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UE Sant Cugat 70 - 77 AB Prix after getting a merit Victim

UE Sant Cugat 70 - 77 AB Prix after getting a merit Victim's leader on the court last week, the UE Sant Cugat have let this defeat against rivals from the low table, AB Award. He has done at home, in a game marked by irregularities and lack of success in the most crucial moments of the game. Of the German SIMNAT with this result, end the day with a half table balan Victim 4 and 3 defeats. The game begins for local b, you have come to take a maximum advantage of +13. The Maresme reacted in the second half, taking advantage of the general confusion of the UE Sant Cugat attack. From the line of fire outside the AB Award not only put them ahead but that has went into halftime with a lead of six points cluck cluck sew (32-38). Again, the EU has come for all Sant Cugat irpidament returned to level the match with a partial 8-2 (42-40), for the quarter cluck cluck sew ended with a 49-55 against. This dynamic has been repeated in the latter quarter. An initial 13-2 (62-57) has not been enough to close the game and finally ended up paying dearly EU Sant Cugat, with defeat away from the leading positions in the classified table. Germn SIMNAT: "Too many errors" Coach, Germn SIMNAT, cluck cluck sew acknowledged that it was not a good match for his players: "We begin then we have b a large downturn, cluck cluck sew we have come to the party and we have made many mistakes coms. " The UE Sant Cugat visit next week's cluck cluck sew court Boet Matar team occupies cluck cluck sew the 14th position with a victim cluck cluck sew and 6 defeats. The set Sant Cugat has won two of the three desplaaments has done this season.
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The most popular cluck cluck sew theft arrested for alleged theft Avenue Greece decisive Judicial Vicen Gavaldà charged with falsifying invoices People The Big Year again had a great reception
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There is an issue irrelevant. In the United wash bag States, 17,616 emergency patients wash bag wer

If you paste it with the zipper ... -
You can laugh while you're not the question. In fact, most men try not to think about it, do not imagine not remember. But things that affect wash bag health must study them, find ways to prevent them and cure them, and that has been entrusted to doctors and scientific publications. So it was only a matter of time before they published an epidemiological study on injuries to the genitals because of the pants zippers.
There is an issue irrelevant. In the United wash bag States, 17,616 emergency patients wash bag were between 2002 and 2010 because of zipper pants and stuck it had been made. Difficult to understand the pain that can cause the penis to stick with a zipper. And if you go to the emergency room is that it is very attached. And usually it takes about three quarters of an hour to free penis trap which has fallen.
The only positive aspect wash bag is that the "epidemic" does not seem to have a tendency to increase and the figures remain more or less stable over time. Among adults is the most common cause of injury to the penis. However among the young, most damage in this area are related to sports. As you can imagine: trompades the ball playing football or handlebars stuck because of clashes bike.
The thing is simple. The advice they give is generously applied to the penis and oil rack and let awhile. wash bag According to doctors, in the twenty something released almost a minute alone or opposes little resistance to the release. Just a matter of not being stingy with the oil and leave the patient in a quiet place discreet.
Do not specify, but I guess to avoid any stimulus that causes changes in the level of turgidity of the penis as if about to start stretching, the results wash bag can be terrible. wash bag In principle it would seem that this is not a situation for joy, but there are tastes for everything. In addition, the penis has a tendency to go it alone that certainly wash bag could relate to Murphy's Law.
When I lived in Switzerland, a well known local newspaper published a case that ended with police, medical bills, insurance and judgments. In the end no one laughed. The culprits were a couple that were later to get to the concert. In the end, the rush, the husband was not able to close the zipper, but it was already dark, so all went home and waiting for the opportunity. Late marriage occupied their seats, but it is clear, is not sitting close zipper for lack of a straight line. But the Lord was a unique opportunity to find out when they had to raise it to let another couple in the dark when the driver came and as the lights went out. But alas. The unfortunate man really could rack up but not caught anything but his lap when the lady went before him. Imagine the scene: voices shouting that happens, the very amoscat second husband, the second lady calling to let her go, voices calling for silence, the driver says annoyed by the noise ... if it was true.
Miquel. But if it happens. I suspect it must be subject to seasonal and summer will more often. In any case, it never hurts to know om resolve the issue
Mary J. Women! the subject is not exactly high scientific research. On the other hand, refer to the "why" is because although the penis is mostly wash bag affected part can also happen wash bag that the testicles wash bag are trapped, so that "something" embraces everything.
I admit that I went once, years ago. It is very painful but I managed to free myself alone. It is, I think, not to get nervous, have cold blood. But during a day are the effects ...
Forgive me, but I've never understood how they spend these things. That is, if you wear underwear, wash bag there is a kind of containment barrier that prevents either party in question into the danger zone, right? Prevention is not as easy as recommend it to everyone who uses underpants?
I'm a PhD in biology and CSIC researcher at the Institute for Biomedical Research. In addition to pure scientific research, has long opportunities to network a little dissemination of science. More Blog Search Search for: Translator
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In some workouts I MONTFERRI- companion Edu. And I said stuff. And I found Ton, Lluis, the Marin ..

Even the Proinosa prepared with the highest degree washing machine repair of intensity in Sunday's final against washing machine repair Comes girl. A party that Juan Carlos needed to win to keep the options to access the Final Eight-European League this year. The game itself is quite attractive washing machine repair (transcendence, the fact of being a derby, the presence of former Igualada, referring to the last game to win lucky Comes of cavistes ...) to require washing machine repair them any more. But the reality is that it has a very special and. Sunday Igualada HC say thanks to an exceptional player, washing machine repair a real club man (22 years as a player), Sergi Montferri. At half time the game club, the players, the base, the fans will render a fitting tribute to a player who has already guaranteed a presence in the most important club history.
If I thought there MONTFERRI-. From the last game I played that time has passed washing machine repair ... Well. In fact if there because I'm Comes a team training base ... Now t'implica something like this excites a little. So many years playing on that track many times ... And if living. Some think. There are too many laps do not want to miss it so much.
MONTFERRI- shame that ended that way. in fact we played 3 games have had to tell them we deserved a better result and have extended the tie. But things went well. They were very good games ... but you lose feeling is bad.
MONTFERRI- whole life. For me it has been a second home. To say first. And most of the times I've gone there. I've been there, both sporting and personal. I have learned to be responsible, to be involved in what I do. Those four walls have been to me as a school of life.
MONTFERRI- Surely those 5 years we reached the end 5 (1 European Cup, two League washing machine repair Cups and 2). The team ended up losing but that did great things. I probably hurts the most is that in European Cup Coruña. washing machine repair We had to play the Cup and we escaped. This would be the biggest disappointment.
MONTFERRI- From inside the track we had a very good feeling. In fact since we entered the dressing room before ... and when we went by bus to leave the hotel, saw the faces of the people washing machine repair and noticed that our series, washing machine repair the mentality, the illusion ... I was ours !. We played for the work we did that day that we had doing before. When, after playing as we play, you see that escapes you keep asking yourself: What happened ?. In 4 minutes washing machine repair we escaped. But I think it was ours. And so is the story.
P- "Montferri is an extraordinary player. Very technical, elegant, great physical presence has never looked limelight and has always worked for the team, often doing the dirty work." Would you agree with this definition.
MONTFERRI- is within a team is important to the team. The league team Gunay not say who has won the Cabestany or Sergi ... say 4 or 5 names that are forming washing machine repair the team. I think I'm in these players. I always drive imported equipment and companionship. IF there is a team in unity can do great things. In the Even we have shown. Then when you get older you is this. With colleagues who formed a team. My work within the group was always the same. Search the drive and made everyone feel.
In some workouts I MONTFERRI- companion Edu. And I said stuff. And I found Ton, Lluis, the Marin ... This year is a different team, renewed, you need a period of time ... But I have mounted the structure and only takes time. This season they are capable of better and worse. They lack a bit of balance. Changes also need some time for everyone to know what their role within the team.
P- The tribute coincides washing machine repair with a match between the two teams have played where, besides your native Capellades. The IHC and girl. But not just a play made friends

