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Quinn immediately afterwards, in the final, okay was suspected of murder and Liddyevo okay admit, i

Dexter okay (fifth season) |
Dexter has this year gone through a lot of changes. Showrunner Clyde Phillips left the series and gave it into the hands of Chip Johannessen, who is the third showrunner in five seasons series. Johannessen previously worked on 24 and brought some of his men, including Manny Cota which some may remember as showrunner and fourth best (only good if you ask me) season of Enterprise.
Announced okay a different course series, potentiated šoktantnim okay unraveling of the fourth season, in which he was killed okay Dexter's wife, Rita. Then it was a win-win situation for viewers - Rita has already been one of iritantnijih characters, and the move was a bold and promising some new opportunities to develop Dexter's character. The fifth season introduced, instead of the main one, several villains, and Dexter okay is supposed to deal with the consequences of Rita's death, in which she helped him and Julia Stiles (Lumen) as novopronašla soulmate.
It sounded good on paper, it turned out incoherent, zbrzano and terribly predictable. okay Dexter, except for the murder of Rita, had never been particularly creative okay series. It was before a very formulaic, okay but nOnce season until now I was not so irritated and disappointed as this. Among other things, because I'm going into the season expecting concrete changes. okay The formula is not too complicated - the main guest star, possibly stronger okay actor's name, as the main villain with which to identify, by the way Dexter, confide, disappointed and finally ends up on a table draped with plastic. I know it is hard to change a successful formula, but I can appreciate the series even authors who do not have the guts to explore new opportunities and change the formula.
In addition, it is fascinating okay how so successful and critically acclaimed series manages to lie to one and half plus a quarter of the figure. Dexter and a man who needs to recognize the size of the cast, Michael C. Hall, as this one complete figure, his sister Debra as half as much as many interesting characters, and Masuka is there such a fun comic-relief in small doses. Laguerta this year managed to make it even more irritating, that is, you must admit, a solid success, because he already was pretty okay exhausting. okay On her fight with Batista, which Absolutely nobody cared, spent the entire season (!), And in the end was almost reset one stroke okay (!). And worse than that, it was a sacrifice for Deb shit is Laguerta itself okay boiling. Such things (antagonize viewers) are usually made with the purpose of pushing okay some actions and subsequent pay-off moment, which was not here. Deb was alone, again there is a wrong love, again has commitment issues, was again forced to parade okay in his underwear and a bra, although I do not see the point of watching half-naked ironing boards. A woman looks skinny as if she had cancer, but not C. Hall. But at least it gets a solid character development.
The most part of the season was the one with Peter Weller (Robocop ex) in the role of a former cop Stan Liddy, who is on the order of Quinn's going through Dexterovoj past and present. Positive all the way to the penultimate season, when he discovered and caught Dexter, to this release and kill him - all in the span of 15 minutes. In essence it was a way of resolving all the problems created during the season terribly antiklimaktično, predictable and disappointing. Actually I expected most of the storylinea, or at least it looked like the most dangerous (semi) bad guy, even though I was fully aware that the story is only one way and that Dexter anyway all clean up after them.
Quinn immediately afterwards, in the final, okay was suspected of murder and Liddyevo okay admit, it's the only thing that has evolved contrary to expectations. I expected that Dexter kills him, just like Liddy, when he gets too close to discovering okay Dexter's dark secret. Despite the "code", it would not be totally out of character for this season, or the first time you kill an innocent victim. But realizing that he Debra "that" destroyed the main evidence and removed the guilt with Quinn. There are still hanging question why Quinn so quickly acquitted, although he refused to cooperate, he was in constant contact with Liddy and his name was built equipment out of the van in which he was killed Liddy. But I said, this is all symptomatic of this season, whose last two or three episodes serve as a means of maintaining the status qoa.
Jordan Chase was the closest to the definition of "villain" of the season, and Dexter him, one by one, killing collaborators. But proved to be a pretty bad villain, and died some few minutes after being caught and tied Dexter. Deb is very quickly (and easily) found the murder scene and at work caught Dexter and Lumen. Its detection Dexter's secret shared only a thin piece of dirty plastic behind which were placed on the lumen. But behold, Deb has decided to spare the killer, and picked up from the crime scene, the way they even praised and thanked them. That scene was the moment that rubs me perhaps the most this season.
Lumen has finally left the series in a rather okay uninteresting,

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