Thursday, February 20, 2014

Well, we will not question the right of newspapers in this formulation. Understand that we live in

Perhaps readers will agree that "2000" privadis has been and remains a harsh critical researcher coming Ukraine agreement on association and free trade zone with the EU, as, indeed, any other solutions, crucial for the country. However, on the pages of our publication were presented different perspectives, that the reader himself can assess arguments "for" and "against."
The sadder to observe the general discourse in the media and the Ukraine, and Russia, where the debate is increasingly giving way propaganda, often quite repugnant. In the Russian media, in particular, this discourse about the alleged privadis "care Ukraine" is reminiscent of the squabbles of the trial of divorce and child support, masterfully privadis described the unforgettable Michael Zoschenko: "I say, I know whose intrigues. This is - say - Maruska Kovrova upset about my money. And I - I say - he get thirty two Dollars. Give ten seventy five - well it will be? I - I say - so, in tattered pants go. And then - I say - in parallel with this Maruska pianos will buy batiste privadis and garters on my money. Ugh - I say - a failure, what kind of trouble! " privadis
Russian privadis newspaper "Culture" - edition without a doubt, quality, solid. With high credo rendered in the subtitle: "Spiritual Russian space of Eurasia." The newspaper reminds that she - "one of the oldest national newspapers with more than 80-year history." Therefore carries a wide audience, privadis as stated, "landmarks, values, privadis meanings."
Well, we will not question the right of newspapers in this formulation. Understand that we live in the world of real politics, where, according to the classics, all are equal, but some are more equal. And in a world of such examples are countless. For example, the United States and Canada. Oh, how connected economically, culture, privadis language and other things, but nevertheless from time to time, for example, in Canada debating not we too, they say, are tied to the U.S.? Should not we be posamostoyatelney in international affairs? privadis Another famous Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau spoke of the great neighbor privadis that, well, it's hard to sleep next to an elephant, especially when he snores ...
The lowest number of respondents - 13% - chose ironic "Games politicians do not interfere friendship Russian Ukrainian vodka and bacon." However, and this option with deep meaning: Russian and Ukrainians so interconnected personal ties that this should be considered in any activity.
There can be no podiskutiruesh, as they say, civilized and tolerant. This approach privadis offers the opponent, excuse the expression, to quarrel method "itself is!" And well-known character in the style of the film "Brother 2" - cabdriver expat blame Russia privadis "for the sale of Homeland Americans Russian Baltic Serbs in the Balkans . "
Spend a poll any "yellow" a newspaper, privadis much less otvyazny blogger - questions would not have happened. But here the respected newspaper privadis with high name "Culture" ... Do not want to, and remember in this situation adaptirueshsya old anecdote: "Ale, this laundry? - (...) Chechnya! This newspaper "Culture" - the spiritual space of Eurasia Russian! "

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