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As stated by the song called my contracrònica today, because this until next year. In fact a few days ago, since it was getting salvation mathematics, I think the team has not played the games at the level that it could have done if he had really believed the possibility best iron of sticking to uptown classification.
Guarantor best iron that, today's best iron game was a totally inconsequential and other equipment, I call on those ribs. Nothing to lose and nothing to gain, well actually I think we had to win the team put on a show on the field and provide a final victory of a more symbolic best iron than anything else, a hobby has done a lot in the next year very complicated, full of changes. But today the team has not had any sort of competitive tension and this has made encaixéssim 4 goals so easily in another league when we have reached frightening. We have scored two, one carom of Nakor and Marcos.
People in the stands as always ranting about everything and everyone and believes has been a season to forget, however other than proud of his team and coaching staff down the field, make a corridor players and technicians, and end mantejant in Piti. Gentlemen, neither one thing nor the other, best iron I feel that Andreuenc and Catalans are a bit extreme, or even see it very much see it black or white.
So today said the party's interest in all this was the rumors and rumors: high, low, renewals, transfers. These days I have come to feel everything, and this summer the market has not officially begun. It's fascinating what you can get that same player: it is that way, it already has done who knows with what equipment. But in the end all are rumors, and I take them to me hard and humor. best iron Piti has abated somewhat everything officially confirming renewals that have been signed this week Dídac, Ruben, and Edgar Melo. Andreuenc, andreuenques we can sleep peacefully, at least we have four players next season! From now begins the dance of names, the festival rumors, encounters great street, La Rambla, Orfila with a guarantee that members and supporters best iron spoke with a player who is already done with the other who do not know who else up, some names that sound for next season, which dropped to a Twitter does not follow that the other has no comment to really best iron know where that next year will ...
Day also goodbyes, and I've always thought that the San Andres are a great little family we see August to May (or even if you play the promotion to June) and today we said "Goodbye, until next! "and spend the summer best iron disconnected from each other to join him in August best iron with renewed energy to hold us back, discuss and fight one more season.
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Hello, Chloe has cost a lot and have not done all he seemed difficult niveles.Como are bored bastante.La activity is fun but not secured enough. Reply Remove
A Leo li has agradat astoria beer garden molt. Reply Remove
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Not yet finished faded incense spent praising the figure of Steve Jobs, on the occasion of his deat

The clay feet of the idol (dBalears, 13/02/2012) | Llorenç Valverde
Not yet finished faded incense spent praising the figure of Steve Jobs, on the occasion of his death, when the FBI has published reports g640 on the person who wrote root of his possible appointment a position in the Bush government. The argument for such publication is timely that time has passed legal to keep them secret past which have been published, g640 which has been used for most media have been echoed , emphasize that, according to these reports, Jobs had little scruples and had consumed drugs, which, incidentally, makes me the impression that, in any case, were open secret. I must confess that I find much more stir methodology that follows the American federal agency to prepare these reports: undergo a third candidate to the same degree, as well as family, friends, acquaintances, neighbors and saluted. Of course it is practically impossible g640 to leave well stopped scrutiny as this, which can give an idea of the immense power that came to accumulate cappare this agency, J. Edgar Hoover, a biography this week film directed by Clint Eastwood. Everything recently advisable to opt for public office in those lands, though, all things considered, if there aplicàssim the same methodology, perhaps we would save more than a scare.
I missed this news in some reference to another incident in the life of Jobs also placed outside the law. In fact, he ended up in jail and the other Steve -Wozniak- because the police that hooked it took pity and let go. They were in a phone booth using a "blue box" -capsa blava- to call without paying. The manufacture of these boxes was a great stimulus for a handful of phreakers, hackers phone system, which learned a nest-mail this task and they use this knowledge to invent the first personal computers . So we have to be thankful, but it seems very appropriate to remember it. How much should not agree spread news of another day of the FBI report which claimed that, according to a scientific study, tend to be more creative when we are drunk or tired, which can add the last few weeks assured that we learn better in stressful conditions. In the end we will be forced to unlearn the advice we have received throughout our lives. If we've got to assimilate, of course.
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These holidays I used to do one of those things tumble dryers I had in mind for years and never fou

Different species of pilgrims -
These holidays I used to do one of those things tumble dryers I had in mind for years and never found the time. There was no time to do everything, or joke, but at least I was able to taste the "Camino de Santiago". Only the first two stages of Roncesvalles in Pamplona. Little, but really worth it for those of us that like paths and walking routes.
The stories are always similar, yet always different individuals. The picture of the typical beginning of the way, where there is a sign indicating "Santiago de Compostela, 790 km"; the beloved "bendición the Pilgrim"; meetings with other walkers with the usual greeting of "buen camino" or sore feet at the end of stage. The path, at least the small part we have done, is well signposted and has allowed tumble dryers us to enjoy some fantastic scenery of the Pyrenees tumble dryers of Navarre. It also grace the presence of scallop symbolizing the pilgrims. Many souvenir shop on the way, but if not many will know that the Latin name of a species of scallop Pecten jacobaeus exactly. A name that was chosen to commemorate the same Linnaeus the Camino de Santiago pilgrims wore as a symbol.
While steps have time to go looking left and right, and also forest witch milestones to mark the way and show all the colors of green in this area, made me grace a plant that had occasionally along the way. I actually mistaken identification, although tumble dryers the two are very similar. I think that really had was known as Apelagosa (Galium aparine), but when I first saw it I thought tumble dryers it was a very similar vine called Roget. In reality this would have more grace as the Latin name is Rubia peregrina, and better plant called a "pilgrimage" to accompany you when you pilgrim?
This plant (actually two) have a feature to easily stick to the clothes, the hair and even skin. When you look closely tumble dryers you see a kind of serrated profile and leaves the sides of the stem in a direction that make sticking with ease. It is a system that has to be spread and colonize different places. Stuck in the hair of animals who take fragments that may contain some flower or seed that will eventually grow in far places.
Sprinkle the seeds is a major problem for the plants. Immobility that characterizes the evolution makes up the empesqui thousand ways to send them away. No scattering mechanisms, the seeds fall at the feet of the mother plant causing at least two major problems. For starters, the seedlings should compete with the mother plant by land, light and water. But in addition, the colonization of new lands would be slowest. In annual plants may not be serious, but if trees or shrubs that would jeopardize the survival of the species.
Systems to scatter the seeds there are many. Since making you eat the birds and release with feces in far places, to biomechanical mechanisms that trigger the then considerable distances. The strategy is also clever Blonde peregrinna. Getting fragments of the plant begin a pilgrimage to far places hooked hairs of animals and for the way they are dropping seeds. I say animal hair, socks pilgrims says ...
Daniel Closa
Esther. Diaspora strictly just means "dispersion". So what they do fits into the seeds. Applies peoples for historical reasons, but that is another topic. And some ground tumble dryers if we consider that something like that has legs. At least, "walks"
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The Ruby -6è rated with 23 points, meanwhile try to widen your good feelings. The vallesans have on

