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He said:

AEG Live trial on April 29, 2013. | MJBackstage - Fan Belgian club of Michael washers game Jackson
Present for the first day of trial, Katherine Jackson, Randy and Rebbie Jackson, Shawn Trell CEO of AEG Live, Valerie Wass lawyer Conrad Murray (she told the media that Murray was innocent.) And Tom Mesereau. The media (16) and some fans were present.
Regarding the requests, it is always a question of the medical record, what should remain sealed or not, as well as the objections regarding the statements of openings. Regarding the objections, counsel for AEG Live opposed to a slide that referred to Amy Winehouse and writing washers game an email that says Murray frequented strip clubs. The judge rejected the slide but kept the reference to the strip clubs. The lawyer washers game for Jackson objected that AEG mention the $ 40 billion washers game in damages, said the $ 40 billion figure mentioned was to preserve the Jackson family rights and not to be charged in court, but the judge allowed AEG to mention the damage claimed by lawyers Katherine Jackson. The complainants allege that warranty claims Jackson 40 billion, is the calculation of the lawyers, not the application of the Jackson family. The judge then asked if Conrad Murray was going to testify, the lawyer for AEG Live said he intends to call as a witness Murray.
"Hello to you all, Before I begin, I would like to introduce Katherine Jackson, his son Randy and daughter Rebbie two children Katherine Jackson who are here to support it today. "" His soulful voice, his musical genius, creativity, generosity and big heart were extinguished forever. "Said attorney Brian Panish spoke of Michael Jackson.
Then, the jury was shown a video with an excerpt from This is it, and a brief description of the life of Michael. Brian Panish then continued: washers game There was no risk to AEG, for the production of the tour which was secured by the assets of MJ, which includes Sony ATV catalog. But in the spirit of AEG, the show must go on and the jury will have to decide who to believe. He then showed the jury a series of emails which AEG executives say postpone the tour would be a disaster. Panish says they have written washers game in this mail that the day he made the press conference for This Is It, Michael Jackson had locked himself in his room, he was emotionally paralyzed prey to disgust with himself and doubts. He was scared to death. Evidence will show that Michael Jackson asked a doctor ... and opiates. Paul Gongaware spoke to Dr. Murray and concluded washers game the case. Panish then showed a video where Gongaware said they did not investigate Dr. Murray and they have not monitored and an email Gongawar: "We want him (Dr Murray) remembers it's AEG Live, not MJ, who pays his salary. We want him (Dr Murray) understands what is expected of him. "Then it's the email from Kenny Ortega:" Michael did not have a good Friday he is not in great physical shape, I think it goes wrong, it has obvious signs of panic, anxiety and obsessive behavior. I think it would be best to hire a psychiatrist "Then the email in response to Kenny Ortega is shown to jurors." Phillips Ortega: doctor (CM) has a good reputation (we checked to everyone, it is safe), it is impartial and ethics. You can not imagine the evil and the consequences that would stop the show now. "Panish said the AEG executives lied because they did not check if Dr. Murray was in financial washers game difficulties. But AEG wanted the show continues. Then presented the email Phillips who, after a meeting with Michael Jackson at his home, said: "The doctor was great and I think the hysteria of Kenny was just a warning to attract attention."
Panish said AEG Live had an assurance of $ 17.5 million for Michael Jackson, but he was trying to get more insurance. Katherine's lawyer washers game also showed another email when AEG was editing the film This Is It, "Do not take excerpts from Michael Jackson in a red jacket ... He too thin, skinny."
He said: "They (AEG) will come here and say that MJ was not a good father. "He put a song by Michael that he wrote for his children and whose title is" A beautiful thing to see "(you are my life). Panish said M

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