Monday, May 11, 2015

The detachable water tank has a volume of 2 liters, which provides plenty of steam and is easily fr

The Easyglider frontal is an innovative concept frontal of steam iron developed for Philips by Studio NAMIC. It's super lightweight, ergonomically correct and is accompanied by an ultra thin base, which is easier to maneuver, easy to carry and easy to use anywhere. The iron itself has an exciting new method, which prevents repetitive strain injuries. This new method allows the use ambidextrous gripping and the central button of the fingers is placed behind the steam controller, which is activated by pressing it against the iron core as a trigger.
This type of action allows better control the amount of steam generated by iron oscillates frontal continuously between the minimum and maximum pressure regulating the button. The hand-held interface is covered with a gel membrane which perfectly adapts to each user. And the way you intend to use the iron is similar to the way you use a computer mouse, just sliding over the surface.
This Super Iron can stand by itself frontal due to its innovative "rear legs" that can fold and support the weight of the iron due to a silicon element with circular steel springs inside, placed between the main body and reinforced plastic " double jump ". These "legs", frontal also prevent the ropes to drag over the clothes.
The form of distribution of key components has been optimized to maximize the ability to use water, and easy to maintain, that maintaining a rational and attractive look. The base has 3 wheels with locking mechanism that provides a use in the field, as well as a desktop stand. The upper handle provides a comfortable and secure grip moving. The upper panel contains all the necessary buttons and indicators for operating the iron base and two buttons placed on the bottom to rewind the cables to the base.
The detachable water tank has a volume of 2 liters, which provides plenty of steam and is easily frontal accessible on the same side as the calc-clean cover. When not in use the iron has a reduced footprint of 20 20 cm and a height of 45 cm, taking up very little in their users and reducing transport operating costs for the manufacturer. Designer / David Gonçalves
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