Monday, April 27, 2015

But it nv from alustangi. On Saturday we went to the Irish Leanne Jamie

But üleüldsiselt, Pemberton life is coming to an end very soon. And now, hopefully forever :) On Friday will be packed in its kodinad agreed to Perth nv-dc and then go on Monday for Darwin's advice. Quite to the north. Maha be vuhistada about 5000 km. Along the western shores of the Indian Ocean in the meantime, cool, dodge out interesting sights, beaches, national parks and the like. I have cable so together, in the meantime, I moved to a new room, which is located next to the kitchen and out the exact Bakker kitchen hear so much from each Asian and Italian mula that takes quite busy head: D I can now proud to say that bough his first car: D Well In fact, half of the car, the other part belongs to Stenild: D Islanders Juhan and Marit went before us in the north to Darwin, and they had to sell the car soon, however, as we were looking for just one matches our one, it was like a fist in the eye holes. Well, this purchase was still really clean piglet bag purchases (the Germans say, instead how to hand wash clothes of pork cat by the way: D). Because I was there only once sat in the back seat of the car, the car itself was located in Perth (Pempsist 350km). Marit and Sam had the next day to go to the planes, and Sten was at that moment at work when he came off to decide whether we take it to the car or not: D But through Facebook became a car bought: D As all this took place earlier this week, when a car in Perth According went just over the weekend. Car of the way the 98-year Holden Commodore: D I'm especially happy that the music system and campvarustuse, which came with a bonus car. Rein, it is still the best car stereo Bakker what I've heard: D
But it nv from alustangi. On Saturday we went to the Irish Leanne Jamie'ga Perth and the other to the Irish: D Kari Irish! Before we went to his new suksul the course of which we left the boys in the hands of a complete stranger Ireland. Suksu in, we drove to the Irish people how to hand wash clothes to sit down and do a bit of peovärki;) how to hand wash clothes is still the city life, this life that I enjoy. After some time sitting in the room waddle over to gaze out of the city bustle. First, we went to one of the wannabe's pub in such a case, which was still quite outdated. In particular, because of the music. how to hand wash clothes Well, good thing that there still did not come bitching akoni sexy, but not too much was not missing. Even Madhouse lets uuuemat MUSSI: D Fortunately, there are not stopped a long time. The next destination was the club Geisha. Geiklubi .. But really superb house non-stop music! Local bartender, unfortunately, had not heard of such a thing, that is, after all, the best tekiilashot golden, orange and cinnamon in addition;) throw in:
By the way, Sten Sebis me pempsi Bakker owner of Troy from 10 farms in the day, a box of canned Canadian Coldi: P And furthermore, a trader potato farm boss from 15 additional days. Maybe I got my farm days tehtuuuuuuud whuhuuu !!! Because I thought that I must continue to do them up here. The second how to hand wash clothes year visa is required, after 88 days, and now I have almost 90 :)
Sickening Perths problem was to find a shelter, in a very familiar and did not want to bother Bakker was also full of people. Half a day just sitting in the car and wondering what her life: D We took off and started browsing how to hand wash clothes Gumtree different room rental offers. We found it one of my aunt, who was a little suspicious ads, and when I called, then began to ask how old I am, whether I'm how to hand wash clothes married, etc .. He said, though, that he does not quite bäkkereid and could be married, but after a long explaination, he managed to soften talk. We got the address and went to the place. The house looked like a genuine bäkkerite the house, the garden if they did not, around the house unattended. For the most part are very nice and the set of local houses ... the door was a small asian woman ülisõbralik and nice to us. It was one of the usual asian family, one child, a man and a woman. They had come to Australia how to hand wash clothes some six years ago, to live and work .. And the aunt just had the idea of a single room to rent out the excess. Total stayed there for two nights in the house. The family was so friendly, even to him, invited us to dinner. Took no simpler Asian cuisine and taught to eat with chopsticks: D Mother and son were full of Christians, went to church on Sundays, however, this was not the father of faith. how to hand wash clothes Before eating, dining, even a prayer was read .. It was so strange, honestly. For me, after all, quite unusual activity on muigele still well: D I tried once again to hold back .. But at least I got the first time in his life away maistsa real home made pasta, noodles;) were still fired!
And then külastasmie Carnarvoni, Geraltoni, Coral Bayd, Exmouth, and we circled the entire Exmotuhi peninsula, and now decided to settle Karrathas. Maha got to run around 2500km. To me then, but Pemberton Stenild Estonia is already familiar with Ivo and his girlfriend Triin who already live Karrathas and largely those we think we will always be here. It is easier to start from somewhere, as familiar to the front, and the others who work locally, can help :) Darwin is approx 2500km, and yet there would also still arrive sometime, but first here in Switzerland would work, because wages are divine.

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