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1300 (1) 1956 (1) 1967 (1) 6 or 12 V? (1) Cufflinks (1) CIGARETTE LIGHTER (2) ACCESSORIES integrate

The Lantern license plate, as its name suggests, has the function illuminate the plate in order to better identify the vehicle in the evening or at night or in dim light periods. In Brazil, it received over the years various nicknames such as plate nose, little nose, big nose, witch nose, turkish nose, pope nose and chapel. Let's look at a brief overview of its evolution.
To frame 1-397022 (October 1952), I had two functions: license plate light and brake light. Features: plastic lens curve; uses two 6-volt lamps, housing in zamac (antimony) with well-defined side creases. Nicknames: Pope's nose and big nose.
From chassis No. 1-397023 (Zwitter, October 1952) to 1,600,439 (last oval) now have the function plate light only once the brake light passed to the flashlights. Features: straight plastic lens, housing integrated tumble dryer in zamac, a single 6-volt bulb. It has a discrete center crease with the engine cover crease. It is attached to the engine cover by two butterflies nuts. There is literature that points slight difference integrated tumble dryer in the crease of the board of VW Beetles integrated tumble dryer nose to 55 (with crease) and 56/57 (less sharp crease), however, they are hardly noticeable.
From chassis No. 1,600,440 (August 1957, the first Beetle with rectangular porthole), new board shape of nose. With the change of the engine cover (up to July 1957 the Beetle used to cover W), also changed the plate shape of nose, which was smoother, in addition to winning new lens and trim. Housing continued to be manufactured in zamac. This plate nose was used to frame B No. 4-188292 (December 1964). It is known in Brazil as little nose, witch nose or turkish nose.
From chassis No. 4-188293 integrated tumble dryer B (December 1964), the board's nose increased in size. In January 1968 the light went from 6 to 12 volts and 10 watts of power. With some differences inside the nose (with or without lens plate-support involving all internal base housing, depending on the period), the board's integrated tumble dryer nose was used to the BP 762 825 chassis (July 1970).
From August 1970 - BP 762 826 chassis (Beetle 1300) and BS 000101 (Beetle 1500) - the new line 71 forced to change the board's nose. With the new engine cover, new board's integrated tumble dryer nose. This nose externally was used in the Beetle until his last days. During this period, there was little change inside the plate nose, in addition of the function, the engine cover, recessed installation in 1984 of thermostat that acionava additional cooling fins. However, from 1984 to 1986 Beetles never won this thermostat, which is now effectively integrated tumble dryer used since 1993, with the launch of the Beetle Itamar. Thus, the trim (rubber) board's nose has also been modified.
To allow "upgrade" the Beetle, the Polimatic, Lion and other companies manufactured the license plate of the chapel with an indentation in the upper base (see photo above), to allow the perfect fitting on the engine cover used until 1964. Thus, the owner could replace the little nose with the most modern chapel, without having to replace the engine cover.
Now there's a Volkswagen beetle detail that always fascinated me, since I can remember and that, sooner integrated tumble dryer or later, Mr. deixadia not out. Amazing, as until last, metiam the "wooden spoon" in something so charming and that gave identity to the car. Prabéns however this article! Reply Delete
1300 (1) 1956 (1) 1967 (1) 6 or 12 V? (1) Cufflinks (1) CIGARETTE LIGHTER (2) ACCESSORIES integrated tumble dryer OFFICIAL VW-BRAZIL (1) ROUND (2) ADORNO EMBLEM "VW" CAPO'S FRONT (1) BOARD NOSE ADORNO integrated tumble dryer (1) LOUD FOR STEPS ( 1) AEG (1) AKKORD (1) GAUGE REAMER (1) REAMER fenders (1) CHANGE LEVER WITH REVERSE (1) CHANGE integrated tumble dryer LEVER FOLDING (1) SHIFT LEVER ON STEERING COLUMN (1) ALBERT (1) ALBIHN (1) ALERT (1) SPEED LIMIT ALERT (1) FLIP WINDSHIELD CLEANER (1) ALFI (1) SPEEDOMETER SEAL PLIERS (1) ALLMETAL (1) ALLSTATE (1) YELLOW COLONIAL - L268 (1) YELLOW IMPERIAL - L6005 (1) YELLOW JAVA - L6012 (1) YELLOW MANGO - L1265 (1) YELLOW SAFARI - L1363 (1) YELLOW TEXAS - L1364 (1) AMMETER (1) ANDREAS (1) Antennas (3) ANTI NOISE (1) ANTI-DIM ACRYLIC (1) antimony (1) antoninho integrated tumble dryer (1) SURNAME PARTS AND ACCESSORIES integrated tumble dryer (2) SURNAME OF BEETLE (1) APPIA (1) HOT AIR (1) ARTEB (2 ) BAT WING (1) VACUUM POWDER (1) HEATED SEAT (1) FAN SITTING (1) FLOOR (3) ATLANTIC (1) ATMA Paulista SA (1) AUTAB (1) AUTOCAPAS Marathonas LTDA (1) AUTOCLOCK IND WITH WATCHES P

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