Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Research company Electrolux has shown that 60% of people really do not like (32%) or hate (27%) boa

Electrolux and you donate |
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Electrolux and you donate
Electrolux has launched 5Safety steam iron. It provides a safe, simple, go4 fast and effective skin developed using knowledge from industry professional laundry. It is a steam iron high performance with advanced security features. In addition to providing excellent results in board, releasing large amounts of steam removes odors from clothing and fabrics.
5Safety steam iron is easy to use thanks to its ergonomic handle, and to form a base board back over the seams and buttons. A large amount of holes on the foot irons - 605 of them - to produce a fine vapor which really helps in penetrating the fibers in order to revitalize the freshness and eliminate odors.
Research company Electrolux has shown that 60% of people really do not like (32%) or hate (27%) board, and 80% of respondents indicate the that they need help with this task. Easy to use, high performance iron that addresses wrinkles, makes ironing much easier.
"We're really focused on the needs of consumers throughout the development 5Safety" says Carolyn Rohmer, Product Marketing Manager for Electrolux. "Ironing is actually pretty fun when you use equipment like this and you see immediate results."
Studying consumers while ironing in their homes, Electrolux was able to identify the most problematic obstacles such as poor performance, too much time is taken away, or the issue of security, go4 such as the risk of destroying the delicate fabric.
5Safety a particularly large stand that allows the iron is stable when not in use, fully rubber handle that better adherence during ironing and three auto-off levels that can be ignited if the iron peacefully more than 30 seconds in the supine position, more than 30 seconds if iron lying on the side, and after 8 minutes if the iron in standing position.
Electrolux go4 5Safety Steam iron features Safety features: 3xauto-off (30s plates down, 30s lying on the side, 8min standing position), XL and XXL safety stand fully rubber grip. High performance: 605 holes for a pair of the finest steam ironing, 150 g shock vapor (SHOT OF STEAM), extra large water tank 2600 watt power. go4 Freshen only steam: For leveling and removing odors from the already worn, dry clothes - keeping your money, but also the environment Buddy fabrics 4active power auto steam control and anti-drip function. Resilium area for the best scratch resistance to protect fine fabrics. Color choices: Metallic comes in Dakar, Aruba Blue Metallic and Phantom Black.
Electrolux iron won Biba, who wrote: "Today I canceled my old iron, considering that I have to keep my wife and kids tidy I would be very grateful if you gave me iron. Electoluxova iron are my favorites from the first day with them can not pogrjesiti. It is my great desire to win your new appliance and facilitate're a different ethnicity. Thank you "
daliborka April 25, 2013 at 11:48 pm
Because I have a husband, son and two baskets full of dirty laundry on board to board a big state ... a bunch just grows and grows and I'm the torment I get scabs itching all over the body grow out of my misery and horns on his forehead. Steam hisses at all by kids yelling I'm losing time and already the climate because go4 I have an old iron. My husband called asking where I crammed lunch on his iron on ... pestle. Solutions has Glamour helping go4 people. So who knows? you might get iron clothes and iron them arrive with their children for a walk. From ELEKTROLUX this is the real thing eh to me to try this bar perfection Reply
Why me? Last week I lost a member of their family. How am unemployed, it was my great friend, go4 counselor, support. That moment when you feel pain in your chest after you see or hear something that breaks your heart ... and "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change ...". How come I can not change just as I continue to perform household chores, as well as the board that I was one of the worst and most boring jobs I believe that this would glamoruzna iron somewhat ease the overall situation. Reply
Because we have an old iron that my child was thrown to the floor and broke ao amount of laundry board not to talk, five adults, a toddler and one on the way and besides all this iron is perfect for self-exclusion and all preform

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