Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Dr, Kawambwa explained Grade Fixed Ranges that uses the same type recycling rates results in all su

New findings that are very eagerly awaited finally this is from today, while the passing rate consistently increased by 43 percent from the current 9.55 percent for the first results of what was announced on 18 February this year.
Quality of performance by looking at the bridges they have candidates, shows that the total candidates Thousand 35,349 have succeeded in grade I - III where among them girls are Thousand 10,924 kg and the boys are Thousand 24,425 kg that they will be able to subscribe to Form Six this year from the number kg of students Thousand 35,349 who had previously managed to stop a large number of students
Who passed for class IV is 74,433 thousand boys, girls are generally Thousand 49,827 who make up about 124,260 Laki equivalent kg to 33.54 percent, They got zero are currently Laki 210 846 equivalent to 56.92 percent. Results of total wali Laki 210 students, 846 had zero which is equivalent to 56.92 percent
Announcing kg the results today in Dar es Salaam, the minister kg of education and vocational training Hon. Thank Kawambwa said the preparation of the results that are now declared for the procedure yamechakatwa Grade Fixed Ranges but yakafanyiwa standalization.
"The results were yamechakatwa deleted kg using the procedure dryers grade fixed procedure used for these new results but this phase we made standalization ilikuweza get this result as it suggests a special commission" he said
Dr, Kawambwa explained Grade Fixed Ranges that uses the same type recycling rates results in all subjects regardless of the level of success of the relevant subject, kg those standards may change each year based on the performance of candidates for each subject relevant
Moreover, in the framework of Grade Ranges Fixed rates are the same type used to process kg results kg for all subjects irrespective of the level of performance for the relevant subject. Recycling rates so the results are used each year without change. kg Said Dr. Kawambwa
from now on the Council of the results of the exams will prepare draft form four and six with grade fixed system and standardisation dryers. He said the minister LOOKING RESULTS OF FOUR NEW FORM LOGIN HERE
EMPLOYMENT thousand-1,134 AVAILABLE announcement by the Government, sent APPLICATION IS LAST APRIL 9, 2013
RESULTS Form Six, 93 PERCENT success

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