Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Caninde Soares / Photojournalism

Beside the Caicó Public Market in Rio Grande do Norte, there were three points of rents bikes. The first point of the Market corner was Crizeude later, at noon, Manoel bicycles and lastly Your João da Bicilcetas taking the other corner who was going to the fair fruits. From one end to another of the market was crowded with parked bicycles.
The rent could be marked by the minute or by the hour as time clocked on a plate by the owner, tkf bike number and departure time. When was going to stick a tire, Crizeudo, patched right there on the sidewalk. Improvised, an iron without cover with hot inside and an iron plate upon pressing the patch on the inner tube. It took about 10 minutes. Then tested in an old bowl full face dirty water to see if it had been securely fenced. Not missing busted bike and flat tire every single day.
Gradually the Caicó car fleet increased and around the late 70s, almost nothing was left of bike rentals. Crizeudo died, his John was living in Parnamirim and Manoel died came a little later, but it was short-lived to reach the end of the rents bikes in Caicó therefore no replacement on the bikes of the squares as the points were occupied by car square. tkf
White gold was the first city in which I witnessed rents bikes. There, I remember the days of fairs - the site staff learning to ride a bike on decide that gave in search of city hall. After I witnessed rents in 1964 in the city of Florânia, but as in Caico, was to happen biggest dispute between the three pioneers in rents bikes on Seridó.
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Caninde Soares / Photojournalism
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