Tuesday, May 5, 2015

I have to admit that the so-called guinea pigs was not easy to find. Thus, the below pictures are n

Tested "Puhastusnippide" blog found on the internet just tricks. In general, it is difficult to find the right kind, because each sheet of the dozens of recommendations. What is the one and only what works? This response was a try to find here on the blog.
I have to admit that the so-called guinea pigs was not easy to find. Thus, the below pictures are not exactly the best, you have to believe in my words. Probably the big sweat stains on clothing kaltsukotti flown.
Test No. 1 The salt in hot water. Mix 4 teaspoons of salt per liter of hot water. Take a clean cloth and salt water Swab stain until it disappears. Then, in the washing machine. This case is suitable for salt water rather than boiling pasta. Tin remained exactly the same as before the treatment. The experiment failed. Salt + hot water does not remove the stain of sweat.
Test No 3 Ammonia / eyebrow color worthless stack oxidant. Wise I have read on the internet that ammonia helps higiplekkide combat. I found the home of half a hair dye with ammonia bottle was neatly separate. Super! Also, I found a bottle of oxidant for eyebrows. Let's try it, too? A simple minea test. Take the gloves and lubricating liquid on the stain. Then throw in the washing machine minea and wash in the maximum temperature, which allowed the label.
The result? An oxidant minea still let eyebrow decoration. Ammonia? The best score! Certainly, on the Internet and found out my hand-tested tricks / nippides best. Shirt neck was whiter than the shirt itself. However, a slight yellowish tint was visible.
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