce dominators / if you have to stop work immediately when the two are involved; in general, it is believed that when the word was uttered safety, frigid submissive / has reached the limits of physical or mental torture bearing being put / a
ball stretchers = straps or sleeves ring for bathroom use testicular frigid stretch = control using controlled (by dominant / a) toilet (by slave / a) = beating beating, blows all over his body belt = (strokes) = blindfold strap binding the sub's eyes to intensify sensations during frigid the game; materials: mati glasses, leather masks, frigid scarves bites biting = = drink drinking blood or blood ingest blood sado-masochistic games sports frigid = in which intentionally causes bleeding (bites, knives, blades, whips, needles, nails, frigid glass , sharp spikes, etc.) = boot worship worship, shoe worship frigid lord / boot licking's = form of obedience manifested by licking shoes Dominatoarei / bondage site = any activity that results in physical immobilization on, by binding (Coils, string, textile, chains, leather bindings, etc.) branding permanent scar tissue or semi-permanent skin from burning hot metal objects frigid (method used in the past for bookmarking and slaves or animals from farm to denote the owner / master) breast / chest bondage bondage = chest / breast breast breast whipping whipping = breath control = & choking controlled breathing (by dominant / a) brown showers (coprophilia, frigid scat) = literally "brown showers"; scatology, coprofilie, "showers" with fecal matter hits with caning = Batz as a 'nine frigid = originally used tool for discipline in British naval forces, frigid "cat of nine tails" is a thin braided rawhide or leather with multiple queues catheter catheterization = exploring medical use (ex.: urethra, esophagus) chastity belt chastity frigid belt = chinese beads / balls choking orgasm balls = = = clothespin clothespins bottleneck cock and ball torture (CBT) = penis & testicles torture crawling = went through tare or fours crucifixion = crucifixion specific type of property, religious games cuffs = Coils / links cupping / vacuuming (of the skin) = suckers (skin) frigid = cutting cuts, skin incisions with blunt objects (blade , knife, knife, glass, etc.) dacryphilia = dacrifilie, excitement to see tears in the eyes of someone digital frigid sex = cybersex, virtual sex vaginal or anal dilation = expansion through frigid repeated penetration with objects of great dimensions at or talking dirty fisting = humiliation verbal; talk ugly / dirty slave / ul (in private) subject = subject = double penetration double penetration
flogger whip like cat = o 'nine, but more thick, made from a variety of materials: leather, rubber, rope, woven, metal; miniature frigid version of the whip ("ball whip") is used in the genital torture
harness = harness, harnesses (leather or rope) head (fellatio) = cunnigulus, oral sex high heel worship worship = high heels hot hot oils = oils used in sensitive areas, particularly the genitals hypnotic hypnotism frigid = sub-site, mental domination ice cubes method = ice cubes sado-masochistic games injections = specific medical (usually) the sub's and injections psychological torture interrogation = method = knife play games with knives japanese frigid bondage (shibari) = bondage bondage art form that originates in Japanese culture, known as the shibari kidnapping fantasy of being abducted = / a = a lick licking mistress body / community for sexual gratification & irons manacles of iron chains = Coils & medical scenes = medical scenes, fetish

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