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If you want, without any thought and attention to basic amenities of life in past centuries to draw

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People living in rural or urban communities currently without a device called a washing machine does not make sense. We are all human beings are somehow related to the device, and maybe if I had to wash clothes without using our own day, we learn one of the worst and most difficult days of life. But have you ever thought that the way we live today, one of the main means of their place in our life when one of the main tools of a solid and early become we?
If you want, without any thought and attention to basic amenities of life in past centuries to draw a picture small washing machine of washing clothes small washing machine in the washing clothes to be the human image is you did with the side of a. Yes, before the 17th century only by taking them to wash dirty clothes along the water streams or rivers. In those years, as the water used for washing clothes after soaking in water in the creek stones and beating the clothes Shstnd.
After years of instrument was made to wash the vehicle was composed of two wooden bucket and a wash board grooved and a stick was. People at that time, instead of beating clothes on rocks wet clothes into the grooved small washing machine boards using friction rub and clean their clothes and stick to it mixer clothes were in a bucket of water . After a while, something like soap was used as an efficient little easier. First soap was made from fat and a little bit of ash that was comfortable.
At the same time, women had to wash laundry with washing facilities and take action early to the river to wash them, they This is particularly in the same do Monday day why irrigated small washing machine Monday labeled. With regard to basic utilities and laundry washing was working very hard Vdshvar was harming their hands.
The suffering caused all the ladies at that time had the desire to invent a way to get rid of this Kartaqt small washing machine demanding. This would also be the subject of the invention. After washing board, metal bucket tool invented the internal and external surfaces of the discs and, instead of the simple stick of wood was certain was that the designers of the form of women's Tvanstndbh instead of using the hands of the hands of their handling and cleaning stains from them.
Special shape of the wood pores and cause friction between clothing and the inner wall of the wash bucket small washing machine bucket small washing machine was that it was clean clothes. Difficult and time consuming task a little easier, but it was still working. It is important to remember that later shape the wood to make the blades of washing in the washing machine.
The first woman to be named. A. Ferguson founded in 1691 to design a machine that was the basis for the initial construction of the washing machine. This design comes with three rollers or gears was really a wash chamber. When the user sets the roller positioned between the liquid and wash clothes small washing machine in a bucket passes and low distance between blades or the clothes small washing machine into the gear with a lot of pressure that makes it Tamizifar diseases. But it was never invented, and then that was it. This design is printed on the document after the first washing machine in the magazine's January 1752 The Gentlemen's Magazine . But first washing machine was built in 1767 by German Christian Schaffer.
He was able to design a washing small washing machine wooden container and rinse the timber is designed so that when the user rotates the handle of the car to move board washing on the clothes and makes Tamizifar's clothing. But it never made it into mass production.
Due to the washing machine for sale ads in newspapers do we know that this means that the washing machine was mass produced in 1904 as a mechanical instrument of their way to everyday life, we that in fact the open Blue Monday worst problem small washing machine we grandmothers knew his days with the hope of making small washing machine it easier to wash clothes were resolved and things will be easier. Since then grab the clothes in the river or creek water sat on a stool and only one handle can be turned up clean clothes. However, progress in this area should not be ignored in the soap industry, small washing machine which coincided with the evolution of their soap making washing machine was started.
As we all know better do enough hot water wash was so hot at first they must have the inside of the wash to other dishes poured same applies to cause the washing machine Initial home went to the stove and put together and this leads to the laundry room or the laundry.
In the early 19th century led to the need for hot water washing machine designers and inventors prototypes were provided with the opportunity to design the heating water in the washing on the bottom of the provided for fire wood Ojaghi

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