Friday, April 17, 2015

Jagatpur village head Sunita Singh says,

Lkaudha (Barabanki). "Do not come to power until today. Now the wire passes over the balcony, then take these clothes drying brabantia "village in Barabanki district brabantia resident brabantia Lkaudha Kushma Devi (38 years) speaks brabantia while undressing wires are dry.
Lkudha village in Barabanki district brabantia waited nine years are the pillars of power while in Sitapur district Cimli village is waiting for 12 years to the current in the wire. These two villages are the hallmark of Uttar Pradesh, thousands of villages were not in either power line, or the line is drawn then ran current.
CEA's August 31, 2013 reported a total of up to 10 856 97 942 villages anybody has not power. Bereft of power in the country to 34 percent of the villages are from Uttar Pradesh alone.
"In 2006, Rajiv Gandhi rural electrification project were drawn wire, but the electricity was not until today. Yes, of course the bill was a year ago. The commotion of people, then come back. "If anything in the house, he says Choudhury brabantia began showing shabby meters.
About one kilometer east of the village brabantia Lkaudha Plhri cave in the village also has several pillars. Ramchandra Shukla (75 years) show. "Seven or eight years ago, after some pillars were surveyed, we also had a connection, but did not find any meter, neither country has ever power."
Executive Engineer of electricity coming into the village Fatehpur brabantia section, Njhm Ahmed says, "2006 is the case, why can not tell much, but soon I will try to be attached to supply village visits." Adds "facing a problem in many villages of Tehsil start has been made in the power supply."
Jagatpur village head Sunita Singh says, "I have spoken many times about the power provided by the Department and the relevant authorities. A few days ago, the electricity department officials, the estimate will snapped-again, then will work. "
Sitapur district Cimli village Bablu Mishra, "pillars of power in our village were planted in 2003, officials said at the time that the transfer would buy myself. But then neither the transformer, nor has power.
Barabanki district and villages as well as in many of the state's electricity wait. "Our government has provided electricity to villages hundreds of times. Some have left the village, so I put the matter before the department's local authorities. "Rajya Sabha MP and Congress leader PL Punia, said by phone.
Lucknow / Rae / Amethi. Lucknow district headquarters, located 50 km south of Mohanlal block Ram Bux Khera village brabantia Raghubir Yadav (34) from coming to power in the village are very disappointed. Raghubir electric poles and wires in the village are the only electricity comes wandering forgotten them. Raghubir stating your problem, "says power has no place here. Comes twice a month, sometimes it does not. "
Ram Bux Ambedkar village Khera village is declared by the government. Most people are connected with agriculture in Prehta GP. Gram Panchayat Pradhan Rajendra Tiwari on the power situation, "explains the nearly month have sown wheat. Shortage of electricity in the village, which is not getting irrigation. We Taluk Panchayat Day for the electrical system in the complaint in writing and SDO, BDO said about both, but is not taking brabantia any action on it yet. "
Started in 2005, Rajiv Gandhi Rural Electrification Project (RGGVY) power connections to families brabantia living below the poverty line is free. It will also free connections to BPL families across the country is 45 million. Despite the state's many villages are submerged in darkness.
The more you go away from the state capital Lucknow seems to grow as much power shortage. Rae Bareli district lodge located Bcranwa block Gram Panchayat brabantia Lohia gram scheme is selected. brabantia In 2011 Rajiv Gandhi brabantia Rural Electrification Scheme brabantia Panchayat government power connections were given in the Gram Sabha. However, electrical socket board on the pillars lit express myself was recently completed in the village.
Amethi district in the state of some of the village brabantia panchayat Khalispur brabantia Shukln is full. Panchayat under the Rajiv Gandhi Rural Electrification brabantia Project power connections have been more than 100 homes in the past five years on the same committee the Shukln village has no electricity. Asked about Putti Khalispur GP Shukla Panchayat friend explains, "is the problem of power in the panchayat. In the Shukln brabantia socks have fallen electric poles. Block officials are fully aware of the issue but no one hears us. "
Sitapur district headquarters, about 90 kilometers east of the village panchayat Gwahdih are a total of 10 villages. But the power is not. Cimlai resident Bablu Mishra (35) points out, "the poles were planted in 2003-04. The officials said the power transformer for the village people will buy you. Some people were willing to pay Rs 1500 in the village but many were not convinced. C Department officials gave the money to the right power

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