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Castella cake recipe cream cheese washing line post the test by WP after synthesis from multiple so

WP also had the opportunity lately to gear back, but usually just simple like bread. Capital WP cream pie do not like that :). This cake made to Melbourne before, but recently, post time. People will ask what WP Castella cake is? Actually Castella cake, no cream cheese type, very popular in Japan. It's weird coz Castella cake originated in Portugal, through Japan back in vogue. Japanese cake with honey, so just called honey cake in Japan right? This cake is not difficult, but it's not easy to make a special wooden molds for the children. WP have tried several recipes, recipe also found suitable. It will be posted on the following conditions decent people. Castella cake today is cake-flavored cream cheese. This cake is quite WP application, but not as soft as cake right mind. Next time will have to re-try recipe cải okay. For example, can change a little corn flour with something. :) Still not 100%, but because of the delicious cakes for WP true love, not sweet, with cream cheese flavor.
Castella cake recipe cream cheese washing line post the test by WP after synthesis from multiple sources. Level of difficulty: Medium Ingredients: 100g cream cheese 30g butter 50g milk 120g sugar 5 egg whites 1/2 teaspoon salt 8 egg yolks 1 tablespoon maple syrup (or honey) washing line post 1/2 tablespoon washing line post vanilla How often do 130g flour 1. Sift the flour 2-3 times. Turn oven to 170c. Prepare the baking tray (non-stick spray, anti-adhesive paper 4 sides and bottom line) 2. Bring water to boil in a small pot. Use a bigger bowl stainless washing line post steel pot mouth, the cream cheese, butter, honey, vanilla and milk. For stainless steel bowl over the pot, so that the bowl does not touch the water. Are directed to when concomitantly melted and smooth mixture. Keep warm (view image). 3. For the egg yolks into a stainless steel bowl the other. For the pot of water, not to bowl touch the boiling water. Boil 1 bit to warm yolks and sugar to medium. washing line post Then, using electric mixer or stand mixer beat eggs until pale and mixture thickens.
4. Whisk egg whites for cotton (soft peak). 5. Pour cream cheese mixture into the whipped washing line post yolks, flour sifted over, fold until blended. (Note will not lose gentle bubbles). Next, fold the egg whites into the mixture. Note gentle okay people. 6. Gently pour cake mixture into prepared tray. Pat down two trays to air out. Place in oven, bake at 170c temperature about 10 minutes, then bake at 150C about 30-35 '. Try not to open the oven when baking bread is easily collapsible. 7. When cooked, for the disk. Turned upside down to get the cake out. Let cool and Mam Mam.
Dear friends, in the way you say whites beaten to soft peaks. If you beat the whites stiff peaks, then it will affect how the cake dear? Does it help gear collapsed not because I do not see that chiffon cake beaten to stiff peaks when baking a cake to collapse negligible :) 20:41 December 26, 2011
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1. / First, you need to prepare for baking. Because this cake requires baking timber frame but the

