Friday, April 24, 2015

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Today, over a long period of time, I was alone at home everyday. In the first half of the Wii upgraded friendship and consistently cleaned the room. The second half of the day took a little trip to the store. Step out of the sun, and in the distance siras seemed a little darker cloud. By the way, these "mounds" I still do not have a very great friends. It was not so much fun to go, but the comeback was extremely suitable and roses. Only rolling plagued :). Of course, ge profile washer about 500 meters before the home began to rain cats port. Black children could be heard in the camp after one of my nice insane naerapahvakus, has still not sure whether it is now or was waterlogged due to my resident crazy because laughter is not over until I just can not hear it anymore ...
But Actually I wanted to show pictures of today. First of all, remember that a few sprigs of posts back? Here he is now, once again presented. :) Looks like the willow: D And then today I found just walking around the center of this small shrub. :) Do not you hate long talk, the better come to visit;)
Annika "One of the most joyful moments in a person's life, I think, is a departure from long journey to a foreign land. One mighty effort shaking off the shackles of habit, routine severity of gray, cover and concerns of domestic slavery, he feels himself happy again "- Sir Richard Burton View my complete ge profile washer profile
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