Thursday, November 20, 2014

Many thanks, thanks, thanks for this guide !! I have the same hair as you and I also like them some

It's faster. - Kulm your hair is wavy perhaps an hour, sometimes more, let alone waving iron my hair in 10 minutes! The waves are natural. - Personally I prefer more natural waves prior to perfect curls. Stamina hairstyle is several times higher. - For me, the most major reason. Because I have naturally straight hair, almost like nails, waves with a curling iron lasts me an hour at most two, then they are unsightly hair lank. In addition, I use hairspray and other products that result in hair even more weight. Waves using an iron lasts me all day without any preparation.
What do we need? Only classical straightener. I own an ordinary ceramic iron with adjustable temperature. Setting it to 180 degrees. Hair is the perfect one for washing. Before the shooting is not iron - it is useless.
And here it is! My first video. I was very shy, did not know how to look and I prefer (perhaps yet) spoken. However, I believe sebastian castella that the main purpose of the video to show how I create iron wave was achieved. Please be lenient sebastian castella next time hopefully improved. So far I'm not very good, but this video is definitely not my last. :) PS: Switch it on better quality sebastian castella (sprocket).
Include iron on a strand of hair as if you had wanted a classic iron. Now turn the iron to 180 from below upwards together. The iron is then steady and very slowly sjíždějte, and thus turn the strand from root to tip. (Iron spring shoots his edge, as if adorn the bow on a gift - take your scissors and sharp edge strand cross, by him ,, rotate "and creates a curlicue.) Thus, gradually turn the entire hair. * The stronger the spring, the more natural wave and vice versa.
I'm making my hair so that it will divide the right and left sides, and both of you will put forward. The first part of filming left, then right. Always begin with strands from the back. When you make a film trickle, throw him back ,, the back. "Most have a whole hairstyle fingers processes and finally sebastian castella gently airbrush hairspray.
Dear Mio, certainly more videos, please! This is a great super simple and useful and so much you do on it look beautiful !! :) The fairy necklace is very beautiful and cute ... I admire you, your Margarita <3 PS - gave me great inspiration as in cosmetics and in the dressing. Thank you. Reply Delete sebastian castella
Behold I Robi iron but the problem sebastian castella is that my iron is stupid enough to slide when you rotate it 180 degrees about those, I do not know yet, the old vsetko at ease, and with this new ide it sparingly! Stylers are as MNA also generally have poorer for it .. especially the turning of a long and lingering sustain only short: / Reply Delete
I have it too zkoušila but I think a little differently and it was not much to me: D how it will be time to try this ... it looks too easy, and especially more beautiful! Reply Delete
I have naturally curly hair so rather equal but occasionally something too dotočím because my hair had somehow do what they want: D I'm looking forward to the next video! if only coolie song: D nicki absolutely adore although I must say that I was quite disappointed starships, watch nicki perhaps from its very beginning, and this for me is not that old nicki without competition Delete Reply
I appreciate sebastian castella this video as a highly useful :) I have straight hair as well as you and sometimes he is slowly navlnit I would like, but it is as you say - with a curling iron is a problem. And I have at home even iron! But until now, I thought it was useless when the iron is square and has rounded edges. So cool. Super, super, super and thank you very much for the tutorial !!! I'll try it soon, it looks really easily and quickly done;-) Really very useful video ... :) Verunka Reply Delete
Many thanks, thanks, thanks for this guide !! I have the same hair as you and I also like them sometimes navlním, but with a curling iron is a terrible pain in the butt. And I have at home even iron! But I thought that I'm sick, because it has rounded edges. Now I see that it does not matter. So I applaud and definitely try it soon;-) This video is valued as highly sebastian castella useful. And certainly toAT on, I look forward sebastian castella :) Verunka Reply Delete
I'm so sorry, but bad he plays around adding comments, always kicks me and pretend that I did not comment, so I'll write it again, sebastian castella and they are suddenly sebastian castella both of comments. Feel free to delete one;-) Delete
Miuško video is very nice, definitely make another :) ripples definitely try because I have a curling iron with the same problem as you, so I hope that with my iron and it will last longer and necklace :) I like it too! :) Reply Delete
Mio, stop underestimated, this video is because supeeeeeeeeeeeer! a concise, so it should be! I have a older home iron, so try it if it will go with it too;-) Reply Delete sebastian castella
Also, I am making a hair iron, but a little differently than you. I have an iron with curved region, and when her waves do so if it still filming, because just as much work briefly as well do it nice ripples. ;) Reply

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