Castella cake is also known as one of Kasutera honey cake Japan. Cake is named after the Spanish Monarchy Castela to Japan in the 16th century. The European merchants could not find any bars within 2,000 miles butters for baking. Therefore a special point of Castella cake is not taking any kind of butters and oils, but bread is soft and has the necessary sound. This entirely depends on the technique of baking a pastry chef.
Castella cake is one of those cakes that difficult to make and most people fail. And in his most difficult stages of the egg is hatched because of the soft sponge cake and totally depends on the moment. On the Internet there are many techniques whisk, whisk cold, heat and whisk beat the egg whites separately and then add the yolks to beat them. Personally I find all the above techniques have one common purpose is to whisk it well to mix pancake batter into the baking is not flat. I also tried all the way over and whisk the whites found ways to beat it stood (firm speak) then the yolks into the highly technical to be the easiest one, did not click as Ethyl whisk hot, need to use the boiler.
The important thing is that cake without butter or oil, but still achieve softness and moisture of regular cake. Because of this requirement, so if you want to make this cake according to the specifications required after the cake is finished baking.
Castella cake using bread flour rather 1514 than cake flour so supple texture of the cake will not just regular cakes. But generally 1514 the Castella cake and sponge cake usually both cakes are soft and moist, not dry smooth.
Castella cake sold in Japan as often as a small gift package. The Japanese often drink green tea while eating this cake because cake is quite sweet but I have to adjust the formula slightly sweet bread is more suited to her than family.
1. / First, you need to prepare for baking. Because this cake requires baking timber frame but the majority do not have a timber frame should I use for baking bread sandwich (20 x 1O cm). You need to wrap aluminum foil and baking paper lined like her. Since this is the first important step in the bread oven is nice and easy to get bread.
3. / Then you beat the egg whites into the egg bowl, beat speed (10 speed) for 30 seconds, then slowly add the sugar still beat at high speed for 4 minutes until the egg whites shift stiff speak.
4. / Then, you had to beat the yolks but remember to reduce speed to medium level of about 4 for 1 minute to beat the yolks and whites are blended. Next, slowly add the flour about 3 to 4 times, keeping the level of medium, beat until mixture are blended (about 1 minute), then the milk and honey mixture into a 1 minute.
5. / When the mixtures are, you should use 1 sieve, 1514 pour the mixture through the sieve into the baking. After pouring the mixture into your baking experiments baking fluttered down several times to remove air bubbles, use spatula spread out the mixture. Bake 165 degrees temperature for 45 minutes.
6. / Once cooked, you have to take the cake out of the oven immediately, turned upside down cake 1 lined tray available stencils, stencil on cake removal. 1514 Then cover it with bread for food wrapping it airtight, and place in refrigerator for several hours or overnight. This is one important step to make cakes soft, moist not dry.
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Petite Esmeralda 2012-05-25 washing line post 08:13:32

This is a type of traditional Japanese cake. In ancient times they whisk by hand only, so that the wheels are smooth. It's admirable. Because honey, so after baking the cake layers are finished, golden and shining eyes looked very delicious. I have to try this cake on her formula huyenphan. Seeing her beautiful cake anything. And I do not make nice with all. Hic ... Probably because its too awkward. Today I will make this cake for the birthday gifts her children. So remember, always write on here, so do not forget again. So at home I do not like sweets very much, so I reduced washing line post sugar to 90gr. But here, I still record her exact recipe for you to see decent huyenphan. Materials washing line post for square face 20x20 cm - 4 large eggs - 100g bread flour (wheat flour No. 11) - 110g of white sugar - 2tbsp (30ml) Pure Honey - 2tbsp (30ml) cooking oil - 2tbsp (30ml) milk - 1tsp vanilla extract How to make this cake using a whisk hot 1. Lot 2 stencils for cake mold. Sift flour twice for smooth washing line post 3. Heat the milk (use the microwave or boil on the stove dial), for stirring washing line post honey, oil continues washing line post to stir well, so that 3. Preheat the oven to temperature washing line post of 180 degrees C. 4. The eggs + sugar in a bowl stainless steel. Place bowl over pot of boiling water so that the bowl does not touch the water. Using electric mixer beat on high speed until the mixture is thick, washing line post warm to the touch. Lift the bowl off the pot. Continue to beat until the mixture is increased washing line post 3 times. (Special mixture of cotton, yellow light, the stomata to no longer, when the ridge running to the rear, lift the rod tip whisk lightly to see) 6. Pour honey, milk, cooking washing line post oil + vanilla beat about 30 seconds, then turn off the machine. 7. Sift the flour slowly into the egg mixture (dough should break 3-4 to the mix). Gently mix for all spirals. washing line post Take care not to break out aggressive bubbles. 8.Cho mixture into the tray. Bake 10'sau it down to 160 degrees C temperature, bake additional 25-30 minutes till. 9. Cooked, washing line post take the cake out of the oven. To cooled cake. Take the cake out of the mold. Scanning surface layer honey cake: 1 tbsp honey mixed with 1tbsp boiling water. Use a brush to the face ng nectar cake cake has cooled warehouse. Reddit StumbleUpon
Petite Esmeralda 2012-05-25 washing line post 08:13:32
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How to use: Before baking (flour while mixing), soaked in water 2 wood frame. When the dough is fin