Catch the train leader |
Home A Second Spanish Football First Barça B Barça B Badalona Girona Sabadell wall mounted ironing board Second Spanish Llagostera B Hospitalet Lleida Nàstic Prat Reus Third St. Andrew Balaguer Castelldefels Cornellà Europe Manlleu Jupiter Figueres Gava Gramenet mountain Olot Pobla de Palamos Mafumet Rapitenca Ruby Santboià Vic Terrace Villefranche Vilassar wall mounted ironing board International Women Basketball ACB LEB Gold Manresa Youth club Barça B Lleida Women NBA Motor Motorsports Formula 1 Motorcycling Superbikes MotoGP Moto2 Moto3 Hockey club Blanes Lloret Lleida Calafell Even Maçanet Girl Sant Feliu de Reus Codines Vendrell Vic Vilanova Voltregà wall mounted ironing board Sports Futsal Handball Field Hockey Rugby Swimming wall mounted ironing board Tennis Taekwondo Polo Picks Interviews Opinion headbutt The poor relative Sniffing The protagonist grass trace and scarf from Scotland On tour or the player or the ball remains While this is debatable Reports The Rearview
The Milan Juan Bautista wall mounted ironing board de Sant Boi live match highlights of the day to Third Division. A duel between two teams that live in the thread of the upper table, dreaming of a step that definitely raises the top four. A confrontation, then, those who say they are worth six points, three by three and that sums it leaves more for scoring a direct rival. However, despite the theoretical equality indicates that the classification Santboià and Ruby come to duel with slightly different sensations wall mounted ironing board and that is if those premises shall have slackened the pace in recent weeks, the rubinencs come from less to more clearly.
Santboià -8è rated with 21 points, hit the green stage with his firm intention to reconnect with the victory at home, a triumph that viewers have seen only once in the last five games that have present at the stadium. The vermilion have become all about ties to local specialists, but are aware that they must begin to add in threes if you do not want to slip down the table. More still paying attention to the dynamics of the global wall mounted ironing board club also accompanies recent weeks. Only a win in the last six games -the week 0-2 Vilassar wall mounted ironing board of Mar- and a sea of doubts among the team players goodbyes wall mounted ironing board -Iván Diaz, Marc Ramirez Reyes and Sergio have left during the Sant Boi recent weeks have shaken an ambitious project to be built on top of the standings. wall mounted ironing board To face this new revalidation, Miguel Lopez will be without the suspended Erencia and beyond entry Dani Iglesias instead mass movements are not expected to eleven with fewer alternatives. Yes it will, from now on, a new alternative in goal vermilion. After the passing of Marc Ramirez Santboià has moved quickly to the market and just joined the goalie Jose Manuel Segovia. 21 years has passed through the target Llagostera and Olot others before landing in Sant Boi from the mountain.
The Ruby -6è rated with 23 points, meanwhile try to widen your good feelings. The vallesans have only lost one of the last ten games, precisely in his last home game, figures that have been dealing wall mounted ironing board among the favorites category. Everything also accompanied show, and that they rubinencs almost 3 goals per game in his last appointments in the last 5 -14 jornades- special prominence for his particular scorer Javi Sanchez. Continue with the same effectiveness against key boasts a solid Santboià always behind when played in their stadium. A field must say, not bad given the Ruby and accumulating three wins and a draw in their six visits to Sant Boi. However, in the last, the last year, was beaten 1-0 on a cold winter wall mounted ironing board party. Alberto Fernandez is out injured Oriol Dot and doubt in the score Planchería drag discomfort and could give way to Juanma if not recovered completely. The previous tab (probable lineups)
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Messrs very unfortunate. BTV, if you do not remember the Sant Andreu is the third team in the city,

Barris Besòs and Maresme El Clot El Camp de l'Arpa del Clot Diagonal Mar seafront and Poblenou Park and Laguna del Poblenou Poblenou Poblenou Provençals Sant Martí de Provençals Verneda and Peace The Olympic rentex Village in Poblenou
The four bars are seventh in the championship, but do not lose sight of the places that give access to dispute heats ascent actually have it available, just four points. The area of Sant Andreu Lleida not be asked to upload a template category, but which his coach, rentex Vicente Emilio, you are removing an extraordinary performance. Of the Mainland are the sixth and attention, have won the last four games played away from home.
DANI GUILLÉN, EU player St.Andreu "truth is that there are things that mejorar, bueno pero eso it is IMPORTANT that there is potential and capacity Mejor and certainly We have to reach them eight or ten últimos partidos with aspirations."
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what a pity thou case, because this is a video of a group of currencies Second rentex B, and thou not paint anything here entessos ??? So go cry to your video and equipet rentex deixe'ns us in peace. That still happens cooked rout of Mount Sunday, hahaha !!! How much shame and pain of escapulats and on a public television supossadament under the river and thank them for going on equipment such as St. Andrew higher category or higher level as the mountain. A very big zero BTV !!!
There already are. We always have to fuck the middle. Let's take the medication and peaceful Europe with hallucinations. Only you see ghosts everywhere .... TV, referees, other teams .... What a shame !!!
Messrs very unfortunate. BTV, if you do not remember the Sant Andreu is the third team in the city, being strict or the second team, and only 18 seconds rentex of news ??? When the Third Division of the equipet Europe devote rentex much space to us ??? A very big zero, a public television supossadament pagem together.
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The Navata is here to stay. The set newcomer shows a day that has much more future in rugby federat

Home Competitions Honor Division polti Honor Division B Division Honor Division polti Honor Catalan Catalan Division Group C Group D First Honor Catalan Catalan Catalan Women's Clubs Women Second Division Honor News Photo Gallery Photo Gallery Photo DHB DH Catalan Gallery Gold Gallery DHC DHC Groups A and B Groups C and D Gallery First and Second Catalan Women Contact
RugbyCat 12 November 2014 | Posted in Alt Emporda RC Coal B, DHC, honor Catalan Division, Engineers C, Garrotxa, Gothic B, RC Manresa, Mataro, RC Cornella B Reus Deportiu
Once authority of Manresa in San Roque. Visitors who faced the most difficult match since the start of the season, overcame some badgers that, as on previous occasions, again suffered in the second half. The initial plan of the Garrotxins went well, with a brand fruit game went ahead with a front 3 to 7 in the light.
The game at the foot of Manresa, however, and the intention of playing the 3/4 line, they hurt Garrotxa uncomfortable when they have to play away from the pack of forwards. Thus, even before the rest of the red and white had turned the score around, and marched to a vstidors 11 to 13. After the break, the locals began again louder, again taking the initiative with a blow punishment that lead.
In a second part matched the Manresa was able to read the situation better, and without hurrying controlled the game and two marks for the line (Simon and Rossell), a severely punished Garrotxins unable to realize polti their plays. In the last 10 minutes, and set arlequinat dump the attack to try to overcome the confrontation, visitors sealed polti the match with two brands of arrière Chivallier that closed a convincing result and gave the leadership of the league for his solo.
Heavy defeat teams of engineers in the third house, not stumbling aprfiten the Garrotxa snatch second place in Group C of the National League Catalan. With an aggressive game and live the Osona took the quarter hour of play with an essay Vic awarded the initiative to try to win the game. The New People reacted polti before halftime, and after several attempts to score a try that approached 5 to 7.
After the break, the locals took the brand to push the reversing light. Despite enjoying possession for many minutes and had several occasions to 5 meters from the test Vic, the crabs they defend tooth and nail to prevent the local scoring, and one of his first attacks planted in the second half oval court to get away until 5 to 12. Although the Engineers were 20 minutes back, it was impossible to achieve, and give wings to Osona to believe in the classification for the league promotion.
Reus is still alive in the fight for the top two positions with a victory at home worked Cornellà "B". With a team unusual polti due to the losses, the Reus signed a good first half that was sevir to survive a second craziest and close a victory that puts 4 points from second polti place.
For half an hour played, the visitors had to fight hard against a set of Llobregat posed the battle front. Only once of punishment that raised net of Eric Jara lived Reus, who took half an hour to do the first test, the number 8 Dani de la Cruz. The second would already before the break through the arrière Patas added that the 0 to 17 in the bright and certify their good play.
Although it seemed that the second half the visitors could close a clear victory and add the bonus offensive disorder was widespread polti seize the two sets, and what had been a good match until then become chaos. The intentions of Cornellà attack, however, frustrated Reus proper defense, which only allowed once of punishment against 70 minutes and came home with the victory in his pocket.
The Navata is here to stay. The set newcomer shows a day that has much more future in rugby federation, disputing, one day, the game rivals. Although individual errors result of inexperience and lack of minutes in the Empordà improved defensive organization and placement attack. This fact, coupled with the aggressiveness in placatges and desire they have to prove themselves, makes a team unusual considering that a few months play.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

