Saturday, November 15, 2014

Rowenta CF 7620 D4 turbo Supremium

I think that the best are from Rowenta wdt irons (not saying that other brands are bad;)). Kamošky have them and when they žehlím hair so I was quite satisfied and straight wdt hair I have at least a day without bottoms that began to be greasy;)
I do žehlím hair on 190 degrees wdt and just when I switch wdt after only one hair strand, twice;) Something wdt like begrudge iron above 200 as this when I almost burned the hair: D aale if you have stronger waves .. so yeah probably :)
Rowenta CF 7620 D4 turbo Supremium
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Actual articles very best lose weight if you cram into one another once the entire package rubber wdt monsters !! New beginning Umbrella comics salon wúúhúú: wdt D fear, tears, Eugene, fads, birthday, civil, and surprise attacks and fear .. because we can and we Fanta fantastic: D: D

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