Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Navata is here to stay. The set newcomer shows a day that has much more future in rugby federat

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RugbyCat 12 November 2014 | Posted in Alt Emporda RC Coal B, DHC, honor Catalan Division, Engineers C, Garrotxa, Gothic B, RC Manresa, Mataro, RC Cornella B Reus Deportiu
Once authority of Manresa in San Roque. Visitors who faced the most difficult match since the start of the season, overcame some badgers that, as on previous occasions, again suffered in the second half. The initial plan of the Garrotxins went well, with a brand fruit game went ahead with a front 3 to 7 in the light.
The game at the foot of Manresa, however, and the intention of playing the 3/4 line, they hurt Garrotxa uncomfortable when they have to play away from the pack of forwards. Thus, even before the rest of the red and white had turned the score around, and marched to a vstidors 11 to 13. After the break, the locals began again louder, again taking the initiative with a blow punishment that lead.
In a second part matched the Manresa was able to read the situation better, and without hurrying controlled the game and two marks for the line (Simon and Rossell), a severely punished Garrotxins unable to realize polti their plays. In the last 10 minutes, and set arlequinat dump the attack to try to overcome the confrontation, visitors sealed polti the match with two brands of arrière Chivallier that closed a convincing result and gave the leadership of the league for his solo.
Heavy defeat teams of engineers in the third house, not stumbling aprfiten the Garrotxa snatch second place in Group C of the National League Catalan. With an aggressive game and live the Osona took the quarter hour of play with an essay Vic awarded the initiative to try to win the game. The New People reacted polti before halftime, and after several attempts to score a try that approached 5 to 7.
After the break, the locals took the brand to push the reversing light. Despite enjoying possession for many minutes and had several occasions to 5 meters from the test Vic, the crabs they defend tooth and nail to prevent the local scoring, and one of his first attacks planted in the second half oval court to get away until 5 to 12. Although the Engineers were 20 minutes back, it was impossible to achieve, and give wings to Osona to believe in the classification for the league promotion.
Reus is still alive in the fight for the top two positions with a victory at home worked Cornellà "B". With a team unusual polti due to the losses, the Reus signed a good first half that was sevir to survive a second craziest and close a victory that puts 4 points from second polti place.
For half an hour played, the visitors had to fight hard against a set of Llobregat posed the battle front. Only once of punishment that raised net of Eric Jara lived Reus, who took half an hour to do the first test, the number 8 Dani de la Cruz. The second would already before the break through the arrière Patas added that the 0 to 17 in the bright and certify their good play.
Although it seemed that the second half the visitors could close a clear victory and add the bonus offensive disorder was widespread polti seize the two sets, and what had been a good match until then become chaos. The intentions of Cornellà attack, however, frustrated Reus proper defense, which only allowed once of punishment against 70 minutes and came home with the victory in his pocket.
The Navata is here to stay. The set newcomer shows a day that has much more future in rugby federation, disputing, one day, the game rivals. Although individual errors result of inexperience and lack of minutes in the Empordà improved defensive organization and placement attack. This fact, coupled with the aggressiveness in placatges and desire they have to prove themselves, makes a team unusual considering that a few months play.

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