Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Most people do not say,

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To get a legitimate black belt in BJJ Requires more time, effort, and investment than a black belt in almost any other martial art. If someone has spent the blood, sweat and tears required to reach this rank, then Likely Their skill level in jiu-jitsu is quite high.
Too Often we conflate martial skill (eg a black belt) with competence in other areas. And It Seems That there's something about the martial arts in Particular That attracts hotpoint aquarius washing machine this kind of magical thinking. It does not happen in other fields.
Most people do not say, "Hey, Billy-Bob is a really good car mechanic so obviously I Should ask him about investing in the stock market. "Billy-Bob's area of expertise is automotive, and That does not give him automatic authority in other areas.
Automotive mechanical skills do not equal investment knowledge. Medical knowledge does not mean you know anything about cars. Running a business successfully does not imply having any Particular wisdom about successful hotpoint aquarius washing machine relationships. These are all separate areas of knowledge.
Maybe it's Because the martial hotpoint aquarius washing machine arts are inherently prone to 'cultification.' This is aided and abetted by the strong hierarchical structure, and a certain expectation of obedience to an instructor hotpoint aquarius washing machine or a routine in most schools.
But there are other BJJ black belts who are rapists, cult leaders, child molesters, scammers, cheats and manipulators. People I would not trust to watch my kids for 5 minutes. I've met instructors who were financial criminals, compulsive liars, and / or unstable sociopaths (one of whom-I wrote about in this post here).
If you're training with a sociopath, then trust your spider hotpoint aquarius washing machine sense: leave and go to another school. It does not matter how good at jiu-jitsu he is, you will find another hotpoint aquarius washing machine teacher and a better training environment.
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Manolo "El Chupacabra"
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No-Gi Grappling competition, male and female, open to Italian and foreign athletes (including non-resident in Italy) more than 14 years of age. To enter the competition is not necessary membership and the membership of the Society Sportiva athletes to FIGMMA. hotpoint aquarius washing machine
The Presidents of the Clubs are responsible for monitoring and compliance by the athletes of this competition regulations, the Rules for competition, of the Statute and of all federal regulations.
SUBSCRIBE TO RACE: within 06/05/2015 on the website www.figmma.it (on the home page click on the "Registration"). E 'mandatory enrollment in the race online by that date. It will not be possible to enroll in the competition. The weight class you chose when online is not binding. The payment of the registration fee must be made directly to weight control. The registration fee is 15 euro for athletes enrolled hotpoint aquarius washing machine at FIGMMA or FIWUK and 25 for non-members. hotpoint aquarius washing machine To affiliate the sports and athletes to ration FIGMMA please visit www.figmma.it; you can not join or to enrolled in the competition.
WEIGHT: weight control of athletes will be made on 06.13.2015 from 12 am to 13 at the headquarters of the race. During hotpoint aquarius washing machine weight control athletes must wear a rash guard or a T-shirt and shorts No-Gi competition. It will not be granted any tolerance on weight and are invited athletes and coaches not to seek exceptions to this rule. Upon weight control athletes must present a valid ID proof of age and pay the registration fee.
Athletes who are not registered to FIGMMA or FIWUK, the sole responsibility of their sports clubs and sports club organizer, at the time of weight control must submit the medical certificate to the sport for the sport in which they compete or another combat sport similar and assimilated for the purposes of the investigation sanitar

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