Saturday, April 25, 2015

Bosch washing machine EcoSilence offers something - VarioPerfect function. Thanks to everyone can w

As the research shows Bosch washing machines, consumers are looking for long life, a perfect washing, consuming very little energy and water, capacious, easy to use and, if possible, to work as quietly as possible. incehesap Given these opinions Bosch consistently developing new technological solutions. incehesap
The new engine EcoSilence Drive is designed to ensure high productivity and long life. Brushless drive system is particularly robust, allows many centrifugation incehesap cycles, incehesap and its use improves the effectiveness of the washing process. All tests resulted in excellent device results of money, and energy consumption decreased by 30% compared with the best energy efficiency class A.
The engine in the new Bosch washing machines is not without reason called EcoSilence Drive. The noise level around 52 dB is comparable to the incident outside the window the spring incehesap rain, and so does not interfere with peaceful household. It is crucial brushless motor sounds like there is no contradiction. His role is a perfect sound insulation of the engine and chassis washing machine itself. Special embossing Party will greatly reduce the vibration when spinning further reducing noise levels.
Bosch washing machine EcoSilence offers something - VarioPerfect function. Thanks to everyone can wash clothes as most convenient to him: very quickly or very sparingly. If you care about time, enable speedPerfect if you want to save energy and the environment, use EcoPerfect. incehesap Now you do not have to choose between cost-efficient washing machine and fast - you can have both!
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