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The most impressive demystification of the consumer society is contained in the painting of the dir

"Every child is an artist. The problem is to remain an artist after growing up "is a quote by Pablo Picasso, which is a leitmotif be referred to the growing Matthew Knezevic - a doctor who is fascinated by art from an early age. It is continuously engaged since elementary school days. Painting during high school unimac and exploring photography and graphic design during college, after graduating from medical art has become an equal part of his life. Social awareness, pioneering spirit and openness to a variety of artistic media have resulted in a series of artwork, sculptures, objects and installations, and designs. While painting cycles I shop, therefore I am and fift / fifti carefully designed as a complete closed cycle, a series of conceptual works and graphics solutions developed freely in dialogue with the other works of similar subjects whose link reference to the environment whether it is a regional, national or globally.
Quoting manifesto Zemlja Matthew Knezevic introduces visitors to the exhibition of consumerism that despite poverty and still dominated society. Placing the basic elements of shopping in the context of a carefully designed, promotes awareness of the individual artist. Work Weekend action in tomato achromatic display the anonymous female figure reclining in a chair studying one million promotional leaflets which are being swamped daily mailboxes. unimac With flyers "screaming" signs like "just now", "unique offer", "never cheaper" which manipulates the poor society by creating unimac the illusion that they just provided a unique opportunity to purchase a range, in the very least, completely unnecessary things. The only accent color-red tomatoes puts into focus ideal shape and healthy shine, literally acting as if it is derived from a GMO laboratories. It lures its perfect appearance and displaying a price of "only" 3.99 kuna, which the artist alludes to the fact manipulation of society etiquette all products in the amount unimac of decimals, 99, creating the impression that the product actually costs a dollar less than its actual cost.
Iron Works and Yippee ... illustrate the result of the consumer society where mothers with children instead of going to the park, walking around shopping malls driving them in a shopping trolley and in doing a bunch of expensive toys. Symbolic representation of the ironing board with reworking the famous dictum of the French philosopher Descartes' Cogito ergo sum "suggests" card board "in the growing and increasing unimac number of shopping malls.
The powerful influence of the media and marketing that directly target the human subconscious luring us into new spending unimac is shown in the works of bombing, Schipak and Nameless. Alluding to the manipulative power of mass visual communication resources in focus is placed television. Directly opinion about this medium is expressed in Figure Schipak unimac where ornamental wallpaper background typical of households 50s and 60s testifies to the longevity unimac of the impact of television and systematic brainwashing. One of the ironic proceedings challenging the consumer is the negation of reality painted remote that controls the TV, but not our lives. Illustrating the only individuals presented with objects of consumption, Matthew Knezevic warns of complete dehumanization of society.
The most impressive demystification of the consumer society is contained in the painting of the direct effects of consumerism on the individual works in Homo glupus or smile provoked by the sale of the Cloaca unimac Maxima. Commercials unimac are filled with idyllic scenes well situiranih families who have the time and money to buy the often clumsily unimac acted artificial smiles at encouraging the population illusion that they will be happy after the purchase, unimac and that all their problems will disappear, although it will probably be yet another negative territory on account or a step closer to execution. Anonymous obese male body is a metaphor of today's consumer. We're all passive sluggish numbing people who consume fast food and rely on modern technology. We forgot to think, read and navigate. All of us at hand and readily available. We are naive and blindly follow and accept what is offered, and the result is a cloaca maxima. We've turned the sewer system for all the unnecessary and unhealthy things that large multinational companies are offering to maximize profits.
Cycle fifti / fifti a kind of continuation of active thinking artists of the world and the need for social engagement affects the individual's awareness in order to change the status quo. Re-emphasizing the inevitable role of the media in profiling and news serving the population, the world becomes congested series of catastrophic and negative news. Natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes and winter blizzard, then protests, killings and destruction, disease and human tragedy ... it's the news that they sell. People such information feed

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