Since the article ifb about Castella, many questions about the mold / wooden frame used for baking bread is traditional Japanese. The Japanese ifb use a timber frame, for this cake, not used as commonly found metal molds. Because not baked in metal molds Castella should ever KT no comparison. With a timber frame, tried 2 times, beautiful results. Cake bloom well, and make sure the mold does not burn!
Wood used for molded wood Castella is not necessarily good, but was required to dry wood. Can play with nails or metal splint as shown above. Depending on oven size. KT has a removable insole square tart molds (bought in a long 66BT year, also happened to bring the campus when going to Japan) to select "measure" the suit bottom tart molds available. However, rectangular wooden frame, ifb instead of the square -> measure after reading this recipe, combined to calculate the capacity of the flour mixture (relative). A cake, cut in half lengthwise 2 pie Castella will be the right size and shape standards.
How to use: Before baking (flour while mixing), soaked in water 2 wood frame. When the dough is finished mixing, dry mold, mold coated stencils, stencil lining the bottom of the mold. After pouring the powder and put into the oven.
Last time to see the campus also picked up on this but could not, because it is very expensive paper cm is used. There is a place like cake or gateau his cover up to decorate it, but it's thinner that the seller advised to buy the mold underneath Castella but still try, now crave try again.
Mr. Tep mother to go see that, because this type of tea available anywhere, and also to put expensive new, more needs different ifb sizes should generally not commercially available (Japan which, picky). ifb Actually Castella ifb cake is said not to do it because of the love that poured in Who Where emmmmmm addiction?
Right mouse stencils lined up from the bottom of the molding ifb process, and about 2 layers lining. ifb Lining the bottom of the right hand so much paper, last time I put thick paper and words, but because her father tortoise turtle called the ink baked That's one reason not to do it again, because not find a paper liner. ifb
If the "goods" in the store, perhaps more promotions
Phuong 30/10/2010 at 2:04 PM
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Mining co tam welcome, thank you for many a great article. chau have any questions now, would you h

