Thursday, April 30, 2015

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LG's new Eco-Hybrid S44A8YD washer-dryer is available now in Estonia. New eco-friendly lifestyle of people sew le sew part 57 delectable home machine saves energy, water and time, and also provides better cleaning results. LG washer-dryer uses an innovative Eco-Hybrid sew le sew part 57 technology and its users may choose conventional drying and õhkkuivatussüsteemi (in English Air-drying) between.
Both DRYING A follow-saving class in the standards, but allows the user to save õhkkuivatussüsteem a powerful addition to the usual kuivatussüsteemidega compared to 6900 liters of water per year. In addition, the machine has an innovative Dual Ball Balancer and Damping System, which help to keep the bar in balance and to reduce internal vibration noise by your washing machine.
Eco-Hybrid is equipped with a washer-dryer LG 6 Motion DD system, which puts the drum to rotate at different sew le sew part 57 speeds in different directions. While conventional washing machines can be spun only one way, then 6 Motion DD uses six different movements, so as to ensure the widest possible choice of different fabrics from the best and carefully wash. The fabric and the careful preservation of a wash will also help LG Inverter Direct Drive technology.
The washing machine and dryer purchase one product in the manufacture of household appliances are becoming increasingly popular because it allows even tighter monetary conditions for households and space sparingly enjoy the best possible washing result. Therefore sew le sew part 57 expects the new LG washer-dryer big commercial success.
Specifications: Eco-Hybrid technology, energy-saving (energy efficiency class A +++), 6 Motion Technology New Damping System DD Smart Diagnosis TM or veadiagnoos Large LCD touch screen smartphone
Tags: 6 Motion DD, A +++ Damping System, Dual Ball Balancer, Eco-Hybrid, energy-saving, Inverter Direct Drive, dryer, õhkkuivatussüsteem, washing machine, washer-dryer, a touch screen LCD, Smart Diagnosis
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2015 LG Electronics. All rights reserved. | Legal information

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