Sunday, November 2, 2014

Justiz ist bei den unerwünscht Verbrecher get it Clans in Albanien und das Wort dient zur Reform Hu

Die Polizei Albanische verhaftet 4 female terrorist, military myth 100kg Sprengstoff | Balkanforum
"We seized the Biggest Amount of explosive. We hit a Specialized Criminal Group. Were Four people arrested and More Than 100 kilograms of C4 HAVE BEEN seized. Were all the Suspects caught on the ACT, and broke all Fleet Tried them up during the arrest. The police searched theire residence and found 98 kilograms of explosive, detonators, mine triggers, etc. The police is investigating in Cooperation with the Prosecution ", declared get it the Director of the Tirana Police, Ardian Cipa.
4, Detonators 96 kg, 37 kg Mine triggers 3744 pieces 2927 pieces DetoNation capsule capsule Electronic DetoNation 387 pieces Copper DetoNation electronic capsule get it Plastic Boxes 101 pieces 521 pieces Do considerabl Amount of Various detonators 200 meters of detonating fuse
Mafia Präsident von der nicht nur die Albanien hat Justiz und Polizei zerstört, als "Insurance" Mann Sonder 2 stellte enge Verwandte von der Richter höchsten ein, die my godfather Präsidenten Palast beschäftig Sind, viele ebenso Kriminelle Albanien aus Nord, Weil Dann man Immunität hat. Political Customer Zerstörung ohne und der Justiz yet. Conflict Interessen klarer Ein bei einer Entscheidung, Welch beantragt Präsident get it der hat. Istration Trotzdem die nicht zurück beiden Richter.
Justiz ist bei den unerwünscht Verbrecher get it Clans in Albanien und das Wort dient zur Reform Huldigung an Internationalen die, Welch zufrieden get it damit sind, das man sich bei Urteile Idioten KAUF, Welch sich Nennen Richter.
"It turns out that the husband of Judge Idris Arben Altina Xhoxhaj and Christo Ols son of Judge Vladimir Kristo, are employed in the institution of the president of the republic, ie the position of Secretary General and Legal Advisor. Therefore the President of the Republic initiator this issue, which through the application of direct infringement claims submitted to the exercise of his powers, turns out to be both employer Judge Mrs Altina husband and son Xhoxhaj judge Vladimir Kristo - reportedly in demand Assembly.
As the legal basis of conflict of interest between judges get it of this matter on request quotes Assembly Law number 8577 dated 10.2.2000 for the organization and functioning of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Albania, Article 36, letter b, which states: "A judge of the Constitutional Court is obliged to waive the examination of concrete issues when "Because of tribal ties or other connections with the participants in the trial questioned his objectivity."
For the above at a time when judges and Vladimir Kristo Altina Xhoxhaj have not waived review of this issue, get it we feel obliged to address the rules under Article I of the law cited above to ask the Constitutional Court, the exclusion of them from consideration on this issue - said the Assembly get it paperwork
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