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Words of Wisdom Frontal dapink quip - but there are also tablets that use sarcasm as a spirit to st

Set of Words - Words Satire Frontal Cool Spicy | Words of Wisdom Frontal Satire | Words Spicy Frontal quip. Information for all of you who are looking dapink for articles about quip Words of Wisdom and Frontal. indeed quip is our habit to remind someone errors, the satire of course, we can realize these people .. but satire also makes us seem pretentious and arrogant. everyone must have done something wrong and therefore we must also be aware of yourself before insinuating and blame someone, if weve's important for quipped in case ya do not papa.
Words Spicy Satire Hardware - quip is mengasikan, but for which insinuated? menyesakan course, especially if he really felt guilty certainly will repent and not repeat them. but if the person you teased it loud and ignorant yes not be any good, for he is getting teased yes increasingly challenging. and mostly negative innuendo is odorless, we often denigrate people, insulting even often speak dirty .. therefore dapink you should control, dapink do not let the negative things mastering yourself.
Words of Wisdom Frontal dapink quip - but there are also tablets that use sarcasm as a spirit to stimulate self-motivation. we can tease him with words of wisdom, if that is still more positive direction .. and satire purposes as this is used to change and progress. so if you really want to change for the better, so why should you insinuating something for correction .. yes the same as criticism and suggestions just packaged spicy and frontal.
Already deh, do not get your hopes up again, do not waste my lo youth lo, air-move-on was friend Temen If lu lu admit dirilu handsome certainly already had a girlfriend a lot, but where the evidence? Confusion occasionally allowed, but if every day upset gloomy dapink jg hahaha yes idupnya world will always spinning. First lo over nginjak2 people under lo. Rota orang2 under first lo lo grimace now above right ?! Better to look bastard but hearts have faith. Rather dapink than look handsome but behavior like thugs. People stupid ya elu, already in phpin masi ngarep! Words - he does is full of charm. But his behavior ga reflect what - what tuh. Basic face the wall! cie grooming, going where neng? CABE hahah! Ga pura2 cool, then left to go mewek. hehehe Tacky lo..Baru fuel use it? Broadcast his work mulu Not funny anyway behavior lo, always wrote talking about the ugliness of others! Physical self reformation deh lo anyway weve okay, but be lo rotten garbage kek. Hmm once wrote if there wants easily dateng lo, lo now easily also go without remember where did you get all of it !! Shoes lo emang nice, more bagu ditaro mouth lo lo let not much talking !!! Ga put on so people that wrote still has a wealth lo lo parents !!! do not have to promise dapink if in the end ninggalin! Do not get the feel of the funniest. Lo was not bang ocid. !! beautiful woman instead of her appearance, but from his heart. There was a rich demons behind before competing in the style of an angel. What are you doing anyway lo TAiiiKK still thinking about him? Think deh. Weve lo he thinking about? Do not need lo again! Parasite doang think hih Lo lo cinderella with a glass slipper? Lo lo think rihanna with umbrella? Thinking ?? !! The most amused at people who snobby, wants in perspective! hih introspecting lo busy yourself before anyone else ngurusin life ngaca So why friends friends can hate lu! Masi profit lo I said sarcastically, than I timpuk tuh lo face the same bench skolahan: D Do not like interfering lo I do not know if the initial problem !!! if talking heads boy boys can too! Style of speech dapink does dah kyk walking dictionary. But unfortunately his brain half talaga each invited dapink to speak. It used to be a hobby really dapink ngeremehin people. Now turn fall and diremehin even cried - cried out for help. To sea aja! Jealousy was reasonable, fair ga ga tau dicemburuin self !! GUE LIFE, WHY ARE Ribet LO ~ If unfortunately tuh in pertahanin not ngeduain Suppose insult dapink / censure it as praise / compliment. And suppose praise / compliment it as a reward for what you have done. Lo was not pretentious know, weve lo lo google think paced know he said he does not like the same tp if needed in deketin also .. so rich man called hell? Age of increasingly sophisticated already wrote but brain kaga advanced followup. The pattern thinkers still wrote not upgraded. Sad ,. If manfaatin I usually just passable lo go jauh2 of my life now before I ludahin face lo Fak !! Do not be feigned pity if indeed lo not love! do not have to ngatur-ngatur deh, lo nobodies me !!! Life is messy ass aja dah would be people who patronize his own. Shame woi !! The girlfriend gausah in pamerin .. if already married new tuh pamerin! Pretentious style of the rich, pretentious slang, to sevel wrote just hanging ga ride snack, dapink blend cable dasaaar

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