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Fear is my greatest panasonic washing machine foe. When Vesna Petrusevska was speaking during the r

We are not alone in the battle with Fear | lider.mk
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Fear is my greatest panasonic washing machine foe. When Vesna Petrusevska was speaking during the recording of my new documentary, I came to strongly embrace the world and tell me that fear every day trying to ruin my life. And he is my biggest enemy. panasonic washing machine Fight, you know, I'll be strong, to endure, but would never force us to lift the bed to look in the mirror because I'm afraid of what you see. Once his power is so strong that you simply have no other option but to capitulate and surrender. And then he runs your life. Already you're in control. You already are nothing. Only a vague picture of what it should be. Just a puppet on fear. So, because of this I decided to write a book about fear. Therefore bezizlesnost feeling that I know that reigns in all of us, and we were making a documentary.
It's interesting to me is when they ask me why I make films. Where did the idea? I make films because my dear veme me to live through such a life in which fear plays a key role. Bored already be a victim. I tired to blame the world for everything that happens to me in my life. I make films because I do not want to live like this already. I do not want fear in my life. I do not want. And I will fight until there is a pulse in me. I will fight because panasonic washing machine I have to fight. I have no other option but to fight. The same goes for you. And you know what, you are not alone in this fight. I found it two days ago, when I watched the final version panasonic washing machine of the film. I felt like someone put me in the washing machine. I felt as spin takes me from side to side. Ego fought, but I struggled. We fought until appear Vesna Petrusevska. panasonic washing machine And suddenly just light. Already ego has no control over me. When I saw Vesna had a feeling that drift across. But floating alone. Vesna was beside me. Together we fought. 17 minute panasonic washing machine fight. And suddenly end. Suddenly only light. I had a feeling that we see eye to eye. I smiled panasonic washing machine at each other. Right then at that point for someone who is just a little microsecond, just then, with absolute certainty I knew that victory over our fears. We won. Defeat fear.
Perhaps all this sounds unrealistic, too poetic and you certainly say that I have too much imagination. Yes, I have too much imagination. But not only me. Now I'm no longer alone, and neither are you. Now we have an army. Now we have a military that will not settle for average. panasonic washing machine Already I do not fight alone, and neither are. You understand what I'm saying when you watch the film.
You will realize when you look at Tony Zen light that perhaps many of you can not even imagine. panasonic washing machine Yes, that Tony, who entertains with music that is vulgar to some. That he is the first fighter panasonic washing machine Tony. The first that will reach out and start a battle panasonic washing machine with fear along with you. After a few minutes the battle joins us and Jelena Jovanova. Tells us that failure is only a projection of ego and nothing more. Again, you are not alone. Sense that fear is premokjen to beat, slowly disappearing. In the fight with us and Tanya Kokev which tells us that without faith in himself this battle will get. Battle and she runs to Vinko Sazdova. She talks about the fear of death. The same fear that has destroyed my life and I believe your. After a few minutes, comes new aid. This time of Trajče and Maggie. They fight this look so easy. They have a sense that fear is about to capitulate. He capitulated. But not without saying Vesna. She administers the coup. And once the fear is gone. Suddenly just love.
Thanks to all who were part of this journey. We thank on behalf of all whose life this film will change. Thank you for the love you gave me. Thank you for showing me that I am not alone. Now we have an army. Now you win. See you tomorrow at 20 am in Sinepleks.
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