Monday, February 23, 2015

This blog, We are not sheep, is an information and communication aeg washing machine tool between t

It was one of the few achievements of ANI and thus securing employment law of 14 June 2013 modeled on the agreement. Now, part-time contracts could not foresee aeg washing machine less than 24 hours per week. This was the fight against part-time work, synonymous with very low wages. But the law already provided that the branches can negotiate lower minimum periods - they have not failed to do - and the employee may waive "voluntarily" to the floor.
The stress was still too high for companies, it seems, as the government has come up, as revealed Current-RH and Echos this week, a draft order that will groom the text on issues left pending. With this order, scheduled for February, part-time employees whose contracts were outstanding at the time the law does not automatically fail over to 24 hours minimum. aeg washing machine
Employees who opt for a contract less than 24 hours may not require board to the floor. In the same vein, the floor 24 hours will not apply to less than eight days CSD or the CSD or temporary assignments to replace an employee.
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"If you make the sheep, you will be shorn." Jean-Luc Mélenchon
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This blog, We are not sheep, is an information and communication aeg washing machine tool between the militants and sympathizers of the Left Front in order to meet and do participate together in the left political life of the Salon's country. Civic actions are numerous, groups are dynamic in our region. But they are often isolated, and this blog aims to be a link between them for there to trade, and that allows citizens to better understand the ideas of the Left Front, disclose and always put L 'PEOPLE FIRST.
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