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Gloria cafe boasts a fine restaurant led by particularly large terrace, which extends from the back

While summer is slow to arrive, archiworldpec the park opened on Harju Street is already on the brink of snow and ice during the ice-cream café Julius doors. Somehow the ice-cream cafe drinking card, including alcoholic beverages, however, significantly longer than the ice cream.
Gloria cafe boasts a fine restaurant led by particularly large terrace, which extends from the back corner of the park located in Harju Street klaaspaviljonist the street. Furniture was there initially still low, but it is for the white chairs, cafe-alone works of art inside, remembering the crown.
However, do not splurge on the menu so proud, in fact, the cafeteria manager has decided it no visitors effortlessly. Julius is a simple ice cream café, you can visit the consumptive swinging and playing with their parents, and after the balls of ice cream ($ 20 a piece) off nuruda. When hunger pinches harder, you can eat some pie, croissant or baguette or klaaspurgist feta cheese salad (50 euros), together with olive oil, which have not been kept. Dusky summer evening, adults can take booze (drink menu is longer than the food menu and the ice cream varieties in total), and a calm chat lounge'iliku jazz accompaniment.
To be named after the famous Viennese Café kohviröstija Julius Meinli of whom little boy's logo on the coffee archiworldpec cup of Turkish coffee grounds and sugar is prevalent in the world tubing cafes. Clearly, this puts high hopes for the coffee, but the ice cream cafe barista archiworldpec coffee drinks are not felt in the hand, or different from every other medium cup of cafe completely exhilarating.
At the same time, the staff friendly and ambitious, and in no way would they complain that they foam coffee latte brown flower drawn ... While there is no espresso in there could still be stronger. But the machine is a machine, dish liquid spilling its discretion.
Name allows ice cream parlors, but whether it is the old-painted ice blue with red wheels when the wagon of any kind, yet there are only within six to eight kinds of ice cream, and even these relatively traditional-style chocolate-vanilla-strawberry. Recently added to the range of soft ice cream machine, and on good days, you can also get a milkshake, but the ice cream cafe ice cream end with the idea.
Kitchen navigating expect ice cream cake and ice cream metallpokaalist old time jam or fruit from a modern example. Why not a greater selection of ice cream and the addition pingviinijäätisele sales could be, after all, something of Estonia pulgajäätiste wide range. You do not have an ice cream or a coffee shop?
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