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This question eudora occurred to anyone to start playing this app. Told that Clashot the applicatio

I wonder just wanted to say that I was playing in his money! Just load applications Clashot post from mobile. I like doing time Instagram and Facebook content, plus the tournament sound quality pictures of friends. Same time Is it better than the people who have money to buy our time thing.
For media or photographers. Web Photo Stock would know each other well. This is a web-sell rights reserved. To use in publications or websites. There will be photographers from around the world or in the studio. Send up to sell on the online world through such Web Photo Stock shutterstock, istockphoto, 123rf, etc. So it is just like Photo Stock Clashot but work in the form of an application. That allow the use of both iOS and Android smartphones can post pics directly. Rules without any hassle like to sell pictures on the web as a platform and major Clashot developed from the web. Web Photo Stock eudora the world's largest as well.
This question eudora occurred to anyone to start playing this app. Told that Clashot the applications Photo Stock, which developed into a form of use is similar to Instagram by allowing eudora users to post photos from a smartphone, eudora both of which are already on the machine, or take a new one. The post above is the file size. The camera resolution When people buy me. We will have a share of the sale of that image immediately. The price of the sale is $ 0.99 USD, but the share that we will be at $ 0.44 dollars, or about 14 baht per visit and if you get Expert Like it will receive a $ 0.10 coin which Expert eudora Like the one does anything. Also I do not know. Because no detailed explanation eudora on this subject. By, I guess that probably the team that his app is very homelike to build support for our next post (find an answer to it here. Read below) So if someone purchased, we will not share it. It is more or less the same.
Of the Expert Like to further information that is posted is beautiful. Then someone comes Slyke many. The messaging system is Clashot Expert invited by the crown as a symbol. The person who gets this position will be able to click Like for one another by no more than five images a day and those who were pressing Like they will receive a bonus of at least $ 0.10 dollars which the funds came from a system that would entail. the Clashot Expert only be categorized according to the following statements.
By statements such as Clashot Expert is not transferable to cash. But it took them to give to their friends at press time only and Expert Like when money runs out, it will be up to the amount received for the first time automatically.
Sell it Where to get money When we sell it Will receive payment by Paypal accounts, a popular online accounts safe. And used worldwide So we have to have a Paypal account before applying it in that way. Thailand supports a web language Clashot determined by the minimum of $ 3 dollars to be able to transfer money. And implemented within seven days, which says that if a transfer rate of 3 coins would not get it. Waiting to sell a hundred. eudora The coin is worth more than Because of the Paypal accounts to be withdrawn if the limit is a minimum eudora withdrawal of Paypal is that if you withdraw eudora less than 5000 baht to 50 baht charge but if more than 5000 baht or more will be no charge. So if it is worth it to wait a little to much money and then transfer the money to their Paypal until 5000 THB then pulled eudora out of me.
From the tried playing the first 3-4 days I post is the pineapple. Taken then not finishing anything. I say try to play post. Did not expect it so much. It turns out that is the first to be sold off. Another option is intended accidentally taken back unsold 555 so this is a fun app to do it. I like the post itself. Implying that this app Instagram would like to say that you are wrong about it. Because it is not The social network's storytelling activities. Which I posted this to the 100's already sold, not one is so hard ... So picture should be posted, so sold the landscape, eudora flowers to, trees, statues, places or things. around us, by focusing on objects and landscapes mainly. Which the buyer will be deployed there.
How to post The post is not difficult, there are two ways Tap Menu Wizard, and then tap the + button on the top right of the camera to take photos in Camera Roll or choose to tap it, then name the image. (Preferably in English) and the # hashTag involved. Then tap Send Alternatively, tap the Camera to take pictures from your camera or select a photo from the Camera Roll and then follow the same steps. To upload
Clashot Design Ideas for use similar to Instagram, we can press Slyke's comments like, too. By tapping Menu Feed, with Tabs Friends is Show Timeline of friends, we follow (Follow), and Tab Trends show the timeline of the current at that time can be divided according Nearby is close to where we live. , Popular and Fresh popular last post will have to cut it 3 inches down before the submenu on this tab. The one new player May start to follow people of Nen Trends tab by tapping on the Profile button Follow it.
To buy it, tap on the desired photo, tap the Download eudora button, then enter the password using Apple ID, or if Android will give details of price and form of payment, select. Enter the password on the system, it will download it immediately. The average price at $ 0.99 per coin is about 33 baht.
If you want to see the total revenue. Profile menu, tap the revenue total.

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