But I am left deeply convinced that the proclamation and defense of independence can not be the onl

The Blog Antonio Serrano "In the aftermath of the event must put things in place
Finally, the PSC and the Chairman of the Government have been out with her and have achieved the aim of making the media interpret today's demonstration of the statute as a defense and little else.
PSC President and with the collaboration of leaders and Republican Left of Catalonia Initiative have managed to put water in the wine. With enough so far as they can tell the media is controlled by a demonstration status.
The Montilla is the president of all the Catalans, it is only those who are not separatists, the PSC does not want to defend the right to choose their partners and government have not stood up.
The general level of responsibility and the country shown by Omnium Cultural institutions and other non-party has been greatly over the directions of the parties, including the advantage of the opposition only four days ago that proudly stated that if he had the government hold a referendum on self-determination.
With all that we have seen that there are increasingly less democratic distance between TV3 and Channel 9 (in the sense approach TV3 Channel 9, not the other way around). I wonder if this is the condition brabantia ironing board of reciprocity ...
We will continue to account for the leaders of the Republican Left programmatic consequence that should have defended the position of Omnium before the PSC has not done either from Quebec or from Catalonia.
Republican Left has more or less a week to topple this government wants to lead tripartite if something in the future. brabantia ironing board (I obviously mean something to lead the way to self-determination).
The day after the demonstration will need all citizens who want their own state we put the batteries and force a commitment from all parties to agree on the Catalan basic elements that should be part verbatim in their electoral programs.
But I am left deeply convinced that the proclamation and defense of independence can not be the only people left. The project is cross-national, cross all democratic ideologies.
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I did not know you had fans (and patience) to keep a blog. I like this article very picture of 180º from the Torre del Moro. Incidentally, the tower did not pull the wind, this was only the last element before the dropped some apathy that did not stop doing the necessary work to keep ... In short, if more or less as the country.
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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

in the end I decided to make a blog, just when it seems that thanks to (or because of) social netwo

in the end I decided to make a blog, just when it seems that thanks to (or because of) social networks because it does not take much to make blogging laundry dryer ... and what you can find? So that makes reflections on everything around him. Joining us to put tablespoon?
A premise not err or ridicule is to be aware of the limitations. If one is not able to measure the consequences of their actions there may be certain things you should not do. As that song called "Manolete, if you know you pa'que Tore goals." Yesterday there were two different but similar cases at some point, two people who did not measure the power of the Internet, which has the network; is strange laundry dryer since both people are accustomed to work through laundry dryer internet. The first case is the Deputy Prime Minister, Ms. Joana Ortega Union. He had hung blog curriculum, a curriculum that said it was licensed in psychology when it was not. Maybe the fact that I know is not very serious (or not talk of economic fraud or abuse of power, etc.), it probably is not got no job or a higher position in politics to be a graduate in psychology, however, is so ugly !!!. Maybe Duran, his head, find more pernicious series "Infidels" (yes, I know it must be denied that some information laundry dryer de'n Duran pressure had caused the withdrawal of the series, but after seeing laundry dryer the "haste" with which closed yesterday issues also in an episode where there was nothing "meat" has a right to suspect it?) than the right hand lie on your resume. Everything is debatable. Another case was that of "pseudoperiodista" sports Siro Lopez, leisure laundry dryer and Telemadrid. This unfortunate character has a website called 'central defense "which was basically talking laundry dryer about the present Real Madrid and Barça is merengue laundry dryer until the last pores but I think even more" antibarcelonista laundry dryer "that white fans. Last night we learned the hard news that Eric Abidal of FC Barcelona central defender, has a liver tumor and removed it this Friday. Well no previous fatal character came nothing but link this news with the alleged laundry dryer doping club. Obviously tweets indignation did not do more than a few minutes and begin mysteriously pulled the writing on the web. Freedom of expression exists, but there should be no limit? Anyway, what makes the network beyond the borders; this writing will know where to go ... but I do not mind that the two characters read the post today ... I'm consistent with my words.
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Monday, December 22, 2014

Who are we? Our Values Our Community biston Our services Conversation with us Rules for participat

Who are we? Our Values Our Community biston Our services Conversation with us Rules for participation and Conditions Advertising Advertise in the special Festival Grants The book bulletin Contact Sitemap
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The arlequinats looking at 18 hours to climb three points in the standings. Tamudo could debut as a starter in the Nova Creu Alta before a hitherto weak Jaén. Sabadell receives the Real Jaén Saturday at six o'clock in the stadium Nova Creu Alta in a game where only victory for both teams settle. And both the need: to get out of a well, and the other to catch the season. Pallàs David Perez will lead the meeting. The party can see Esport3 channel (TVC) and followed by Radio Sabadell biston 94.6.
The set of Manolo loves Javier Herrero Salamero biston fact, in the press conference that the technician has alrequinat Friday made it clear that the results do not go Jaén despite the good work done.
It is a team that has similar concepts play well in day to day defense are becoming stronger and improve day to day, but the results have not come, "said Salamero.
Salamero expect a very open game, as the game against UD Las Palmas, but not both individually. During the week, the team has worked to stop the game as Jaén and worked to the presence on the pitch. In recent games, Sabadell was absent at certain times of the game, and that the coaches are concerned. Salamero and their assistants have worked to correct this. During biston the week, they have also worked with one of the ways that can hurt the whole Sabadell biston Andalucía
No Cristian Garcia Sabadell will introduce new changes in the eleven after Terrassa saw last weekend in Los Pajaritos Soria to the red card shown a second yellow. Toni Lao is the best player is placed in the floor covering, accompanying the headlines in recent days: Kiko Olivas, Carlos Hernandez and Javi Barral. The midfield, despite the recovery of captain Antonio Hidalgo, no presents many changes, with Juanjo Longás and Manuel Gato, accompanied by Collantes and Arteaga as men advanced.
Hidalgo, who returns to the squad after injuring start the game from the bench with David Nava, Llorente, Olmo, Sotan Tanabe, but the question of who will occupy the front bench if Tamudo, Hannibal or there all Gato. Javier Salamero trust blindly in their front and clear that every Friday they have the problem of knowing who to align. The other day in Soria played Edgar and Raul Tamudo from the beginning, accompanied by Gato, now the question is whether Gato advance his position and leave the bench or Tamudo Hannibal or delay and play and Tamudo Hannibal together. Short and long term goals
During the press conference before the game, Salamero has made clear that the goals are two of Sabadell. In the short term, adding quickly, as soon as possible 50 points that leave you out of the relegation zone and thus assure a season in the Second currency. In the long term, could be in the group that plays the ascent promotion. But the goal is always to have won the next game. One goal of the 900 'temple'
REPASO biston statistics there are about

The set lasted txurriurdin not the ball at his feet. His men midfield, Bergara and Elustondo link t

