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And he killed his father and brother so I tied on their bodies!

What do the symbols secomat on clothing labels? |
Buy clothes that need to be maintained in an appropriate way and would continue her life. Every piece of clothing that you buy from the inside edge of a stitched piece of the investigated material are some symbols that indicate exactly how this process should be properly treated and maintained.
The next two characters we see that there are lines under them. The lines are not placed randomly, they indicate what type of program to use depending on what material secomat the product is made.
A line indicates that the piece made of synthetic material and have to wash at moderate speed and at the end of washing should reduce the temperature to avoid unwanted consequences, such as placing the material or color tear of premature turning spin.
If there is no point, then no temperature restrictions postojat.Edna point means washing at low temperature, secomat the maximum is 60 stepeni.Ako has two points program then follows the normal drying of clothes.
If the symbol is in the form of small iron has a point, then it means that the clothes you can iron on 110 degrees for acrylic, nylon and similar materijali.Ako has two points then iron on 150 degrees and it refers to materials such as polyester or wool.
The letter "F" indicates that in no way should be used in cleaning machine products of this piece of clothing. Clothes are cleaned with special solvents and mineral essences that may never be strew machine.
If however the label of your clothes have "P", it means that this piece of clothing dry cleaned, but with the usual solvents and should not have any special secomat treatment because it is a regular process.
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