Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Published on September 15 cover story last Sunday in the daily jansatta

Published on September 15 cover story last Sunday in the daily jansatta 'Niyamgiri rules' which the paper was sent to the original. Quoted in the last paragraph in the original article title and Devi Prasad Mishra and a means of transmission lines to connect to each other, but according to an article published airboard in the facility were both blown. The whole entire article is printed, it is enjoyable. Read the article below and read the original airboard article published in jansatta.
In the village at the foothills of Niyamgiri Rajulguda airboard was our first morning. Only a few miles from the village pond after taking a bath full of water and we came back for drying wet clothes habitually began putting airboard on the roof of the cottage of his host. Somnath suddenly came running to us and so we began to refuse his Udihya. They took us to the cottage and other fast drying clothes on the ripcord hanging signaled. Without trying to understand something, we did guess. Then we asked the reason for refusing to them in Hindi, pointing to the ground so they can speak their language, understand a single word, 'beamed Penu ....' 'I and my namesake partner of Delhi by the Angad young fellow asked his interpreter mean, he made it clear that they are drying clothes on earth and related things. FOR earth 'beam mother' platform which takes them from the king rules supreme God.
The flash of Niyamgiri tribals piety and faith in the context of the stories we heard were constantly studying, then the sample was our first live interview. We have people living in cities in the media and NGO reports have been told repeatedly that the multinational Vedanta bauxite mining project in Orissa's Dongria, Jrnia Kondh tribal hut and eleven hurt religious faith

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