Walk mattress to stick to Europe (3-0) -
Atletico Madrid wins 3-0 to Real Sociedad has not had very low chances of facing the whole mattress. Filipe Luis, Mario Suarez and Kun Aguero have goals premises. Atletico is now 7 and shifts to access Europa League. Real, in the quiet of the table.
Quique Sanchez Flores was the last question of the week until minutes before the game. Coach mattress doubted each minute would give the hero of the victory of Atletico Madrid at the Reyno de Navarra or give a new opportunity to the best player of the World Cup 2010. The decision was correct. The locals have come out with Diego Costa as man attacking with Kun Agüero piece link between the average and the attack, Forlan and sitting on the bench. Diego Costa has a complete game which has complied fully with all facets of the game, except in the crowd. First, the wizard. Agüero pračky a ball centered in the heart of the Basque area, Diego Costa controlled with a subtle heel prolonged because Filipe Luis, who arrived after a magnificent pračky gallop down the left, take the first goal in red and white afternoon. The domain mattress was a continuous party.
The set lasted txurriurdin not the ball at his feet. His men midfield, Bergara and Elustondo link to Tamudo, the man most advanced Basques. In addition, the author of the first goal, Filipe Luis has done a great job putting the defense to complete the philosopher's stone of the Royal Xabi Prieto. pračky In addition, the hardness defense was null and stars walking his air mattress inside the visitors. Athletic warned a good move by Koke Kun to enable it to play a one on one against Claudio Bravo. The control of the Argentine, but was defective. Reyes very insistent attack exposes Estrada, the left side of the Real. But his shot went off. Reyes liked and the next move has made a marvel worthy of being exhibited in museums. The mattress has left sitting Carlos Martínez three dribbles the waist and has a death pass Mario Suárez just had to push to the goal of peace mattress. Calderon forgot for a moment the controversy with the Gil family and remembered the bright season they did last year.
The second half was a formality. The mattress and the party were able to sleep without losing composure minutes letting go. The fierce attack against the Basque keeper has diminished but Atletico kept trying it. Koke a quick cat was the first of the second half. The best player in the Real afternoon, stopped smoothly. Thiago encouraged the attack but did not get a good cross from Reyes. Tiredness in both teams has made the midfield gap and suffered pračky frequent counterattacks in both areas. In one of these, Kun Agüero offered a dose of quality, strength and power and a good move was the third of the afternoon. The Royal has tried but very handsome Athletic pračky field reminded fans who won the Europa League last year.
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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Within this spiral consumer, many people wanted to aspire to be a sports car, high-end, an SUV, in

As with many other things in this economic crisis, there are people panier who have stuck their fingers after buying a car or can not afford to maintain. In fact, I know a lot of cases before and I think it is a cultural part of our car culture.
The car industry through direct mail and through a broad business has generated a passion for motor to promote sales of their cars. In addition, all governments panier have always supported this industry and specifically gave aid to industry and the purchase of new vehicles.
Within this spiral consumer, many people wanted to aspire to be a sports car, high-end, an SUV, in this brand or that one still has more prestige, etc. Some of these people have encountered such situations: car maintenance is very expensive. A example is very expensive: changing tires low profile or an SUV, parts and maintenance officer some brands, etc. They had a car accident that damaged and repair is very expensive. If they had not finished paying the car or the insurance does not cover the claim is the subject much more complicated. When did numbers to buy the car only count your money and maybe they forgot some of the following things: fuel, insurance, cleaning, the maintenance, breakdowns, road tax, MOT, parking, credit conditions, etc.
In short, many people stretch the arm sleeve because I thought some things happen and the worst part is that once you get into a car without a vicious circle out that if you use a lot, you get very expensive but if you use just keeps you out expensive because the costs are still too high.
Common Accidents and how to avoid them Recommended Articles Excuses for not taking the bike quick guide ordinance panier BCN Move Bike Parking Bike Transport bike repair bike (MANUAL) plans lanes
accessories (140) Analysis (50) parking (23) bicycle vice (27) Bicibox (11) Cycling Classic panier (2) electric bicycle (36) folding bike (50) bicycles (102) Bicycle load (37) public bicycle ( 47) bicing (93) BMX (1) best practices (31) bricobici (8) Brompton (49) Mountain biking (26) maps (5) helmet (15) Castelldefels (27) Cerdanya (3) ciclocross (1) cycling (38 ) circulation (13) Collserola (1) Pollution (56) Cornella (13) Car (2) Cooking (1) cycling culture (34) Curiosities (73) cycle chic (34) Running (10) Llobregat Delta (6) Documentary panier (12) economics (31) education (2) El Prat (17) Ports (2) poll (5) Training (17) Esplugues (8) studio (15) photography panier (40) Garraf (9) Garrotxa (6) Gava (25) Huesca (4) humor (16) Infrastructure (46) Hospitalet (30) malpractice (2) marketing (3) Menorca (8) Mobility (45) Montseny (2) Mountain (6) Music (1) Children (24) regulation (19) Pallars (6) waterfront (14) Penedes (5) fixed sprocket (6) Pyrenees (2) Police (22) Promotion (3) Advertising (15) Reus (7) steals (38) Round Green (19) route (116) walking tour (37) urban route (1) pending routes (2) Sabadell (1) health (44) Sant Boi (14) Sant Feliu (9) Sant Joan Despi (7) security (55) Sitges (3) slow cycling (1) Terrace (7) public transport (16) tourism (1) planning (1) Greenway (60) Vic (2) video (15) Vilamoura (15) Vilanova (12) Video (248) bicing area (3)
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Monday, December 15, 2014

There were several washer and dryer in one risks when Jackson was receiving propofol at home. Espec

My blog is primarily a passion motivated by the desire to be recognized MICHAEL washer and dryer in one JACKSON as' man in unconventional musical talent but also as a human being in the heart that beat for love for humanity. The world has lost a friend, a fascinating man, deeply human and terribly abused, judged washer and dryer in one .. In his song "Cry" Michael said "take over for me," that's what I do.

Dr. Earley was contacted by AEG due to the search made on propofol, he published a study based on cases of people addicted to propofol, all these people were health professionals. AEG paid for Earley he finishes washer and dryer in one his study.
4 reasons why he believes that MJ was in serious washer and dryer in one condition are as follows.
Propofol is used properly in a medical setting, because only small changes in the doses may cause the patient to unconsciousness and death. Therefore propofol washer and dryer in one should be administered washer and dryer in one in a medical setting strict supervision and an anesthetist. If breathing stops the dose should be adjusted so that there is no damage to the patient.
I can not say exactly when Jackson was addicted washer and dryer in one to propofol, but I saw signs of abuse of the anesthetic. I believe that his life has been reduced, but I can not say how much.
One case was observed when Michael received propofol in a German hotel room in 1997. It could be argued that even if it was not an appropriate use of the drug, it was administered properly due to the equipment used and surveillance.
The table also includes four other times or Michael Jackson sought propofol to sleep. In 98/99 with Christine Quin, in 2002, with Dr. Van Valin, and two cases in 2009, Cherilyn washer and dryer in one Lee and Dr. Alan Metzger. (Van Valin has not yet testified)
Dr. William Van Valin testified that in 2002, Jackson had brought him a box of propofol, and he asked her to give it to him. This is proof that Jackson had drugs. According to the slides, Van Valin refused, saying that propofol was dangerous.
There were several washer and dryer in one risks when Jackson was receiving propofol at home. Especially the risk to stop breathing because of its language was great. It could block the airway, as has happened many times when Dr. David Adams gave him propofol during dental procedures.
Jackson also had a higher risk of blood clots, for at least the day of his death, propofol was given through a vein in his leg. Therefore, it was an increased risk of blood clots or emboli anytime. the case may occur when a leg vein is used to administer a drug such as propofol.
I myself am a former opiate washer and dryer in one addict, and I know it's hard to keep the disease under control. For example, when I attended a surgery, I had to tell the doctors not to give me medication opioid.

Boyle shows a calendar AEG used at trial, with the date of May 6, 2009, when Paul Gongaware wrote that the supply of Conrad Murray was made for $ 150,000 per month. It was a few days after MJ had asked for propofol and Lee Metzger.
Earley says his blog does not say that Michael Jackson was an addict.
My partner did not express any concern about my role in this case, or on the AEG payments for articles.

