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I can not move at all my new uniform! I spend here, crumple away and vice versa. It turns out that

I can not move at all my new uniform! I spend here, crumple away and vice versa. It turns out that when working in the meeting look like coming out of the "mouth of the ox" so wrinkled that I am. SOS. I will teach you a cool tip to pass the uniform. So no one will seem to put the uniform in a bottle. rs' The technique is called good pass Grandma is a simpler way of ironing clothes. It's great to spend and will leave you engomadinha ... we will need: 1 cup water 1 cup of alcohol 2 tablespoons white glue Child 2 softener covers for clothes puts this mixture into a plastic container electric dryer that has spray (type of pass well) If you miss, fill it with water ... I'm putting here in general, for all uniforms (winter and summer). Remember that every time I mention Starch mean you should spray the liquid and pass and pass the iron on. Ironing his pants 1. Start at the top of his pants, the waist and the waistband and finally pass to ace hems of pants. 2. Turn the pants inside out, then place them on the rounded part of the board, as if he wanted electric dryer to wear to the board by placing the front of his trousers electric dryer up. Iron the front of his pants, including waist. Turn the pants and iron the back top of the pants. 3. Place the trousers along the board so that both legs are on top of one another along the board (by bending). Starch pants in order to pass the entire leg, up to the top. Keep the creases in his pants ironing pants for existing brands. (Do not like crease, electric dryer put them on the ironing board, extended coma parallel legs, starching them from bottom to top on both sides.) 4. Take the hem of the pants leg you are pull-ironing up to the waist, ironing electric dryer power the inside of the pants. Repeat this for the other leg. 5. Finally starch- sheaths of both legs. 6. Hang the pants on a hanger, not to lose the wrinkles, not amarrotarem. Ironing the shirt 1. Unbutton the shirt, including cuffs and collars (winter uniform) 2. If the shirt is white Starch to the right, if it is blue (Spencer) starch- it inside out. 3. Place the extended shirt on the ironing board to turn iron down with the collar in the area of the rounded part of the ironing board. 4. Start by ironing the back of the shirt, move the iron up and down, taking him to the shirt ends. Note not to leave the iron in contact with the tissue more than a few seconds to avoid burning the shirt. 5. After ironing the back, go to the front, turning the shirt on the ironing board to stick with one of the front parts on the board. 6. Starch one of the front part of the shirt, and then iron the other hand, pass with the iron beneath the buttons and near the collar. 7. Then pass the sleeves, put his sleeve along the board and pass it from the wrist to the shoulder, then turn the sleeve and repeat. Replace sleeve and repeat the process. electric dryer Learn what is normal his sleeve keep a crease from the shoulder to the wrist. 8. Finally, flatten the shirt collar on the board, and Starch electric dryer both sides of the shirt collar 9. Hang the shirt on a hanger, not to crumple. Obs .: Mal finished ironing, unplug the iron until the next time you use it. Do not leave it on and landed on top of the ironing board; when you want to put it down to move the garment, put it in the metal part of the board. Another thing: * Never Starch stained electric dryer uniform, or used with sweat stains; the heat from the iron will fix the dirt, then a will have to remove the stain remover. * Be careful not to heat the iron and burn over his uniform. * Make this whole procedure before in ordinary clothes or an old uniform that you no longer use. It will serve as a training. Then as has already trained enough to do in his uniform. Also have them ready if desired. Bjs Bye
Working-hello! electric dryer I wonder if you, have any tips for how we should wear the scarf because in my church, electric dryer every working-uses in a way and when I think I'm right ... they changed again. If possible, assist electric dryer me. Marilia Bento - Rio Grande do Sul Reply Delete.
Hello dear Marilia electric dryer good I point out that you use just the way you know how to use, because if you try to follow the fashion of other workmen will always be in doubt about which model is right, unfortunately I found no explanatory video, but I promise that as well to find post here in bjss blog Delete
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