Thursday, May 14, 2015

Very good :)) Bj S Reply Delete

New heading here on Chafarica, yeehhh ... [any day are more than their own posts, but it does not matter anything] Spanking ride this magnificent book, I decided to start this kind of catharsis, starting it in a soft way, so you do not get logo frightened, but believe me, with almost 18 years of motherhood, I have to confess sooo :) - Mother, where is the box of Ferrero? - Now where, just yesterday at dinner !!! - Ohhh ... For that I went to go faster ironing time, after being well screwed to sleep, I ran down to the secret hideaway I have at home, and the way I was leaving a trail of saliva, know what I expected, the last Ferrero hihihihihhi the box, I went to the bathroom, they were not somehow otherworldly wake up and hear the silver tearing, sat on the toilet torktumlare seat, grabbed the Vogue and tasted it with a mental smile ... Shame on me!
Very good :)) Bj S Reply Delete
Now even went ... Love is ... Passionate about ... Thus began ... Confessions of a mother considerations ... Facts ... Decorating Tips & Tricks It is said that fashion is the time I am ... Holiday Men ... I swear I do not understand ... Just for fun ... Less instagramAGRA Must DO list ... Neither I m'aguento There was no need ... I did not care anything ... They do not pay me for it. .. We ... less lean ... The itch here The qu'isto m'irrita shovel! What is national is good special occasions ... Oh help ... Orgasm gustatory torktumlare pissed torktumlare ... The words on the loose Out here in need of it ... Quaaase the same ... for m in Laugh week's recipe is Missing hear the best medicine ... Sensations ... detox juices Only cuddle One day I will have ... A low cost per day is worth mentioning ... To my way
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