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Brian Panish:

April 30, 2013 AEG Live trial | MJBackstage - Belgian fan club Michael Jackson
The defense lawyers requested that Randy Jackson, the only member of the Jackson family participating 7129862525 in the trial on Tuesday with his mother 82 years old, so the court because he was on the witness list. The lawyer for the Jackson family, Brian Panish, told the judge that Katherine Jackson, which can remain in the courtroom 7129862525 because it is one of the complainants, required that one of his children's 7129862525 support. 7129862525 Katherine Jackson left the courtroom earlier to avoid the macabre testimony 7129862525 of paramedic who described Jackson's death. Judge Yvette Palazuelos authorized 7129862525 Randy Jackson to stay, but she recalled that he could not be a lot of Jackson children to support their mother, Katherine Jackson, as they were on the witness list. Witnesses are not allowed 7129862525 to listen to the evidence in the courtroom.
The first witness of the lawyers of the Jackson family had to be Detective Orlando Martinez LAPD (police) to testify to his interview with Dr. Murray to find out who hired him. But there has been a last minute change in the order of witnesses. This is Richard Senneff who testified first. This is the nurse firefighter who tried to resuscitate Michael Jackson on 25 June 2009. Senneff had previously testified in the trial of Conrad Murray, has 28 years of experience. Senneff explained what the job of a paramedic and the role of different devices in the ambulance 7129862525 in case of trauma or cardiac arrest. Senneff detailed 7129862525 the coverage area of the city department of Los Angeles 7129862525 and specified the areas it serves and the difference between the city and Los Angeles County. Senneff said there was about 1,100 paramedics in the city of Los Angeles, about 1,050 are firefighters.
Katherine and Randy Jackson left the courtroom when Senneff began to testify. They did not want to hear and see what happened in the house that night. Senneff described to jurors 7129862525 how he arrived at the home of Michael Jackson, 7129862525 June 25, 2009. It explains that it was the first doctor in the bedroom of the singer.
Brian Panish, "June 7129862525 25, 2009, you remember that you have responded to a call with a potential death? "" I have responded to a call where there was a patient who was not breathing. "Replied Senneff.
Senneff: 7129862525 "I arrived at the home of Michael Jackson at 12:25 pm and went down to the ambulance with all the equipment, the ECG monitor, needles and drugs. I came through the front door, I saw later that it was Dr. Murray and there was a patient on the bed "Senneff describes the appearance of Murray's bedroom Jackson:" He was pale, he was sweating. It was very busy. Murray had examined the patient 7129862525 who was on the bed; the patient was moved on the ground. When I got home, I asked Dr. Murray if the patient had a DNR. "NB DNR = Do not resuscitate (Do Not Resuscitate). We have this term here is NTBR. (Used in medical records when a patient 7129862525 should not be resuscitated either by choice or because of his physical condition) NTBR: Not to be resuscitated). Senneff: "I saw a patient wearing pajama pants, a shirt and a surgical cap on his head. He was very pale, very low. "A photo of the room Jackson was shown to the jury.
Brian Panish: "Do you think that Jackson was dead when you arrived at his home? "Senneff" Yes. It accompanied me to the bedroom of the singer I did not recognize before his name is pronounced. The patient was lying on the bed in his pajamas. He was very pale, very thin. He looked very ill. It seemed terminally ill a long illness, his hands and feet were blue, her lips and her eyes were dry. The singer was dead and was not breathing for a long time. "Despite his efforts, he was unable to restart the heart of the singer nor felt any pulse. Senneff said he saw a foot IV infusion bag on the IV drip stand and an oxygen tank. There were bottles of medicine on the bedside 7129862525 table. Panish showed 7129862525 a picture of a foot infusion, an IV bag and an oxygen tank. Another photo showed the bedside table with bottles of pills, a bottle of water, a bottle of fruit juice. Senneff: "I asked her medical history and whether he had other diseases .... the doctor said he had nothing, he treated it just for dehydration and exhaustion. Do you even lift

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Brian Panish continued the hearing of Detective Orlando Martinez LAPD (Police). The testimony of Or

May 1, 2013 AEG Live trial | MJBackstage - Belgian fan club Michael Jackson
Brian Panish continued the hearing of Detective Orlando Martinez LAPD (Police). The testimony of Orlando kaufman astoria Martinez took over and with it, the discussion of the documents about Murray's finances. Martinez showed the documents obtained while investigating the finances of Dr. Murray, some were obtained following a subpoena, kaufman astoria others were public. The detective had to explain how he obtained those documents so they can be presented as evidence. Katherine's lawyers have said they want to admit them as evidence. But the defense objected to a number of documents, saying it was not clear if these documents were public. After several minutes of discussion, the judge said Palazuelos kaufman astoria to issues of exhibits and evidence on the side. She wanted a better use of time jurors. Income and expenditure declaration filed with the court in San Diego show that net incomes kaufman astoria of Dr. Murray $ 2,706.33 were negative in July 2009. Detective Martinez testified about an eviction notice for medical offices Conrad Murray kaufman astoria (2007 and 2009) and other privileges issued against kaufman astoria the doctor.
Panish asked Martinez about 5 days notice that Dr. Murray had to pay rent or quit his medical practice. Dr. Murray had $ 7,058.38 in rent, he had a deportation notice and tax liens. A decree issued in 2007 against Murray kaufman astoria in Missouri sentenced him to pay $ 135,000. There was also the eviction notice to his medical practice and the delay in payments of child support for his children.
Panish showed several other documents showing the privileges of Dr. Murray, unpaid bills, in order to show the jury that the doctor was in financial difficulties. Panish: "Did you check the solvency of Dr. Murray? "Martinez" Yes, by serving me Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. "Panish:" These checks they could easily be done in 2009? "Martinez:" I know the ways to do so. "Pansih" kaufman astoria It's not as if you needed the FBI or the CIA to make this check? "Martinez" Right. "" If someone had read the credit report, he would have obtained the same information? "Asked Panish. "Yes," said Martinez. "The credit kaufman astoria report indicates that Dr. Murray was aware of the situations of some of its accounts, and that Dr Murray tried to pay certain debts for his house. Do you even lift
Panish tried to show the jury that a simple background check of Dr. Murray would have shown AEG that the doctor was in great financial difficulty. "Student loans, credit cards, loans from medical kaufman astoria companies, mobile companies, finance companies, there were all kinds of debts. "Said Panish. His home in Las Vegas - for which it was $ 1.6 million - was mortgaged. Detective Martinez obtained documents of medical licenses commissions for Dr. Murray to check the situation and if there was disciplinary action kaufman astoria against him.
Then they talked about the phone records of Murray. Martinez obtained a warrant to check the phone calls from Murray, his incoming kaufman astoria and outgoing calls, used relay time. He focused on 24 and 25 June
Murray had 12 hours of talk time between June 24 and June 25, 2009. Martinez: "The criminal responsibility of 12-hour care, from the moment kaufman astoria he arrived at the house until he called 911 . "Martinez" 11:26, kaufman astoria received phone call, maybe Michael Amir Williams. At 1:08 p.m., he called Nicole Alvarez while in the ambulance. The call was a little more than two minutes (133 seconds). Martinez kaufman astoria did not really know what they were talking, he asked Nicole Alvarez about it.
Detective Martinez also testified about a search warrant for Nicole Alvarez apartment in August 2009. Martinez said there was found no benefit of Murray, found that there one piece of paper in a cabinet with the name of Murray. Alvarez found it weird. Martinez: "He lived there and none of his business was there. "The statement ended the session today for the witness.
Outside the presence of the jury, Panish asked that states kaufman astoria that Michael Jackson kaufman astoria was dead. "Are you willing to stipulate that Michael Jackson died? "He asked the lawyer AEG? "Absolutely. "Replied Putn

