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The trial will begin on 2 April. Conrad Murray, who was convicted of manslaughter after he admitted

My blog is primarily a passion motivated by the desire to be recognized MICHAEL JACKSON as' man in unconventional musical talent but also as a human being in the heart that beat for love for humanity. The world has lost a friend, a fascinating man, deeply human and terribly abused, judged .. In his song "Cry" Michael said "take over for me," that's what I do.
By mail conversations between executives of AEG Live and Kenny Ortega were unveiled as the judge is studying the documents related to the prosecution for manslaughter triggered by the mother of Michael Jackson and his three children .dropoff window Emails suggested that bosses concert promoter were concerned that Michael Jackson was missing minecraft iron rehearsals for his This Is It series of concerts and wanted Dr. Conrad Murray solve the problem.
While an AEG Live attorney insisted that the cardiologist was not employed by AEG, an email sent by Paul Gongaware Kenny Ortega eleven days before the death of the King of Pop on the contrary suggests something else: "We want to remind him [Murray] that it is AEG, not MJ, who pays his salary. We want to remind him what we expect from him," he wrote.
According to CNN, Katherine Jackson's lawyers and his grandchildren have called this mail from "explosive" because it connects AEG Live to the death of the interpreter of Thriller. They say that the company has used the fear of losing his job Murray minecraft iron to 150,000 dollars a month as a personal Jackson doctor to put pressure on him and make sure that Jackson is operational for despite repetitions his fragile health.
In another email, president of AEG Live, Randy Phillips, was praise from Murray after what he had done to MJ shows rehearsals when Ortega expressed minecraft iron his concerns about the singer's health, after witnessing the star was taking tremor during rehearsals one week before his death.
"I like seeing two people. One, deep, trying to act as if nothing had changed and as if things were as they always have been, and who does not want that it will be dropped, and the other person, weakened and in poor health. I think we need the advice of a professional for this problem, "wrote the director. To which Phillips replied: "This doctor showed minecraft iron a lot of success (we checked), minecraft iron and he knows what he is doing, it is completely impartial and consistent with the ethics."
The Jackson camp also plans to use an email sent by the accounting of the tour for AEG Live, Timm Woolley, an insurance agent two days before Jackson's death, to prove that the developer was responsible for the conduct of the physician, and breached its duty to take proper care of the star. "Randy Phillips and Dr. Murray is responsible for MJ rehearsals and the fact that it is on schedule," he said in the email.
Justice of the Supreme Court Yvette Palazuelos found these mails were sufficient evidence in response to the complaint of Jackson against AEG Live, saying that they were negligent in how they hire and supervise Murray when he s 'care of MJ's health during the final preparations for his concert series. The judge also agreed on the fact that the company failed to seriously investigate Murray, before giving its agreement to pay for and take care of the welfare of MJ.
At a hearing last Monday (last week), Jackson's lawyers said that AEG Live should have known that a physician engaged heavily in debt, creating a serious conflict of interest between his duties to treat her patient safely, and its own financial problems.
"It was plausible and predictable minecraft iron that a doctor under such financial pressure can endanger its Hippocratic Oath by what AEG executives were aware, namely an unfortunate practice of medicine in the entertainment industry governed by financial gain, "concluded the judge.
In addition to accusing the promoter of negligence in hiring and supervision of former cardiologist, the Jackson family believe that the company was responsible for the conduct of the physician, and failed in its duty to take proper care of star, but the charges were dismissed by the judge.
The trial will begin on 2 April. Conrad Murray, who was convicted of manslaughter after he admitted he had administered a fatal dose of propofol to the King of Pop, is included in the list of witnesses, minecraft iron as the eldest son of MJ, Prince. While the doctor Ave.

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