Monday, May 18, 2015

Always I saw my mother putting a lot of clothes into a huge basin of water, with something white in

Always I saw my mother putting a lot of clothes into a huge basin of water, with something white in the water saying it was for ironing them later, but never quite understand what she meant by that. Then he took them from the bowl and understood in a huge clothesline, saying it was for "quara". I did not understand what that meant.
After "stiff" and "quaradas" the sun the pile of clothes, my mother took a heavy black iron with a huge mouth, opened it through as if it were split it into two parts.
Then put coal and blew with his mouth, where there was a kind of cover to trap heat, until hot. After a while blowing air into the iron mouth - my mother, a small, low and lean lady, he took a finger to his mouth, took a bit of saliva, leaned on iron background, and only then began ironing one by one all the clothes, always using a small damp white cloth on his shoulder, which did not understand what it was for.
Now, I understand, after questioning with domestic secretary working in my house, almost as old as my mother, the cloth shoulder was to dampen the gum placed the clothes in "quarador", then get the heat with hot iron ironing coal; shirts, collars and especially in the sleeves, as if they were hard floor alone and trousers were in the parts where they should be. For hours, I imagined the trousers and shirts dressing themselves and going to dances, so hard and perfect that were after "quaradas" and "stiff".
The iron my mother used in Sweeps-Vento community began to have their story told from the seventeenth century when it came to be known as "iron washerwomen" and was used with hot water, coal, gas, petrol and alcohol. retractable clothesline The patent of the first iron was only registered in 1882 on behalf of the American Henri W. Seely; Now the iron, only in 1926.
But it did not matter retractable clothesline much because I liked to see it was the end of my mother's service, removing the clothes from inside the bowl, rubbing them occasionally with white, damp cloth that always brought to the shoulders and passing the iron filled with charcoal embers.
Too bad that does not "quara" almost retractable clothesline nothing more, for lack of space within "clenching" being built smaller and smaller. Is it by sheer lack of space in the grounds or that modern engineers did not know the beauties of a tasty past and not-so-distant? That is the question!
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