Thursday, March 12, 2015

Instead of sticking to each yellow or pasta, or pompoms, etc. And at the end I asked her to associa

To work this evening I prepared: clothespin, various sensory materials (pasta, pom-pons, felt, elastic gum you cut Teo while I prepared myself rest and some decorative dried plants - from those used in aromatherapy, glue and five boards of pasteboard). In the first stage we glued on each hook one type of "material" in this phase Teo not very cooperative, the work is quite meticulous, glue stretching, etc.
Instead of sticking to each yellow or pasta, or pompoms, etc. And at the end I asked her to associate each board hook hook bonded material comprising respectively. And here has done pretty well, although the first phase associated with color, and then depending on the material used.
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Mihaela Hi, Mihaela and I like to play with my daughter, Teo. Play is very important to us and is both a major resource for learning. ifb india The role that it plays in the development of emotional, social, physical and cognitive development of children led us us, as parents, you want to stimulate a series ifb india of experimenting and exploring various environmental activities. Education through play is the basic premise of this blog, which aims to show just how we play us. Thank you for dropping by and come back soon. View my complete profile

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