Tuesday, April 21, 2015

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Amrgdh Gamdi street number five to dry clothes on the roof of a house in the morning of the same family, performanceseries including three women, a girl of the current taken a. Which a woman was killed and two were badly scorched. The girl was also looking to save three current. The two women have been admitted to hospital in critical condition. High voltage electric wire and cable reportedly engaged wire for drying clothes because of hitting the accident. Amrgdh Gamdi sister in law and sister in the morning they said resident Sntro was washing clothes at home. Her clothes dryer after sending children to school, performanceseries went on the roof and was put on the wire. Meanwhile, current performanceseries thought she suddenly lost her scream. Rajabala hear screams reached the roof and came to save her current took him. Then he came to save the current contracted performanceseries Sntro. It was lovely to see and tried to save three. Felt and wire breaks up pretty big shock came at the hands of Sunita and three fell to the ground unconscious. Hearing the noise of lovely family rushed performanceseries to save them. He immediately wire high voltage cable from the poles made from wire. The three were then taken to the hospital. Where doctors declared him dead while Sunita Rajabala Sntro was quite burnt. Doctors said his condition is serious.
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