One of the cornerstones of the argument of the Jackson camp is a written email by Paul Gongaware co

An email highlighting the possible connection between the concert promoter steam generator AEG Live and the death of Michael Jackson was revealed this week when the judge unsealed documents in the trial against steam generator the company to the mother of Michael Jackson and his children.
The trial will begin next month in Los Angeles could shed new light on the last days of Mr. Jackson while Dr. Conrad Murray, who did not testify at his own trial for manslaughter, and Prince Jackson, 16 are on the list of potential witnesses. steam generator
In 2009, Mr. Jackson died two weeks before the first concert of his tour "This Is It" organized by AEG Live. Emails out to support such discussions show that the promoter was worried about missed rehearsals by the singer and her officials steam generator have sought help from Dr. Conrad Murray for him to do so that it is ready.
The judge ruled Wednesday that Jackson's lawyers have provided sufficient evidence that AEG Live had hired and supervised Murray to warrant a jury trial. It also held that there was no evidence against by to justify the claim that the AEG executives would directly have foreseen that Murray steam generator used dangerous drugs in his treatments to Michael Jackson.
"Now that the court found that there is evidence that it was foreseeable that the shares of AEG have caused the death of Michael Jackson, the Jackson family is bitter face the public smear campaign that was waged against them AEG "said Kevin Boyle, counsel for the Jackson camp. "The truth about what happened to Michael and AEG tried to keep hidden from the public since the day Michael died, finally appeared in the open. We look forward to the trial where the rest of the story will be revealed. "dropoff Window
One of the cornerstones of the argument of the Jackson camp is a written email by Paul Gongaware co-president of AEG Live 11 days before MJ's death on 25 June 2009. It is particularly question of repetitions was to make Mr. Jackson and the role of Dr. Conrad Murray. It would be written "We want to remind (Murray) it is AEG, not MJ, who pays his salary. We want to remind him what is expected of him. "According to lawyers Katherine Jackson, steam generator the email shows that AEG Live has used the fear of Murray losing his job as the personal physician of Michael Jackson (paid 150 000 per month) to put pressure on it so that the star is ready for rehearsals, despite his frail health.
Kenny Ortega, the director of the concerts, had warned the president of AEG, Randy Phillips, about the health of Jackson after he introduced himself shivering steam generator a little more rehearsal a week before death. steam generator Ortega asked that Jackson is the subject of a supported by a professional able to enlighten them.
Phillips had he responded by praising the qualities of Dr. Murray, "This doctor has a very successful (we check everyone) and does not need this concert so it is entirely impartial steam generator and ethical steam generator done."
In another email sent by the accounting tours AEG Live Timm Woolley to an insurance broker two days before Jackson's death, he says: "Randy Phillips and Dr. Murray is responsible for MJ rehearsals and its presence of timing. "
AEG Live says the contrary have no responsibility in the death of Michael steam generator Jackson because Murray was not his employee. steam generator Judge Y. Palazuelos for his part said that Jackson has known Murray before, when he was in Las Vegas for the treatment he and his children, does not relieve the responsibility of AEG Live for what happened thereafter, "although the fact may be relevant to determining steam generator the proportionate liability and damages."
While AEG Live lawyers argued that the company could not foresee that Murray would use dangerous drugs to Jackson in the preparation of the tour, Palazuelos said there was evidence that P. had previous Gongaware experiences with touring Jackson in which doctors have given "g operands quantities of drugs / substances". Before joining AEG Live, Gongaware worked as a tour manager for Jackson on the "Dangerous Tour" and the "History Tour". For the judge, so there is no doubt that the neck is Gongaware

Friday, December 12, 2014

Then they continued the testimony wm3470hva of Orlando Martinez started yesterday. They continued t

May 2, 2013 AEG Live trial | MJBackstage - Fan Belgian club of Michael Jackson
Katherine and Rebbie Jackson were in court today. Jessica Stebbins, another wm3470hva lawyer for AEG Live, opposed to the presence of Rebbie Jackson that she was called as a witness. Yvette Palazuelos judge ordered that only one member of the Jackson family could accompany Katherine in the courtroom. wm3470hva AEG wanted it to be Randy accompanying every day. The judge ruled that Rebbie could stay. "I wm3470hva think Jackson should have at least one person to support her in the courtroom. Do you even lift
Then they continued the testimony wm3470hva of Orlando Martinez started yesterday. They continued to talk about the credit Conrad Murray and his financial situation. Detective Orlando Martinez showed the court that the doctor was late for his mortgage. Martinez said that having received Dr. Murray's credit reports Equifax Experian and Transunion but not because they did not accept the summons. Then they spent in court the voice message that Frank Dileo left on the answering machine of Dr. Murray five days before the death of Michael Jackson:
"I'm sure you do not know that he had a" episode "last night. He is sick "" Today Saturday, tomorrow I'm on the way back. I will not continue my journey. Uh, I think you need ... I think you need to do blood tests on him today. You have to see what he does. Very well. Thank you. "
Brian Panish said he thought F. DiLeo had spoken with one of the leaders of AEG just before the phone call. Panish then showed some documents obtained by Martinez to show that Dr. Murray had lost its privilege in some hospitals. Panish finished his interrogation by telling Martinez again if he thought that Dr. Murray was in a desperate financial situation in 2009.
Detectives Dan Meyers and Scott Smith investigated with Martinez on Dr. Murray as part of the criminal case. Martinez said that his unit LAPD investigation into sexual wm3470hva assault, robbery, murder. The detective entered the house of MJ under investigation.
Putnam asked Martinez if, as a policeman, he had special privileges to do this research. Martinez said that private detectives can do. Putnam: "If I wanted to look at your credit, I need your permission to do so? "Martinez:" I think so. "Putnam" There are limits to what civilians can do in terms of research? "Martinez:" I think so. "Putnam asked Martinez if the research credits of a person without his consent was a crime? "This is a crime. "Said Martinez. Regarding the search for Dr. Conrad Murray wm3470hva at UCLA, Martinez said: "When I sent two detectives to go back, it was gone. "Putnam asked why Martinez wanted to talk to Dr. Murray. Martinez said: "To get directly from his mouth what had happened. "Panish:" Were you wary vis-à-vis Dr. Murray? "Martinez" Yes. If there was a medical emergency or a natural death, why he refused to talk to us? Why had he left the hospital after he was asked to stay? Why is he not returned to resume his car? Investigators attempted to contact Murray but the doctor wm3470hva did not answer the phone or call back, which seemed suspicious. "Martinez said they knew where was Dr. Murray but had not responded to police calls. "We knew where he was, we followed his mobile phone. He was in Santa Monica. "The detectives questioned him two days after Jackson's death. The doctor told Martinez that he had spoken with people of AEG when he was at UCLA.
Putnam asked how often Martinez wm3470hva had gone to the home of Michael Jackson after the death of MJ. Martinez wm3470hva confirmed that there has been several times. wm3470hva The judge asked Martinez if the police had secured the property of Michael Jackson. Martinez said that the house of Michael Jackson was secure from 14:30 until midnight on the day Michael Jackson died. After midnight, wm3470hva the home of Michael Jackson was secured by the Michael Jackson security team and family members could come and go freely.
Putnam then showed Martinez the image of the front door of the house of Michael Jackson. The detective ident

Thursday, December 11, 2014

He said:

