Saturday, February 21, 2015

Third in LMP2 class and 7th in the scratch, the proto Berruyer has long ran like clockwork. The No.

Generous, smart without an error, Signatech-Alpine race probably deserved the win. A broken hub carrier morning decided otherwise. Is endurance, where some podiums are worth triumphs.
At the end of yesterday tired on arrival, Chatin, down from its 22 years, summed up as a leader of the Le Mans campaign Signatech-Alpine. "It was going to win and, on the run, it proves that was capable, he said. A hub carrier that breaks, it's really bad luck, but here is Le Mans. In the light of what the team has given the podium, it will be satisfied! "Paul-Loup Chestnut came close to losing everything
Third in LMP2 class and 7th in the scratch, the proto Berruyer has long ran like clockwork. The No. 36 has even sailed between the first and second place LMP2, favored one night remarkably managed by the team of Esprit Park. Until the 19th hour of the race yesterday morning. A risky strategy
Shortly after 9:00, Paul-Loup Chatin who remember the discovered Le Mans race, was to regain the box. The front axle accused left "huge vibrations." "I had to overcome high efficiency washer the big storm of the beginning of the race, he told. I was on aquaplaning and I recovered the car I do not know how.
Postponed to 5th place in LMP2, the proto Berruyer off again for a successful end of exemplary race in the hands of Nelson Panciatici. Obviously very at ease in his role as leader, Nelson led the man'uvre high efficiency washer perfectly. And his two teammates, for they were freshmen, have shown themselves capable of driving at its level. Two épatants beginners!
"Not a single spin, not a runway exit those two," noted an admiring Philip Sinault. high efficiency washer The performance of the Signatech-Alpine, will be understood, owes much to the cohesion and generosity in the effort of this trio.
Through hard work and self-sacrifice, the team of Philippe Sinault has reached, in the space of a weekend in the Sarthe, to overcome a very difficult start to the season. "This is by far our race at Le Mans the most challenging, assured the boss. Therefore, even before high efficiency washer speaking performance, I am happy, very happy to have something tangible, concrete to offer to the team. A podium here a year like this one, it is not nothing!
While this is true, the Signatech-Nissan, so strong and steady throughout the night, could claim victory. But yesterday, the disappointment was frankly not in order. "We would not stay spectators"
"Put yourself in our place, high efficiency washer pleaded Philippe Sinault. This morning at 9:00 on the dot, it seemed like a future winners. Fifteen minutes later, it suddenly no longer had anything. It was all the more annoying that we had a perfect race, without fail, and at a rate of crazy, nibbling a single second in the stand. Because we had just pushed the lights before departure. If you just ride, had I told the pilot, we will spectators. high efficiency washer So ... thoroughly and to the end!
to creps. 5 pilots: Dorian Werle, Peter Brush, Louis Poisson, Jimmy Chesnel and Killian Branco. Dorian was 15, he is 3rd in Jules Verne college. Pierre, 15, is Mermoz high school. high efficiency washer Killian, 15, is 3rd in college ...
Twice winning the European Le Mans Series in 2013 and 2014, since his return to competition, Alpine brand is a new challenge to his measure high efficiency washer in 2015: the championship of the FIA World Endurance. It will of course be with the team berruyère Signatech.
The Berruyer Bruno Da Costa, dismissed the Moto Club Berry, signed his best performance on a Dakar, high efficiency washer mid-January, crossing the finish line in 26th position. high efficiency washer A real good performance for an "amateur seasoned" as he defines himself.
Fortunes on sand Touquet Several pilot Cher participated this weekend in the biggest race enduro Europe, the Opal Coast. With varying success. Three young drivers Bourges hopes pole, located at Creps were ...
motorcycle. high efficiency washer After stopping the competition in 2004, Nikki Dell'Olio (33 years) this season revival "in the top category of 450 cc" riding a Honda, he said. Licensee to ART (road association and the all-terrain ...
The Signature team, led by Philippe Sinault, formalized the commitment of two cars in Formula 3 this season. high efficiency washer And presented two new young pilots: high efficiency washer Dorian Bocolacci (French, 16) and Alexander Albon (Thai, 18).
The Dakar Berry driver Bruno Da Costa never stops to surprise his world on his Yamaha YZF 450. Yesterday, on the 8th stage of the Dakar, he finished the special in 27th place in its

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