Tuesday, May 5, 2015

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"In the criminal police officer is the title of an honorary title, to thank and recognize the past year outstandingly good performance achieved in criminal policemen," said the head of the northern leifheit prefecture of criminal Senior Superintendent Priit Pärkna. "To be a criminal police officer is not just a profession, it is a way of life. From day to day life of the downside exposure and the workdays that sometimes leifheit last hours of the night, requiring superior stress tolerance and calm. In addition, the criminal police officer to be a good team player, because the individual is working very hard to achieve best results. " Pärkna said the drug department police chief inspector Rimma Tšervinskaja process leifheit was very complex leifheit and voluminous criminal cases, the investigation leifheit of which he has coped remarkably well. For example, in 2008, proceeded Tšervinskaja criminal cases concerning Estonia's largest cannabis leifheit cultivation discovery, where the northern prefecture of the drug in collaboration with Border Agency confiscated nearly 800 cannabis plants. "Rimma is highly appreciated colleague in the northern prefecture of staff of the Drugs Unit, as well as police officers, among many others. Thanks to the professional work Rimma, many dangerous criminals by the court sentenced to prison for a very long time," leifheit said Senior Superintendent. Rimma Tšervinskaja has worked in various positions in the police force. Tallinn Prefecture (present northern prefecture) drug crimes he joined the department in April 2002. Northern prefecture of the best criminal policeman honorific presented 13 candidates this year.
LATEST Popular pages
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00:30 75 yards unspoiled shoreline stone's throw away (2) 00:30 00:30 Pep Guardiola tricky pictures will fight for your past 0:30 Rowers came a porcupine: the case jumped the trench war, not a boat 00:30 Controversial uber starts in mediating leifheit trips ( 5) 00:30 History Professor Timothy Snyder: Russia celebrates the victory, however, should be discussed in the beginning of the war (1) 00:30 Cell-ID toppab getting better due to the shortage of cryptography cards
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