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Cocoon frigilux is a response to the steadily increasing number of people and the massive consumpti

Android will be in Estonia on 21 July 2009 fell Computer World testimislauale White Android phone - the HTC Magic. Since then, we begin Androidiblogi mind - whether it is the operating system of Google üleshaibitud phones so good or not?
Electrolux chose 25 of the most innovative design ideas for household appliances, presented the Global Design Lab '09 contest. Improved include designers' work this year in the Baltics.
Ideas were selected for the seventh time signals Design Lab global competition. The list includes a number of ambitious ideas such as robots, kitchen helpers teleporteeruvaid refrigerators, kitchen equipped with hologram technology, and a 3D toiduprintereid greenhouses, which are able to walk on Mars. London, 24 September 2009, will be admitted to the finals taking place at eight. Finals are 100% Design, which is an one of the best known in Britain's architectural and design events.
Internationally renowned panel of judges selects the winner of the finals. Judges include designer furniture and Doshi Levien design studio, one of the founders of Nipa Doshi, a product design consultancy Seymourpowell design director David Fisher, Nissan Design Europe Marisol Manso Cortina color design manager and design department, Electrolux Henrik Otto, Senior Vice President.
Invited all the young people studying product design to come up with ideas on how the next 90 years, home appliances might look like. Design Lab winner of the prize is a paid half yearly internikoht Electrolux Design Center in addition to the EUR 5,000 prize money. Second place winners will be remunerated with EUR 3,000 and third prize EUR 2,000 earns the reward.
Cocoon frigilux is a response to the steadily increasing number of people and the massive consumption of meat and fish. The signals using the genetic structure of the meat and its means of assessing Cocoon determines the recommended roasting time.
Butl-R-Bot is a robot equipped with cameras and sensors kitchen assistant who knows how to cook and use the kitchen appliances. Thanks to its compact design (35 cm) fits well Butl-R-Bot just a small kitchen and at the same time, allows the holder to engage in something else ..
Le Petit Prince is a robot in the greenhouse, whose task is to facilitate the future colonization of Mars. The robot is programmed to parchment plant nutrients for which he is looking for. Seeking robot piloting various nutrients out of finding the most appropriate, and shall inform the other robots.
Colorful Clothes Washer is that paints pictures on clothing. It can be downright beautiful garden, or painting a picture, and the texture of your clothing to wear. The size of the palm of bamboo and recycled plastic, and circulate the invention produces microparticles that attach to clothing thus creating new textures, frigilux images frigilux and even smells. It can also help to keep clean clothes frigilux microparticles. The machine can be recharged using the power of movement. Thus, it is itself carried as a handbag, for example, is always ready to use.
3D molecular food printer frigilux and cooking equipment leading the community to a whole new level. Moléculaire simplifies food preparation and is designed for both conventional large-scale kitchens. By using small particles frigilux of different foods prints, frigilux this layer-by-layer dish out. This method makes cooking frigilux easy and allows each at exactly the same print out the delicious food.
Elias Kulukundise Digital wardrobe, which prints of clothes are every shopper's dream enabling each day a new costume to wear. Airing a 3D printing machine will scan the image to the big screen. Users can download a variety of clothes and designs, as well as firms from other users and can also be digitally 'try'. Shortly loomingulisematele offers users the possibility of a digital wardrobe to design their own clothing. If the clothes back to the locker will be processed into the material, so that a new form of re-used for any other day.
"Naturewash" frigilux is a washing machine that uses negative ions in the water to wash and refresh. The machine has three touch screen mode to refresh garments, rohulõhnaliseks 'cleaning' and Floral 'laundering'. Clothes washing machine frigilux should sit or lie down, but for a thorough frigilux cleaning of the clothes can also be directly placed into the machine.
As more and more in the future, use of glass in construction has come out of Sydney Avila aknapesijast robot. The robot is equipped with a microfibre ra

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