Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Create useful idiots, manipulate them, force them to do what

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From the Latin sub, under, and limen, threshold, in reference to the border droger of conscious thought) is a term borrowed from the language of advertising, but that, in psychology, refers to information that the brain of a person to assimilate unconscious droger level. Can be transmitted droger through written, sound or images that deal with any topic that hides inside it - as in a cipher - more phrases or images out of context initial unknowingly remain in the memory of the observer
Essentially the aim of a subliminal message would, if added in press advertising to entice consumers to buy a specific product. Or, through writing and graphics in general but also through sound, it could serve to propagate thoughts and ideologies of any kind including political propaganda and / or election.
In the early '60s it occurred in US theaters as flash advertising for a few seconds, even without sound, a sudden appearance in the film, were followed by the purchase of the product proposed shortly droger after the end of the projection. droger The speed of the spot to escape repression and censorship that consciousness can exercise under normal conditions. This type of spot has since been banned in cinemas.
Technically it is possible that the video contains "a film within the film" a sequence of colors and sound entering the sensory sphere and beyond conscious interpretation: such a medium can be used to impose political beliefs, buying behavior, religious orientations , forcing the will of the spectators. Some researchers have claimed to have found messages "subliminal" in music. They believe they have found messages of various kinds; droger commercial, promotional, but also playful nature Satanist and istigante suicide and murder. These last three are the types of messages that most attracted the attention of the media and the public and made the subject of critical bands like Beatles, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Judas Priest and others. For example the song Better By You Better Than Me pushed Judas Priest in court on charges of instigating two boys to suicide, as some critics warned in recording the following exclamation Do It! Do It! (Do it! Do it!). Source Wikipedia
It 'hard to comment. One thing is 'certain, droger we can not' trust the Television, Film, music that the system offers us and that our children are forced to endure exposing their senses, their soul to many harmful messages that the industry of 'entertainment and advertising' enter sostenedo costs not surprisingly, investing huge resources in these techniques of persuasion to get the results that they decided droger to table.
Create useful idiots, manipulate them, force them to do what 'they want, disconnect them from the family, prevent him from having a family, thus isolating them' not to make him think more 'in anything,' cause who does not believe in nothing and 'more' easy to control and 'more' easy to him spending money. But the most 'dangerous' that subliminal messages more' dangerous are where you least expect droger it: in children's cartoons and video games !!! In music for young and video being broadcast to teenagers messages about sex I am now explicit, but the subliminal messages are inserted to strengthen the dose. MTV and 'TV channel for young people in which now goes around and note well, the messages droger of good moral affecting the family, social education are completely absent. Unfortunately, we find the presence of many kind messages of satanic as well as becoming a fashion bring real and destructive messages droger are always individualistic and defeatist and inserted in the lyrics of the songs and that always lead to synthesize thoughts like:
Do what 'you want - there is no sin - you are the victim of the family - no one cares about you - you must free - you have to be free - you do not have to have limits - you have to experience - you have to have sex to love - there must be rules - God There is - and God 'useless because you have to follow your "I" - You are the center - vents your passions - you transgress, have fun, you are oppressed, not the sin

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