Saturday, April 11, 2015

Pipliamondi (Mandsaur) approximately 22 km from the district headquarters in the village Semli pain

Mandsaur: Current during drying clothes death of the mother and son, father in critical condition | Ajay Bharat
Pipliamondi (Mandsaur) approximately 22 km from the district headquarters in the village Semli painful mini washing machine accident occurred Wednesday morning. The current took the clothes drying AWW. Came to save them to remain entangled in wire son and husband were also victims of the current. Woman and son were killed on the spot. The father's condition is serious. According to information received AWW barmaid mini washing machine husband Ram Dubey (42) resident Semli Wednesday morning about 8 o'clock in the courtyard of the house was drying clothes iron wire. Then placed in an iron wire to wire touch was electric motor. The barmaid was entangled in the wires to be vulnerable to the current. mini washing machine Hearing the noise son Harish (22) remove the wires to prevent that. The current took him in his arms. Hearing sitting at home with her husband Ram Dubey both attempted to remove the wood. Due to the wet spot to be vulnerable to the current mini washing machine gun they were they throw. Fear of people called mini washing machine by the voice of the current village were not even dare to go inside. Cut the power connection in the youth entered the village. He was in the grip of the current efforts to bring out three. By then barmaid and Harish alias Bunty, died from complications of the stars. Ram Dubey seriously injured.
Adding to the atmosphere was in the grip of the funeral, police Current AWW barmaid and a post-mortem by Harish Dubey's body handed over to family members. In the afternoon the funeral of family environment was inconsolable. mini washing machine The way out of the village funeral tribute tears by the way residents.

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