AEG Live trial on April 29, 2013. | MJBackstage - Fan Belgian club of Michael washers game Jackson
Present for the first day of trial, Katherine Jackson, Randy and Rebbie Jackson, Shawn Trell CEO of AEG Live, Valerie Wass lawyer Conrad Murray (she told the media that Murray was innocent.) And Tom Mesereau. The media (16) and some fans were present.
Regarding the requests, it is always a question of the medical record, what should remain sealed or not, as well as the objections regarding the statements of openings. Regarding the objections, counsel for AEG Live opposed to a slide that referred to Amy Winehouse and writing washers game an email that says Murray frequented strip clubs. The judge rejected the slide but kept the reference to the strip clubs. The lawyer washers game for Jackson objected that AEG mention the $ 40 billion washers game in damages, said the $ 40 billion figure mentioned was to preserve the Jackson family rights and not to be charged in court, but the judge allowed AEG to mention the damage claimed by lawyers Katherine Jackson. The complainants allege that warranty claims Jackson 40 billion, is the calculation of the lawyers, not the application of the Jackson family. The judge then asked if Conrad Murray was going to testify, the lawyer for AEG Live said he intends to call as a witness Murray.
"Hello to you all, Before I begin, I would like to introduce Katherine Jackson, his son Randy and daughter Rebbie two children Katherine Jackson who are here to support it today. "" His soulful voice, his musical genius, creativity, generosity and big heart were extinguished forever. "Said attorney Brian Panish spoke of Michael Jackson.
Then, the jury was shown a video with an excerpt from This is it, and a brief description of the life of Michael. Brian Panish then continued: washers game There was no risk to AEG, for the production of the tour which was secured by the assets of MJ, which includes Sony ATV catalog. But in the spirit of AEG, the show must go on and the jury will have to decide who to believe. He then showed the jury a series of emails which AEG executives say postpone the tour would be a disaster. Panish says they have written washers game in this mail that the day he made the press conference for This Is It, Michael Jackson had locked himself in his room, he was emotionally paralyzed prey to disgust with himself and doubts. He was scared to death. Evidence will show that Michael Jackson asked a doctor ... and opiates. Paul Gongaware spoke to Dr. Murray and concluded washers game the case. Panish then showed a video where Gongaware said they did not investigate Dr. Murray and they have not monitored and an email Gongawar: "We want him (Dr Murray) remembers it's AEG Live, not MJ, who pays his salary. We want him (Dr Murray) understands what is expected of him. "Then it's the email from Kenny Ortega:" Michael did not have a good Friday he is not in great physical shape, I think it goes wrong, it has obvious signs of panic, anxiety and obsessive behavior. I think it would be best to hire a psychiatrist "Then the email in response to Kenny Ortega is shown to jurors." Phillips Ortega: doctor (CM) has a good reputation (we checked to everyone, it is safe), it is impartial and ethics. You can not imagine the evil and the consequences that would stop the show now. "Panish said the AEG executives lied because they did not check if Dr. Murray was in financial washers game difficulties. But AEG wanted the show continues. Then presented the email Phillips who, after a meeting with Michael Jackson at his home, said: "The doctor was great and I think the hysteria of Kenny was just a warning to attract attention."
Panish said AEG Live had an assurance of $ 17.5 million for Michael Jackson, but he was trying to get more insurance. Katherine's lawyer washers game also showed another email when AEG was editing the film This Is It, "Do not take excerpts from Michael Jackson in a red jacket ... He too thin, skinny."
He said: "They (AEG) will come here and say that MJ was not a good father. "He put a song by Michael that he wrote for his children and whose title is" A beautiful thing to see "(you are my life). Panish said M

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Putnam said that most doctors do not have a certificate and the fact that he was in debt was irrele

A judge issued a preliminary determination that the mother of Michael Jackson can go ahead with his lawsuit against AEG alleging that the promoters of Michael Jackson concerts negligently hired Dr. Conrad Murray as his personal physician singer. movietools A jury should decide whether AEG Live has hired and supervised by Dr. Murray negligence.
The Court of Los Angeles Judge Yvette Palazuelos however, eliminates some of Katherine Jackson claims and said she would look rather to reject all other claims that may be assumed that AEG Live is responsible for the death of Michael Jackson.
The defense lawyers have tried to dismiss the entire complaint, saying that two-year trial failed to show that the company or its officers did something wrong. movietools Marvin Putnam AEG Live attorney maintained that his clients have never hired Murray and he was one of the many doctors who treated the singer in the past. He said after the hearing that he was satisfied by the work of Palazuelos judge on its provisional decision and hoped that it could be concluded that the prosecution for negligence movietools should also be rejected.
The prosecution lawyer Kevin Boyle declined to comment after the hearing, saying he wanted to see the final order. He said during arguments that AEG hired Murray, and did not indicate that the doctor was in debt and he was not a certified cardiologist.
Putnam said that most doctors do not have a certificate and the fact that he was in debt was irrelevant. Mr. Jackson died before the contract is signed between Murray and AEG, he says he was not an employee of the company. Putnam also said that Jackson had an addiction problem for years before he begins an agreement on behalf of AEG Live. The doctor had prescribed treatments movietools to the singer for a while, he even moved from Las Vegas to Los Angeles and had ordered large quantities of propofol to help Jackson sleep. "Unfortunately, it seems that the death of Michael Jackson would have occurred anyway," Putnam said after the hearing.
Palazuelos also said in its preliminary determination that it also would favor rejecting the testimony of Timothy Leiweke, president of AEG Inc. and CEO, the company is listed as a defendant in the lawsuit.
Leiweke said he has had preliminary talks with Jackson and his manager in autumn 2008 on an agreement for a potential tour. He said he has not spoken movietools with the singer about medical treatment and that he never had conversations with one of the artist's doctors. "J e have never met or communicated with Dr. Conrad Murray" Leiweke said. "To my knowledge, no other employee or agent Inc AEG has met or contacted Dr. Murray. Since I have never contacted Dr. Murray in any way, I certainly had no role whatsoever for the hiring, training or supervision of Dr. Murray. "
The judge's decision would be to keep Paul Gongaware, deputy CEO of Concerts movietools West (a subsidiary of AEG Live) and the President and CEO of AEGlive Brandon Phillips as defendants movietools in the trial scheduled movietools for April 2.
Gongaware had stated in his affidavit that neither Jackson nor any of its doctors movietools have told him about the drugs that the singer should take. Gongaware "I had no idea that Jackson was taking propofol after he died, I knew by the press. I had not suspected that Dr. Murray gave Jackson propofol. "dropoff Window

Monday, December 8, 2014


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The promoter of the 50 concerts of Michael Jackson 'This Is It', scheduled from July 13 in London, how to get popular on instagram announced that tickets purchased at authorized networks would be fully repaid. But AEG Live also asserts that the notes "were inspired how to get popular on instagram and designated by Michael Jackson." Or how to start a cult object and limit reimbursement.
750,000 tickets to pay for an estimated value of almost 65 million, it's how to get popular on instagram a big loss for an organizer. AEG Live, the concert promoter of the "King of Pop" has taken its time to communicate on this. And the least we can say is that he was able to doubt the (mis) happy owners.
On the one hand, only tickets bought in the "official" network will be fully reimbursed. Sire much all resales through auction sites or the parallel market will remain in the wild, for lack of proof of purchase. how to get popular on instagram A logical decision how to get popular on instagram that will leave some fans in possession of a collector's item.
Especially as in the press release published on 30 June, the developer does not hesitate to oversell how to get popular on instagram the object. "The tickets [...] were inspired by Michael Jackson and designated for assistants fans his shows" and even offers to watch the "making of" tickets on the site. For now, the site displays nothing but a photo gallery. In return, fans who choose this option how to get popular on instagram will only be refunded a portion of the ticket price.
All these measures could well slow the reimbursement of famous tickets. On a site selling at auction, for the moment, there are none for sale. Only tickets of history for the star exchanged them at prices that are reasonable (between 10 and 30 euros). how to get popular on instagram For how long?
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hello i buy up concert mikchael jackson July 13 at the site seatwave only since i decer the fair send e-mail courier and call my thirty times we do not refund my toujour I narive how to get popular on instagram over them Contact by phone or by e-mail Leave a comment
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