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In a related miele professional development, thinner and size of the motor is required washing drye

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Now, innovation is happening in the world of motors for home appliances. miele professional In particular, the evolution of the motor of the washing and drying machine is unmistakable. In the 2010 model, which was launched in autumn miele professional 2009, Toshiba home appliances, put to practical use the motor to change the magnetic force of the magnet of "variable magnetic force" method. While varying the magnetic force of the permanent magnet, thereby achieving "stunt" switching the characteristics of the motor of the high rotation and the low rotation. Developer of a motor equipment, and "It's an interesting approach that can improve the characteristics of the motor in a wide speed range than ever before." It is an article miele professional of the day Yerevan magazine If you thought that something old. Of last year. Motor but it is important. In the washing machine motor characteristics different washing and dehydration, the characteristics of the motor is determined by the dehydration and washing time is different. miele professional When washing, it is necessary to wash it while rapidly reversed by washing tub laundry became heavier contain water, a high torque is required while rotating the low speed. On the other hand, it is necessary to drive off the water of the laundry by centrifugal force during dehydration, rotating miele professional at high speed is required.
According to the washing machine manufacturer, about six times the dehydration, the torque required at the time of washing is that it is about 30 times at the time of washing the rotational speed required miele professional for the dehydration. Until the 1990s, was secured characteristic of the low rotation through the reduction gear motor. However, the needs that consumers miele professional seek in the washing machine with the times have been changed. For example, in a two-income household, the need for washing and drying machine with excellent quietness that can wash at night has increased. miele professional Therefore, instead of the motor through the gear produces a large noise, (DD) method is the mainstream direct drive for rotating miele professional the washing tub directly by a single motor. miele professional
In a related miele professional development, thinner and size of the motor is required washing dryer drum is starting to sell from around 2003, a permanent magnet type with (neodymium magnet) Nd-Fe-B magnet with a strong magnetic force The introduction of the synchronous motor is started. Stored magnetic energy of 10 times higher than conventional ferrite magnets, neodymium magnets, can contribute to the reduction of power consumption and size of the motor. In addition miele professional it has been adopted miele professional in the drive motor of Toyota "Prius" in 1997, it began to be used also to the compressor motor for room air conditioner in the same year. Price of neodymium magnets decreases in mass production due to these effects, the use of a washing dryer is spreading.
Among other companies equipped with a heat pump to high-end models of the drum type washing and drying machine, it uses a heater type. In order to reduce power consumption is a disadvantage of the heater type, in the dehydration step immediately miele professional before the drying step, and reusing the waste heat generated from the motor and the bearing of the washing tank for high rotation. Compresses a fan called miele professional fitted with a small motor to high rotation and 10 000 4000rpm, and waste heat allowed miele professional to stay on top of the washer-dryer, miele professional air is warmed by the heater as a "jet fan", is blown at a stretch in the washing tub. It can be said that those motorized supercharger that to take advantage of the so-called, in the engine, such as an automobile (turbocharger). Is an inner rotor type with neodymium miele professional magnet motor (Figure A-1).
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