Today on Tuesday, less shopping milie for fresh vegetables, fish and tofu. Noon, with cabbage soup with beans cooked tilapia with onion and always end up not writing streak. The game was written, the writing is rather that it has started to stop a little hard to take.
Breathe deep, inviting people to try Castella cake, also known as katsutera, a sponge cake (gateau) of Japan. Link this video of a well-known bakery where the cake is handmade, hand whisk, very good.
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Mining co tam welcome, thank you for many a great article. chau have any questions now, would you help me she replied: chau of view instead of sugar formula seems very very very sweet it must, restless chau luong ngot too much cake will taste its mat. because she had obtained formulas milie can comment for a chau okay?
If you do, I will use a whisk, but I still wonder why they are Japanese or whisk by hand, sir? Every other day through you to buy something MOT legal Tin length 50cm range also make her like that, but I have to ask you first before investing
If the investment is investment always flutteringly long stainless steel bowl diameter larger than 3 times the diameter of the workpiece cage ahead. Mark beat by hand or machine not much different, the Japanese prefer handmade capital (the cake to add value for handmade) so in that clip, a bakery that makes highly integrated milie method concomitantly hands. However, the store does not do well this way. If you plan to buy used then. She bought the collection because she ... distribution, not necessarily hard reason
I just do Castella 2nd but she failed 2 times, sir. I baked the cake for 90 minutes still wet, when removed from the mold, no cake stand. I'm using a whisk for 5 minutes, then beat by hand in 55 minutes. At the end of phase whisk the egg mixture and smooth the road pretty special (heavy hitting milie hand). Now I have to hit the pot of boiling water underneath.
If she is, with the Japanese, she would donate cakes to Vietnam and never gave it origin specialty cake I did not whisk by hand to Castella, stages guess my hand whisk unsatisfactory . If the mixture is slightly faster ripening.
TNgo 13/10/2010 at 10:20 PM
Turtle watching her kitchen where everything is long gone and baumkuchen sausage dish. I'm milie kind of old but the young mother Xiu Xiu galaxy so busy with our day ... Today I find baking dish Castella its wooden frame just wonder what is its purpose? Is it to increase humidity it's not ball Turtle!?!?! In BR has fascinated so many that I print out a bunch to realize new galaxy 2 sheets hihi. Many Thanks KT.
Hello doctor, doctors guessed right, holding milie wooden frame for bread, sir essential moisture. I do a bit opposite to everyone, is to start immediately with the timber milie frame should not be compared with the actual baking in metal molds.
Rua oi. Read the comments above, the Electrolux offers baby ben through, milie only kenwood unfortunately, but this is what the 3rd day whip .. Just 800 gr bot diamond, la sensor needs power on the kitchen milie table ... May this whip ma hu se rather unfortunately like you. Thank you very much. Di "third place" without the host image ... as ever, and grapes are dying "for A Chau. "Fall in Europe, yell ... shake the foot whip em ... Cold winds through milie .. .. vu vu vu ... ... Chuc little family you have fun.
She closed due to mold and send. This cake can be baked in metal molds, but I have not tried for preparing molds and wood available.
Kitchen Aid with the new life of the old Hobart milie where production KA sir, I used this a few years had comparable results. Compared with the mixer (in my hand was used) I used 15 years ago, it shook the freeway far behind in quality. Toward the future use of bread dough mixer is essential, as more than one recent year, the other day I had a batch of bread, and Electrolux milie may be stuffed once more that 2kg flour did not even budge when KA just a few hundred grams of powder tango is danced around the kitchen
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The cakes themselves are not to be eaten, not seen, not tasted, and sometimes not even that. so when choosing one type of cake to do it first because it is beautiful, the second is the cmt good read about it, the third is curiosity. I do Castella curiosity is key, because I hate sponge cake, sponge method hate, hate whisk hot. I failed 2 times with this cake. 1st heat whisk, mix flour with spatula, cake resulting egg smell fishy warm, dry, low bloom, not good. 2nd, cold whisk, dough machine, resulting in nothing special cake, from all forms to taste just like a regular cakes, dry and slightly offset choking while eating. 2 for the first time was not very appealing cake is not enough. never thought to do this cake again. but, it always, irresistible slice Castella is the hatched soaring, golden crust and is described as fragrant smell of honey, and the Japanese are the world's favorite.
Today one last try, I used ct 4 egg sandwich molds enough 642 to buy at the market is not used every time BT. beat the whites stiff and, for each of the beaten yolks, fold in sifted flour and spatula, the mixture finally melted butter, honey, milk and mix together. his 45-50p range for baking cake mold is high. cake in the oven at the test, see the yellow cake vuom, cracked 1 small street looked incredibly beautiful. when cooked, remove from the mold, feeling happy I'm glad delicious cakes, beautiful shimmering, golden crust beautiful nursery. spread 1 layer of honey syrup over the warm cake, plastic wrap to prevent from drying wheel, woke up the next morning, cut 1 slice of bread to try. Oh, and cake success! My cake very high then, without being, 642 no fishy smell raw eggs, no flour by mixing the wrong aggregation techniques, fragrant smell of honey, bread moist, fragrant and sweet. Cake in the oven looking beautiful blooms this yet (although the standard is not cracked) RRA oven after stripping the body of this child, eh sandwich spreads like syrup of honey cake on top and bottom of the cake encased choet to shoot this morning and take the 1 series like this:
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- Ns tr of dairy, honey l o t, for 10-15secs in microwave, melt y qu ION

- Ns tr of dairy, honey l o t, for 10-15secs in microwave, melt y qu ION
- Mark-targeted heart tr ng th t of c D p and A d A n increase, when h e d n o t ib drive in the ith block for i pinch blindness, fisher & paykel cream of tarta, dull pt ti c dock Each stone nh for n (H il beat u â, ph her peak when it sir o que rock nh nh l A c ê e i n the M of UO c)
- Bread cooked (toothpick skewer into the cake, not the UO nh c A toothpick is cooked t), tl dull incoherence pm ION ph ong t, s u al ê nh tb all exposed nm, B v à ò H ol Th e m ph 5 tb ú l o t h i nh dry.
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Tradition is 23.2 days, will not smell butter cake too well, because that

