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Cabinets for cosmetics, towels and cleaning would be desirable to be on the wall, hanging, or built

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Small rooms are more complex editing best washer and dryer 2013 and equipment, especially when it comes to bathrooms. Bathtub, washing machine, sink, WC - Shell ... are some of the things fixed that need to be inserted into several squares. But with a few helpful tips, your space can be fashionable, beautiful and functional.
Colors are an important thing that you need to pay enough attention to if you want the small space seem larger. Turn away from dark colors on large surfaces that reduce space. As colors that perfectly fit the bathroom is green (always fresh), blue (aqueous part), white (always clear), pink, peach color ... and similar pastel colors. Be careful with the use of brown color, which if not used with a smart-bordura best washer and dryer 2013 can easily give the epithet best washer and dryer 2013 * dirty bathroom.
Dezenite as lines, squares, flowers, which are abundant in a bathroom to freshen best washer and dryer 2013 up. But be careful not to overdo, since the thin line between good and kitsch. For small bathroom Even a wall, or part of it decorated with bordura, or row tiles. He boards a row, horizontally if / horizontal, will visually expand the space, but if you already want to emphasize the height should be set vertically.
Cabinets for cosmetics, towels and cleaning would be desirable to be on the wall, hanging, or built that are mounted under the sink. Choose simple, smooth surfaces, and as far as mirrors, can have a greater number, or at least bigger.
Avoid choosing massive tubs and sinks large as they currently can block the whole area. Corner bathtubs or showers, can provide additional space for locker or WC - shell.
Creative vandalism best washer and dryer 2013 of a school board
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