Monday, February 16, 2015

In both cases, the ordinance provides that the employee has a priority (and not an

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Order published in the Official Journal of the Friday, panni January 30, 2015 brings a number of clarifications regarding specific panni situations of part-time: employees who initially asked to work less than 24 hours a week before changing his mind, labor contracts signed before the entry into force of the Law of 14 June 2013.
In both cases, the ordinance provides that the employee has a priority (and not an "automatic right") to access a part-time job of 24 hours or a consistent length the base that provides the branch agreement.
After the agreement on securing employment on 11 January 2013, the Act of 14 June 2013 established a base minimum 24 hours per week for part-time employees, to fight against involuntary part-time. Nevertheless, there are a number of exceptions to this 24-hour rule: individual waiver request of the employee or industry agreement setting a different base.
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