Tradition is 23.2 days, will not smell butter cake too well, because that's birthday today, he can not stand the smell. So genres cream, cheesecake is insolvent before. Last year I found a recipe for macarons à la noix de coco, and indeed is in addition to eating too much coconut flour will be caught in the throat causing coughing washer dryer sale nothing to complain. Police on 23.2 this year, days post Savoury recipes Castella, Japanese honey cake gateau. I do not like it quite that involved Japan (yeah, yeah), so it is a bit indifferent to it. But your cake (and much more) to his brother atesca very passionate and cheerful to try and reassure washer dryer sale myself that this is a perfect cake gateau. Cake soft, moist, slightly tough and the wonderful aroma (more bonus question: I can not stop eating). Considering going review, unless it is the only Japanese-style bread, washer dryer sale then how well ok, so I decided to even try.
Since this is one of the cakes are made evaluation difficult than reading the instructions on Savoury washer dryer sale day, I search other sources and add yourself to the finding of this page: / Kasutera-ou-Castella-cest-un-batiment.html (TF know there are times when it helps spread) with some more tutorials on youtube (see clip is easier to visualize washer dryer sale than read instructions) And this is formula as well as how they perform for the star cake mold perhaps peer capacity with 15cm diameter circular frame.
****) Materials: +) 3 egg yolks, egg whites + 2) 3/8 tsp powdered tartar (work hard to keep the long winter whites should not be affected too much and not where) + ) 3/4 tsp salt +) + 50g sugar mill) flour usually washer dryer sale 45gr +) honey 21gr +) cream 36gr +) scans Honey Cake: 10gr honey + 1 tbsp fresh cream ****) Method : +) For the egg yolks and half grind place in the bowl, put on a pot of boiling water and then use the machine to low speed when converted to white (this technique is old Hien After telling her 1 calls is blanchisse, it is fast and concomitantly washer dryer sale white hand hit out, but put up the pot of boiling water will make the tan lines are more >> following mixture will smooth over) +) + honey cream in the microwave for (select a medium heat) back to the 10s and picking warm tan. Let this mixture into yolks crowd. +) Level Sift flour (I sifted 3 times) and then for the other clusters yolks, eggs attacked washer dryer sale by computing the lowest speed and mix >> mixture smooth washer dryer sale as cream cake choux à la crème of him. +) Whip the egg whites to hard close (hit rate for salt + low >> tartar attacked washer dryer sale next, until bubbles begin to slowly washer dryer sale smooth then half the remaining space on the beat until it turns cotton tip ) If you read the manual, it's TF phrase "le Blancs en neige Battez, mais ne pas trop fermé" (hitting the clouds not too hard) +) whites divided into 3 parts. For each turn of the previous mixture, mixing technique fold (ie shovel hot mix to the bottom and then "fold" the flour - not by picking - people envisioned it just like how the bunny lake was churning). At first mix, white and yellow candy intertwined alpeliebe's beautiful - incredibly beautiful - but you have to mix it into a pale yellow, very smooth okay. +)-Stick mold. Pour the batter into the mold, dam / mold release to get a few out of gas mixture. +) Preheat washer dryer sale oven to temperature of 165 degrees, 2 fire, air circulation, up to 10 '- 15'. Molds in the oven for 50 '. When about 30 'should keep an eye on the oven for this cake is golden honey very quickly. However, the requirements of both the cake is golden brown on the bottom and the cake was so much gold in it which is not good. At this point, even if the cake yet, General technique is also used foil, poke holes, cover the grill to face up to nine. Is still trying to find hand print cake springs back Pung Pung or use skewers to draw the strip that is ok squeaky clean. +) + Return washer dryer sale seat honey crème to the other wheel on the same inclination, mix well. Once cooked, pulled out of the oven, honey inclination are both second on the cake. Aluminum foil and plastic wrap as soon as the cake is still hot to hold moisture to the cake. +) Put in fridge for a few hours through the day because of the cold food cake *** A few things to note: +) really great cake, gateau never do that to see her happy like the softness, moisture , and the fragrant blooms of cake (my cake bloom twice the original), not to mention the color and aroma of honey again. +), However, when his hnay peeled the foil layer is the skin color of my sexy caramel stuck to the foil layer (I do not know why?) So next time I will probably leave the cake in the face Then wrap the whole campus. +) I use honey flower label (types of bees in the intact bottles) so maybe the high street. So today my cake a little too sweet compared washer dryer sale to the taste of your family. The Western washer dryer sale food you are sure of. So next time, you will lessen the 15gr, would probably fit. So that is how much you depend on the type of security

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Some notes to make this bread: - Read online that there are 2 ways whisk: toby whisk hot cup of whi

