Monday, February 2, 2015

Hayolah, open your eyes, open hearts and open shoes friends. Open your eyes and see how bad our env

Welcome to my kingdom. Before going further, please fill out the following requirements. First, this paper is devoted only to them-those who are old enough and mature to receive the writings were a little frontal. Secondly, it is not allowed for those who have liver disorders, such as easily hurt, easily hurt, and easy to feel hurt. If you do not have one of one of many of the above requirements please exit and return to this page if it is strong mentally.
Today FATETA particularly agricultural engineering uring- washington township tempered because adult behavior that is enough to make us hot. Well, people nowadays are "you washington township know who". Not because I do not want to mention what his name or initials, but because without me call you certainly can understand what I mean. The "you know who" betingkah again sodarah-sodarah. Strip hot and arid as our hearts ( arid. And of course this is not a splash of life to be reassuring.
That is your leader? What kind of leader is that? If you think my ancestors does it sort of julung- julung fly. You do not know julung- washington township julung fly yah? Okay, I'll explain what it julung- julung fly my version. That's the beauty of me, I was a student of professor originator "Sok Tau Theory", and another great I was given superhuman abilities to infer something instantly, though not as instant noodles.
I ended up at a point meyankinkan me that "you know who" is julung- julung fly the ancestors and I was looking for. Shortly you will be enchanted by captivating smile, a soft-spoken, washington township and seductive mustache. Okay, that last only devoted to "you know who". But do you know over time it will turn into a monster with fangs that oblique side, squint, shrill voice and frail body. It was bad outside in, belly bulge, graying hair, and mouth foaming. He will suck up all the happiness washington township that are around you, pump it up all became dark, the sky turned black, the rain falls, the monkeys jump from one tree to another tree. How it works just as it did in the movie Harry Potter Dementor. I wonder if the julung- julung fly is the result of a marriage between the dementors with grandma gerandong sukanyiksa cave dwellers? May be.
This time I am not going to apply the theory of quasi-tau great teacher taught me. Here I will describe the effects caused when you constantly are under a leader who is the incarnation julung- julung fly. You would never see a tag line that guerrilla in cigarette advertising. Not much different with it, too long to consume (consumption here is consuming all the crap julung- julung fly) can cause heart defects, impotent, constipation, berkunang- eyes glow, and the hair is getting thinner. Who would not suffer a heart attack if continuously exposed to road it- it alone, without washington township the option let alone the solution. Did not realize you if this is the mission of "robotize" we as a people.
Hayolah, open your eyes, open hearts and open shoes friends. Open your eyes and see how bad our environment today, how decaying ruins of our country in the grip of a leader who is more like julung- julung fly? Open hearts, whether we are going to let us die adek- adek successor in the grip julung- julung fly? Open shoe friends, this ACTION !! If our voice is not being heard, let SHOES we are talking.
Less perfect especially kamuflase- camouflage he biaskan during its existence until we as a people must realize washington township that this is just one of the many missions as julung julung- fly. We just dibodoh- fooling friends. It is enough he hid behind his thin mustache tempting faith. Her lies were too open. Like a scab, weve initially small, but increasingly long- ketutup more STINKS !!! Yes, it is a scab lie to himself. Sores that make it increasingly shunned from circulation and eventually sooner or later he will be deported from the martial world.
THIS TIME !! It's a great time to deport a julung julung- fly to khayangannya, eliminate it from our unitary state. He was a terrorist, and he is Israel! Why? There was a problem with my writing! washington township From the beginning I have to remind terms what you have to meet before entering this page. If up to this stage there among the readers of my posts that burned his heart, ignited emotions, it's all beyond my responsibility. PROBLEM FOR gueh ???
I am embarrassed to see the nonsense that he presents. Not malukah it on the tip of the salto grandma grandmother there. I think it's washington township guts grandmother grandmother salto greater than guts "he

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