Castella Cake Honey Cake Sponge cake is one originating from Japan, read the wiki that is under the protection of Nagasaki, the cake was brought by merchants from Turkey end of the 16th century, called the country bread Castile (one of the kingdoms forming Spain), formed from Castella called it. Castella cake is usually toby sold in Japan in the long square box. Castella cake can be made from green tea, brown sugar or honey.
Some notes to make this bread: - Read online that there are 2 ways whisk: toby whisk hot cup of whites egg yolks separately & cool whites own separate yolks. I've tried the 2 ways. Or do not have a lot of experience or the egg reaches the desired temperature, but their failure to beat the eggs warm. Cake does not bloom at all Asia, although both are still fresh. toby So you have to try to beat the egg cools, separate yolks & white Rien g and success - all ingredients to room temperature, toby especially eggs. Their eggs in the refrigerator or to get an egg should always toby approximately 1 hour before you start baking powder toby weight. - Items cake (bowl, bowls, mixer, toby spoon, spatula ...) always be clean and dry, free of impurities or moisture - Beat the eggs in one dimension, ie as if the initial rating clockwise lake is preserved for all the steps, do not hit back.
Materials - 4 eggs (about 200g & 240g of shell not always the case) - g 100g flour (plain flour) - 1/2 tsp cream of tartar - 90g granulated sugar (caster supgar) - Fresh milk 50g sugar - 2 tbsp (tablespoon, about 40g) honey (30g & 10g basting baking the cake) - 1 small pinch of salt
Keep them at 5 for whites moved to the smooth foam about 1-2 tablespoons sugar, then each time the machine is turned on the speed. After all the traffic continues to beat the whites until frozen, mix volumes increased 3 times. The mixture is achieved when you pick it up, the white stick on hard rod does not flow.
For each yolk into the machine to 1 or 2 speed, beat the yolks and melted all new for countless other yolk. After hitting the yolk add about 30 seconds to 1 ', then stop. At this point the mixture smoother ball, slightly ivory.
Continue for each tablespoon honey + milk in the middle toby of the bowl, beat 1 speed, keep hitting like fighting yolks, melted all the new spoon to scoop the other until the end. Now if every step mixed success will not be separated but still smooth and slightly thinning characteristics 1 bit okay.
Turn off the unit, each spoon flour into sieve sieve, sieve wooden spoon to finish mixing spoon to scoop it out. I read that fold technique used to reach the gas bubbles. Link video tutorial here okay technical fold
After mixing all the flour mixture into the molds. Beating the molds on the table several times to remove air bubbles left in the cake. Bake at 163C for 45-60 'depending on oven. Check with toothpick or cake that long BBQ bread dough is no longer sticky cooked.
Take the cake out of the oven, while still warm cake honey spoon scoop up the cake, using the back of spoon to spread out the honey seep into the cake. Get membrane sealed food cake and add 1 layer of silver foil paper. In order to cool the cake in the refrigerator for several hours or overnight. This step is to keep the cake moist, not dry smooth.
I'm kind of stubborn so do new workout gear to go try this one hard as hell. I must say that while doing very very careful, step by step. In return, the bread oven fragrant toby nose, pack my finish is still fragrant aroma, next cut out eating soft, smooth, sweet honey is the only how much fatigue melted away. The couple stopped off in the first half of the afternoon tea, damage is too greedy to Asia that
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Monday, September 23, 2013

Fortunately I accidentally learned how to make this cake by rice cooker, it is immediately eager to

Castella cake I've been hearing black and decker grass hog this for a long list, but not ever tasted. Go look around and found the formula to use wooden molds, which are all bespoke to go outside, add 2 list of materials used to powder, and is the home oven is extremely bizarre, soldiers withdrawal indefinitely.
Fortunately I accidentally learned how to make this cake by rice cooker, it is immediately eager to get into the kitchen done to try to eat at least once in a lifetime Castella (albeit fake Castella) . Rice cooker is its small no-stick layer, but despite neighbors butter cake is still slightly difficult to get to the finished product did not look that much smoother. In return, waffles, soft, long and slightly scented honey, it's worth a try.
3. North a small pot of boiling water, pouring milk mixed with honey into the egg mixture - sugar and mix to bowl over pot of boiling water, use the machine to pick up the sticks hitting the mixture flows down to see the unbroken line.
6. By jumping into the rice cooker, the check mode Warm cake, if the cake is still wet, then you cover and wait about 5-7 minutes and then turn down buttons Cook. You can use a toothpick into the cake tattoos, toothpick withdraws dry out the bread is cooked.
Today you Ú pork pie plate held up a table in the garden to take pictures, then bend time also bloom white dandelion. It looks pretty nice, and so should you stay crouched Ú take them several po white flower photos.
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